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Unneoyong Guys!!!! Why I'm here???? Well why you're here??? Exactly it's the same reason. We're all devastatingly infested by this disease called "DRAMA MANIA" and it's such a disease for which there's no cure and we don't even want to accept any cure or remedy. We're obnoxiously super rapturous about it. So, dear friends let's enjoy the ride together.

I'm mainly indulged into literally everything Korean. Really got fed up with the debauchery and forced obscenity of western media mainly Hollywood. So, started watching dramas during mid 2013 and still going on strong. My first kdrama was Boys of Flowers where I was completely smitten by Lee Min Ho (not a fan of him anymore). Finished all his dramas then step by step searched for other popular/high rated dramas and finished watching them one by one. Got extremely hooked with their story depiction because they know how to artistically beautify sadness. Gradually explored various arenas of Korean entertainment from dramas to - movies, drama OSTs, Kpop/rock/rap/RnB, reality shows, talk shows, cooking shows and what not? Every now and then I face terrible slump but after recovery immediately return to my love. During slump time, various reality shows provide me huge comfort.

For a change of taste I also watch some Japanese/Thai/Taiwanese/Philippine movies/drama but the number is dwindling. I need to watch more but we all know a full day equals 24 hours not more than that.

South Korea not only enamoured me with their entertainment industry but being an economist in real life I really appreciate their economic development and massive urbanization over the past years since their independence. Moreover I also like their - food philosophy, strong nationality sense, respect towards own culture, history and rich heritage, filial piety and last but not the least their deep rooted Confucianism. Although they are on the Eastern region of Asian continent but being a South Asian myself, I can relate to their culture quite exquisitely and often tend to compare our culture with theirs and how in few department we need improvisation.

Each and every second of my life I think of settling there but you know life comes with so many unnecessary baggages that if you want something you can't easily do because we're more or less shackled with different issues of our lives. Nonetheless I still have utmost hope and I would definitely at some point, at the near future, at least would wish to explore the land of HALLYU.

Okay now coming to the point of dramas/movies, many of my friends here ask 'bout my preferences, like what genres I like the most. Actually I'm not into any particular genre to be very honest. I love solid stories just any kind of stories irrespective of genres which my mind and eyes approve from the beginning of an episode and later crave to watch. But if you tell me still to be specific then I would go for dark psychological thriller. I seriously don't know why I always get attracted to criminal psychology or any stories regarding psyche in general. I so wish I could pursue higher studies on criminology or criminal psychology and had a career on that. Sigh! that's not possible now.

Secondly, about my rating system. I'm not much of a methodical person. It all comes down to how the substance of the story made me feel. If the story of a particular drama/movie deeply resonates and the intense emotion shown stays/lingers/haunts me for a longer period of time I definitely rate it within 9-10. Then gradually it lessens based on my feelings towards the story line. Nonetheless, I'm a critical person and never judge any movies/dramas whimsically or never go by the popularity and try my very best to maintain unbiased and individualistic view.

"K-dramas are not only delightfully enjoyable, but also richly edifying"

(Quoted from a Soompi user named Macarons & Sakura Tea)

Introduction: There's nothing special to know 'bout me. I'm just a regular girl who studied all through her life finished her Bachelors and Master degree and now doing a 9/5 job. During weekends I hangout with friends, chitchat with my mom on various issues of life and watch dramas/movies. I used to teach young kids which I don't currently but as I like it very much, time to time I tutor some of my neighbour kids. However, life is hard more or less for everyone so it's not different for me either but I love the way everything is. I'm content with my struggles and hardships because at the end of the day I have my family and wonderful friends to return to and lessen my burden. They are my stress reliever and yes kdramas are always there for uplifting my mood when I feel down and exhausted after a long day of work. :D :D :D

I'm an ambivert (somewhere between introvert and extrovert), simple-minded and a blatant person. Many a times I procrastinate which I hate and feel too lazy to complete a particular work. Also I'm a make-up freak and love adorning myself for any sort of occasion.  :D :D :D

Bits & Pieces 'bout me: 

