I'm an agnostic, omnivert, visual learner born in the 80's. Art,design and coding are my major weekly routine. Including art directing and bossing around minions during tight schedules or looming deadlines. My free time means reading through important papers, trends and learning new tools. But my most precious means of unwinding consist of wine, good food, painting, illustrating, DIY craft, gardening, tennis, stand up paddle boarding, yoga, volunteering, cat quality time and of course, watching movie/series. 

I may not sound like a couch potato, but I positively think that I am one. Judging from the sheer number of film and programs I've seen for more than two decades, there's no doubt about it, right? I live a busy life but squeezing an hour or two of my time for watching is a must. When it comes to what genre I prefer? It's as vast as the ocean, as diverse as the human race. Curiosity, foreign friends and early media influence taught me to be open-minded. To be willing to try the unfamiliar for the sake of learning, understanding and appreciating the art in film.

But what supreme force got me glued on such a wondrous box called TV? It was American and Japanese TV programs. Fiction or non-fiction, I was hypnotized. And when cable came in, TV viewing became even more addicting than ever. With just a click of a button, I got to jump from continent to continent. One day I'm in America, the next could be in Europe, Asia or Down Under. As long as it was worth watching, it will be on my list of "Don't miss it." 

When I went off to get my bachelors degree in a city that never sleeps. My TV viewing days ended. But it didn't take long when I got back on the bandwagon. Coincidentally, it was the beginning of the 21st century. A time when internet speed started to boost, cafes popped up like mushroom and Facebook wasn't even born yet. But the most significant turning table was the file-sharing platform. A priceless mechanism that rattled the film and music industry, but made computer savvy human-oids like me rejoice for a decade.

Time has change my circumstances and priorities. But thanks to fiber connection, streaming access and birth of offline viewing, I can finally watch whatever I desire anytime, anywhere.

So, am I a couch potato or not? 

Clearly, I think I really am.

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  • Total Entries174
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