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Jul 5, 2017
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Good story! But, I feel this series is like SOTUS? Like there is a pink milk scene? Scenes of the men's and women's election contest for the university? The bracelet scene? Their scenes express feelings of love on the mattress or in the bedroom? What is the author of the same ?. I think this series is also too hasty, like to convey a sweet story in the novel course. Then I see, the actor is also not playing well! Only the best Tee and Coper here! And the other actors are still stiff. Sorry they should rehearse and not just rely on their handsome faces and cute faces.

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    Via 22 days ago

    I'm guessing you never finished watching. It is worth watching 100% through. Every beginning of a drama is gonna seem a bit rocky but their acting was so cute and perfect. The similarities to SOTUS yeah there is pink milk involved but in 2 different ways. The contest is an actual tradition in universities in Thailand kinda like in American high school movies or show there is always talk about homecoming or prom King and Queen. The express of love that doesn't count as a similarity since it's common for people to do that in a bedroom or in private. All in all this review is a little bias I think because the acting was superb and the scenes were cute

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    gazettu 25 days ago

    if you think kimmon (ming) is stiff then something's wrong with you, my friend.

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    TsutsuminTaichi 26 days ago

    How can you be so sure about God's personality and judge him as if you know him so well?

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    Alessa Jul 11, 2017

    Putting a bad review because of the real life of an actor is not doing a review. We're here to judge the quality of the show, not shaming the life's way of actors. Sorry for my bad english, but I find this review extremely offensive towards the hardwork of this show's crew.

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    Nana Jul 9, 2017

    What's this about ?

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    At first I thought you ment Yo and I agreed but G? I didn't know who you ment because no character has a name that starts with G. So I thought of their real names. Do you mean Godt? Because he is NOT a bad actor. You said you stopped watching it? Well let me tell you that you shouldn't judge a series that fast. You should go and watch ep 8 and after that you can tell me if you still think the same. And I see that you don't like Godt otherwise, just because you don't doesn't mean he's a bad actor. You don't have to like him but writing something like this is kinda pointless. Please stop giving ppl hate. I don't like Yo but I usually don't tell that to other ppl, just my sister and my friiends. So when I thought you ment Yo I found it funny but I still don't like when ppl do that.

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      SaruNguyen Jul 5, 2017 - edited

      When I make this judgment (Review), I tell the truth. My review, based on my old observations and not because of my subjective views, but based on my objective view. So when you ask, have I seen until ep.8? Yes I've seen it, and in ep.8 I stopped seeing it, and finally I made this review. My advice, when you like something should be objective, and do not look at it subjectively! Because you really like certain characters. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, sweetheart. I just want to tell the truth :)

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      Mintare Jul 8, 2017

      Whats going on? what do you mean by "can not appreciate the feelings of his fans"? I'm confused...


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