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Apr 17, 2017
  • Overall 6.5
  • Story 6.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0

The production and cast were promising. The storyline was quite messy. The entire artistic production would receive somewhere between 8-9 points out of 10 from me for a romcom drama like this. The direction was great; the set and props were outstanding; the cast was full of both eye candy and skills that were appropriate for each of their role. I have to admit, the cinematography was amazing. It was pretty. It was beautiful.


I'm never a fan of any of them, but I believe they did a really great job. The set of 3 leads owned their roles. I mean, before I start criticizing the writer's choice of characters (because cutesy and tiny female lead is never my cup of tea), Park Boyoung (Do Bongsoon), Park Hyungshik (Ahn Minhyuk) and Jisoo (In Gookdoo) were the perfect ones for each of their role.

I even believe that the writers wrote this story with Park Boyoung in their mind. Tiny and cutesy role is definitely for her, and she's a good actress as well. This is only my second drama with her, however, and I believe that the next one with her is gonna start boring me a bit. Her tone and acting is just so *her* like she was in Oh My Ghost. This happened to me with Hwang Jungeum in every single drama she was in as well.

Park Hyungshik was also suitable for the role. He's handsome and young. Although this kind of rich and jerky (yet cute) CEO is gonna stick around with him for a long time (because it's almost his real life anyway), it was still fresh to see him. I could never imagine someone else, not even Lee Minho who is handsome and is a veteran actor, for this role at all. Jisoo was great as well. The protective and super manly guy friend who is also a police, what else could you ask for? His serious acting made me believe he cared for Bongsoon for real. His acting and looks are promising. I'd love to see him in a main role one day.


The story, however, was a strange mix of romance, comedy, supernatural(?), police investigation, and even bloody thriller. How would they mix into a good storyline? There's no way. I believe they needed to take out at least one. If they remove the comedy element, they might get an asian version of Jessica Jones. But then again, they aimed for a super duper cute female lead instead of a fierce-with-a-past kind of girl.

The rhythm/flow/dynamic of this storyline is super strange. It was like an incredibly bumpy road instead of a smooth rollercoaster. The comedy element was almost too forced that it wasn't funny. Some parts were even disgusting that just made me fast-forward throughout the show.

The thriller part started out really strong in the beginning which tipped off the consistent cute and comical tone of the entire Do Bongsoon character. That villain character was just too over-the-top that the entire sub plot around this guy doesn't fit in with the tone of this story at all.

Plus, the entire reason Bongsoon and Hyungshik got together was because *his* case, not the one in her neighborhood. He was being threatened, and that case was solved so easily and quickly. It was definitely just there to bring the two together.

The love story between the two/three leads was boring. Nothing was special. Nothing really developed or had an impact on any characteristic change. It was just there, out of nowhere. I have to admit that they were cute and fluffy together though. They were almost too cheesy together and I usually don't prefer that kind of super cringy stuff, but I believe it helped even out the darker tones regarding the villain.

The plot was very predictable, by the way.

But all in all, I wouldn't keep watching until the end if it wasn't entertaining. Like I said, I liked the cinematography and the cast a lot (surprisingly, given that I'm never a fan of any of them). It was something to watch in my free time and I did take my time to finish it. The bad parts weren't soooo bad that it let me down anyway. At least the first episode started off nicely. If you wanna see for yourself, I don't recommend you against it. I have a reputation for dropping series halfway through if the first few episodes are slow and have too much flashback. This one was fine.

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