Huge fan of eye candies uuu~!

I highly recommend:
Team Medical Dragon (Iryu),
which is the BEST medical drama EVER.

Bloody Monday,
about terrorism and cyber world. Amazing acting especially by Narimiya Hiroki and great story!

an old drama with a beautiful story. The scenes from daily routine in the hotel is pretty cool.

K.O. 3an Guo,
a spoof of Chinese "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". One of the series of K.O. One and The X-Family.
This drama teaches us about friendship and loyalty. The friendship in this drama is amazing! And it is completed with all the romance and of course, the humor. If you like "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", this drama is very recommended!

Dream High,
a teenage musical drama with a simple yet innocent love story (and lots of eye candies, oops!).

Reply 1988,
the third installment of Reply series, I've watched all the reply series and this one is definitely the best. It deals with friendship and families. I fell in love with all the characters, not only the leads but also all the family members. This drama is the kind that makes your heart warm. 

Incomplete Life (Misaeng),
this drama deals with working place and the reality of life. The reason that I and lots of people love this drama is because we can really relate to it. It conveys the story in such a way with no unneeded "drama", but you can really relate to it with your life somehow, even though you are not working in a Korean company. Beautiful indeed, "Incomplete life, complete life.. In the end, we are all still incomplete."

In a Good Way,
a Taiwanese drama that deals with romance and friendship in college, it shows the development of the characters and yes, the story has less dramas that you can really relate to it. The romance between the main couple is very sweet. And friendship story in a Taiwan drama never disappoints.

and Princess Hours (Goong),
a funny and beautiful love story. I've watched it so many times and I still find it interesting.

Some of my eye candies <3 <3 

So Ji Sub Ji Sung Byun Yo Han



Yoon Kyun Sang Lee Sang Yoon Park Bo Gum




Kang Ha Neul Kim Soo Hyun Choi Jin Hyuk




Chun Jung Myung Park Yoo Chun Park Hae Jin




Song Joong Ki Joo Won Kim Jae Won




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