My rating system

I think I have a tendency to rate movies/specials less harsh than dramas because they're not as long as dramas so if I had a good time watching them I don't care too much about plotholes.

10 = Loved everything about it, recommended

9 =  Loved everything about it but something was still missing for me, recommended

8,5 = Actually really loved it and wanted to rate it 9 but there was more than one thing missing for me, recommended

8 =  Liked it, it was a good watch overall, recommended

7 =  hm it was ok, could've been better tho, partly recommended

6 =  didn't like it although it had some rare good moments but NOT recommended, a little waste of time

5 =  didn't like it at all, complete waste of time, wondering why I didn't just drop it

4 & 3 = probably dropped because it kinda sucked

2 & 1 = this really sucked

0 = unrated because dropped it too soon or it didn't really catch my interest so idk if it's good or bad, so unrated

Drama Statistics
  • Times (Days) 44.1
  • Completed108
  • Plan to watch8
  • Dropped33
  • Total Entries149
Movie Statistics
  • Times (Days) 4.4
  • Completed54
  • Plan to watch8
  • Dropped9
  • Total Entries71
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