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» I've been watching Asian dramas since April of 2010. I mostly watch Asian dramas & Lakorns these days but occasionally I do check out other shows (American, Turkish, Philippine, Malaysian, Indian, Pakistani, etc.)

» I'm a big fan of ACTION/THRILLER/PSYCHOLOGICAL/CRIME dramas. I started watching criminal shows when I was 9 years old and since then I can't stop watching them.  

» Things I can't stand in dramas (80% of time I avoid, I do occasionally overlook these): 

• noona/dongseng romance, poor hero, historical  dramas, sad endings, war-period dramas, incest romance, high school romance, child to adult romance (the ones where they fall in love as children and meet again as adults e.g. Spring Waltz), first love romance, classic melodrama (cancer-killer), etc. 

» Beside the above listed things, I can pretty much stand to watch anything and my tolerance for bad acting/ plot-line is pretty high, my sister describes me as a person with no taste lol (I've to admit I have watched some pretty crappy dramas, some even twice)!

» THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE LIST (I forgot some of the dramas I have watched)

CURRENTLY WATCHING (beside listed here): Atesbogesi (on-hold), Bizim Hikaya(on-hold), Dolunay, Fazliet & her Daughters, Iss Pyar Ko 3, Meryem, Naamkarann, No. 309, Seven Ne Yapmaz, Siyah Beyaz Ask, Tutsak, TSMSP


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