Things I like Things I dislike
Monsoon season, pitter-patter sound of rain,
Babies' Smile, laughter, food, dance, music, dramas,
films, photography, hanging out with friends, making new friends, spending lone time, figuring 'bout life, philosophy,family, friends, psychology, mathematics, anthropology,fashion, colourful yet chic clothes, make up, bags, shoes, mom's cooking, sleep, praying to God, colouring children's colouring book, pastel coulours, green/chamomile tea, strawberry flavour, eating with family, reading scoops/gossips/scandals of celebrities, nerdy glasses, open-minded/straight-forward/amicable/innocent/cheerful ppl with strong personality, mountains, forests, seas, wide balconies, riding on rickshaws, open grassy field, reading novels, playing ludo, smell of new book, forgiveness, honesty, benevolence, listening to scholarly lectures on various concurrent topics, talking 'bout various cultures and ppl, chatting long hours with confidantes, traveling, sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonlit night, starry night, storm, lightening, bungalow/villa overviewing still lake, walking on a path lined with trees on both sides.....

wasting food/water, drinking or smoking or anything which has long term negative impact on health, abusing/slandering/taking advantage of weak and naive,  criticizing, hypocrisy, conflict, politics which works against mankind, demeaning someone for their appearance, giving up without even attempting, war, sadness, human misery caused by human atrocity, shopaholics, workaholics, arrogance, child labour, not paying workers within right time, bullying, lawbreakers, corruption, insects mainly centipede and millipedes, disorganized shelves, inefficiency, lethargy, show-off, winter, dust, visiting doctor, taking medicines, drilling noise, honking noise, women yelling at their highest pitch, uncouth ppl having shallow philosophy on life, gossiping, backbiting, disrespecting elders, delinquent youngsters, video games, dark musty places, indulgence in smartphones, caged birds for pets, tearing flowers without any reason.....

History of coming to dramaland: During my first job two of my colleagues (the girl was "K" freak and the guy was "J" freak) who are of my age introduced me to this mesmerizing world of East Asian dramas. I was extremely prejudiced at first but gradually like magnet I let myself get pulled into this quicksand from which I don't want to get released. It was during the mid of 2013 when I was seriously bored with Hollywood cinemas (was a huge western movie aficionado until '13) since I watched almost all movies released that time, I had nothing more to watch. I searched some Korean dramas as per suggested by those two colleagues and got this drama named Boys over Flowers which was my very first one. Then the rest is history. One day I searched for a place where I can list all my ever growing number of drama watch list when to my utter amazement I easily found this wonderful community MDL. Hence, the wheel of my drama watching story is persistently running. :D :D :D

Among my numerous favourite Korean male celebrities these are the following men I can't take my eyes off from. They're as follows:


1. Sung Hoon- a pure sex bomb (no need of any other words to describe such hunk)

2. T.O.P - gruff voice, fiery gaze, eccentricity, art aficionado, an elite ..all is enough to make my heart melt

3. Yoo Seung Ho doe-eyed, beautiful smile, luscious lips, enigmatic and impeccable personality, and  immense maturity made me insane for him....

4. Lee Jung Gi- such a gorgeous, androgynous creature...if I could I would lock him up in a glass box and stare at him without a blink 24/7...what a resplendence!!!

5. Ryu Joon Yeol- Smitten by his epicanthal eyes, bonny feature and unique dimple 

6. So Ji Sub - man of suave, refinement, poise and what not...I'm bedazzled by his pulchritude and chivalry.

7. Choi Jin Hyuk- his husk tone, immediate transformation of eyes into crescent shape while smiling are qualities irresistibly alluring .....

8. Kang Ha Neul...mixture of cuteness and sexiness all in one......when he smiles, his slightly protruding frontal teeth makes him look like a bunny bear (so adorable) ...when he's quite his cheek bones and slight chiseled facial feature exudes tremendous sex appeal...there's no way one wouldn't fall for a guy like him

9. Kim Woo Bin...another enticing creature...his thick eye-brows, radiant smile, deep voice, impressive height, woeful expressions creates an extreme urge to caress him....heck of an amazing creature living on planet Earth...

Not actually a fan of Ji Chang Wook but I love the sporty plus chic look of him in various trendy outfits (both casual and formal) compiled in this video and the song kinda matches with the theme as well. Whoever did this video compilation has good sense of fashion. I've gone crazy also for few funky glasses he wears in these photo shoots. All of them are super duper cool.

Ever since I started liking Korean music I fell in love with BigBang. BigBang will always be my number one choice no matter what. Though I don't believe in the concept of having a bias in a group but still I can't just resist my extreme fondness towards Kwon Ji-Yong (popularly known as G-Dragon). I love the way he moves, breathes, dances, sings, stares, smiles, talks, laughs at Seungri's ridicule, his eccentric fashion sense, everything literally everything 'bout him. He's the beautiful man inside out in my eyes. I can just go on and on and on about him. There's so many to say yet I've nothing to say.....I don't know much words to describe his grandness...

