I have NO IDEA what to write^^! I enjoy drawing and I love asian dramas and movies, though I've only just started watching them the summer before last. I just randomly came across a drama one day and I watched it, my first was Hana Yori Dango.
I just updated my story on fanfiction.net so if you want to read them, my stories are called The Thing That Started It All and Priorities c:



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  • roriee Apr 11, 2012

    Well let's see . . . After watching Playful Kiss for the second time, I appreciate more and really like it, Scent of a Woman, Thank You, The Devil, Little Mom Scandal 1 & 2, Full House, Wild Romance, and Lovers. I'm sure I will be updating my list frequently, though LTM will always be # 1 for me. What are your favorite dramas?
  • Raventhedark Apr 11, 2012
    God of War has romance in it of course. What Korean drama doesn't? LOL Jumong is 81 episodes, then Kingdom of the winds is 40 something, and the last one is 39? So yeah... God of war is only 50 ^^
  • alonealways143 Apr 11, 2012
    yes me too I Love It ! Wow once a day? , nice very consistent :)

    yes it's great to smile for others
  • Raventhedark Apr 11, 2012
    If you start to watch an Korean historical drama I recommend "God of War" which is currently airing, and it's up to episode 14 right now. Other than that I recommend "Jumong" which is the first of a trilogy series. And it's amazing, but it's long... lol
  • alonealways143 Apr 11, 2012
    Yes! I really want this site so badly that I couldn't do my chores on time :) --Thank You --see in my avatar I learned to smile:)
  • Rourou Apr 11, 2012
    yeah yeah i finished skip beat i was watching it as an ongoing drama even though i don't usually do that but anyway it was worth the trouble. Did you watched the anime and read the manga?
  • kyuheart Apr 10, 2012
    thank you:D
    yes it is.. very much!
    i haven't watch dream high but i'm about to right now.. i just finished the moon that embraces the sun.. and its really great.. it has kim soo hyun in it too.. have you seen it? :O
    and yes i've already seen 49 days a while back and in fact its one of my favorite drama.. its plot is different from what i've watched so far and its genre in my point of view belongs to slice of life.. ^o^ overall its really great^___^
  • Raventhedark Apr 10, 2012
    I haven't seen any Japanese dramas yet. There are still SO many Korean dramas on my list to watch. Most I haven't even added to my MDL list yet lol I love Korean historical dramas ^^;; I haven't seen a tea ceremony either. I feel like I've been living under a rock lol

    I did however go to my first republican meeting today which has restored my faith in humanity... Well at least where I live. Even though I'm not a republican... That was my highlight of the day lol ^^;;
  • Raventhedark Apr 10, 2012
    TOP is evil, but he's an amazing villain ^^ Nope can't say that I've seen a happy drama. Dramas with happy endings yes, but not really at the same time lol I heard pasts is good, but I know MANY people who disliked it :2
  • Raventhedark Apr 9, 2012
    I should finish what I've already started too lol TOP is evil in IRIS, but he's an amazing villain! Just the way I like mah villains. And I've yet to see a happy drama ^^;;
  • Raventhedark Apr 9, 2012
    Koreans are the best :2 My plan to watch list isn't that big yet, and still needs to be updates. I'm taking it one drama at a time lol IRIS is leet best drama one could ever watch. Action/Romance/Espionage/Political Intrigue/Thriller It's got everything including a Movie, a spin off series (Athena goddess of war) and a second season slated to air this fall!! <3
  • Revy Apr 9, 2012
    Lol i've read it 3 times before. Its just so addicting
  • Rourou Apr 9, 2012
    I'm watching coffee prince, k pop the ultimate audition and rooftop prince they're my favorits 4 now. What about u?
  • Raventhedark Apr 9, 2012
    Truth be told I haven't watched any T-Dramas yet :2 I've watched 2 mainland Chinese dramas, and the rest have been Korean :2 I can't help that Koreans are all pretty people LOL King2Hearts is my new favorite currently airing series <3 City Hunter I got for Christmas last year! It's amazing. I love my park min young <3

    I didn't like protect the boss that much. I love A Pink though :D TOP is awesome. He was the shiznit when he played on IRIS. I love villains that have no remorse <3 Your writing class sounded like it was fun lol
  • Rourou Apr 9, 2012
    Yeah sure me 2 i usually wait until it's over but those are from those good exeptions^^


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