In general I'm a music addict and listen to almost all kinds of genre (except jazz and grunge) from different parts of the world but recently I'm more into Kpop and Krock. Among many other groups these are the groups I'm fanatic about. 


My current jam. Ahhhhh Hong Gi's voice. I can't express with my limited words how wonderful he sang the first few verses. Felt like after a long, tiring walk in the middle of the desert I found a oasis and devoured on the water to quench my thirst. Amazing!!!! The emotion he portrays through his voice is tremendously intense. Love these boys and their consistency in making superb songs.

My utterly butterly delicious little munchkin. SUNGGYU. He nailed Nell's song. He expressed the exact emotion while singing and I can keep on listening to him particularly this extraordinary piece all day long.

FTIsland: Take me Now:  "Before I lose my mind....Before I’m lost in lies....I’m afraid of everyone I won’t approach them....Tell me where to go I move my body....Tell me where to go I keep disappearing....No matter how much I shout, I can’t see.....No matter how much I shout, there’s no answer....Where’s the truth?.....I’m trying to find my.....I’m trying to find my way................."

this lyrics pretty much sums up my life right now.......

Following are my favourite K-reality/variety shows (in no particular order):

1. Happy Together (This show makes me happy. I'm always a fan of light-hearted talk show.)

2. Infinity Challenge(all the challenges are fun and sometimes hilarious to watch) 

3. Exciting India (I never repeat any shows no matter how exciting or gripping it is but this one I watched fives times already. It's wonderful and extremely entertaining. It was too short and too memorable.) 

4.Youth Over Flowers-Africa (Never cried watching any reality shows ever before but this one made me cry. All the four boys from Reply '88 were simply too good, mainly, Ryu Joon Yeol was such a sweet heart all through the show.)

5. Entertainment Weekly (I love scoops, scandals, rumours of the famous ppl and love to get updated about what's happening on and off camera.)

6. Showtime (Mainly watched Infinite Showtime & Burning Beast Showtime. Loved to know all my sweet boys from my favourite Korean boy bands Infinite & Beast. Really glad to know that not only they're talented young ppl but all of them are very down-to-earth and good human being.)

7. Strong Heart (Loved to hear everyone's stories here. I personally love to analyze a person's character and mentality and if they're celebrities then the fun quadruples. Too Bad the show already ended :( :( )

8. Please Take care of my fridge (Isn't it fun to know what your favourite celebrity eats? How do their refrigerator looks like? What's inside it which tells so much bout their food habit? I love it. So, it's totally my kind of show. Cooking+chatting with the stars in the same show what more fun can anything be!!!! :D :D )

9. Roommate (Too bad it has also ended. I loved to watch how they all gradually became friends after living under the same roof.)

10. Running Man (It is THE BOSS of all the variety shows out there.)

11. We Got Married (I find it difficult to still digest the fact 'bout virtual marriage but anyways after all it's just a mere show. It's totally cute to see your favourite stars paired up and fall for each other. Very sweet indeed. It's my guilty pleasure show. :P :P )

12. Weekly Idol(Love it when my favourite group comes and have fun.)

13. Law of the Jungle (This show brings out the adventurer-self within me. Totally in love with it.) <3

14. 2 Days & I night (After Running Man this one is the most entertaining show out there. The fun and utter hilarity displayed when the members play games is extremely enjoyable. I mainly watch those episodes where my favourite stars come as guests.)

15. Hello Baby (Extremely cute show and I love any shows with babies. Mainly watched SHinee and MBLAQ's one)

16. Celebrity Bromance (I love this mainly because of the wonderful platonic relationship between two male stars)

17. Fantastic Duo (This show is unrealistically refined, unworldly mesmerizing and all the singers both professional and the participants are highly adept and talented. Totally in love with the show.)

18. Three Meals a Day: I love any shows about traveling to various places where you do your own chores, fish, cook, clean and so on and this particular show has it all. I just watch episodes with my favourite clebes in it.

19. Singderella: Started watching recently due to my cutie baby munchkin Sunggyu. He started hosting the show from episode 15.

These two contestants ornamented this legendary song extraordinarily. Their subtle, soothing and smooth voice makes me nostalgic though do not understand the single words but the execution of emotions is just other worldly. Reply '88 also used this song as their OST.

A soothing dance number from one of my favourite and world renowned DJs Armin Van Buuren. Love the beats. Another of my recent jam.

This profile is under constant construction. My mind is completely blank now. Will update the profile later.

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