"define good" 

24, India.

How I ended up at MDL: I have always loved lists and keeping track of things and at the rate I was finishing the shows one after another,I definitely needed a place to sort out my. I started Korean dramas in August 2016 cause I didnt have anything else to watch, all other shows were on hiatus.. Never knew I'd actually enjoy them so much. Now I feel so starnage watching English series LOL. 

Recommendations are always welcome. 

Now to my tastes in K-drama:

My first drama: Queen In-Hyun's man - even though it was part saeguk (i didn't know it while watching) I enjoyed this as everything was so fresh, cute and quirky. I didn't actually know I would end up addicted to the K-drama world. I mean I had seen a lot of friends going on about K-pop and K-dramas but never actually thought to try them on myself.. but here we are, all addicted already!

The first drama I truly fell in love with K-drama world: Oh My Ghostess - my friends call it the 'danger' zone when i start talking about oh my ghostess. This was my second drama and where I dove headfast into the K-world. Park Bo Young stole my heart while Jo Jung Suk played and tugged at it lol. It was also my first 10/10. I wouldn't say it is the perfect drama ever, but it was perfect to me. 

53c38691a092848404454f62e6eaf5a4.jpg     344eae4487ffcb588541793714d9fd8e.jpg

My First Variety Show: Running Man - started watching it in October 2016 because of Lee Kwang Soo (I absolutely looooved him in It's okay, that's love) and it's now my primary source of stress relief. God it's so funny!

What I'm in love with right now:The 3 Musketeers from Chicago Typewriter

My Genre: fluffy, light hearted, romance, action, thriller, comedy (is a must), sci-fi

Basically anything thatmakes me forget my worries, tension and the real world. I absolute hate sad endings and heavy melodramatic stories. I'm not here to cry. I do that enough in my real life thankyou. lol

My Favorites right now (and in general):

K-Drama (airing): Chicago Typewriter, Suspicious Partner, Fight My Way

On Re-Watch round: Goblin, DOTS,Oh My Venus

Actors: Park Seo Joon, Yoo Ah In, Kim Ji Won, Park Hyung Shik, Park Bo Young, Lee Dong Won, Jo Jung Suk, Nam Goong Min, Lee Jun Ho

Character Relationships: Seo Yul-Chief Kim (Chief Kim), Yoo Hee-SUng Bong (Introverted boss), Lee Hwa Shin - Bumma (Jealousy Incarnate), Loius - In Sung Hyung (Shopping king Louis), Lee Hwa Shin - Go Jung Won (Jealousy Incarnate), Kim Hye Jin - Min Ha Ri (She Was Pretty), Oh Hae Young - Mom (Another Miss Oh), Healer - Ajhumma (Healer), Princess - Eun Shi Kyung (King2heart), Yoo Shi Jin - with anyone (lol) (Descendants of the Sun), Joo Joong Won - Dustbin Ajhusshi Ghost (Master's Sun)

Scenes/Moments: In Romance, I'm a sucker for all types of good kisses, long run tight hugs, back hugs, putting on the necklace, dress trials lol, cuddling/spooning, parting away each others hair, waist hold, piggybacks (after entering the K world, I now know the importance of piggybacks in a relationship lol)

In other things, I love when friend stick up for each other unexpectedly, parent-child moments, silent star watching or Han River watching or just sitting in a lawn, eating ramen (yummy)

OSTs: For the past few months, I have not been listening to anything other than Korean OSTs in music o.O lol

My current favorites are: The whole OST of Chicago Typewriter. WAOH!! Our Tears by Park Seo Joon (Hwarang), Come a little closer by Hyolyn (Warm and Cozy)

My First 'i did not like this' drama: Heirs. I was told this was written by the writers of Descendants. What a lol. The characters bored me to death. Except a visually stunning cast, I died of the stupidity and vain things. I still can't belive I actually finished it lol

I have an inherent love for quotes and dialogues that I can relate to. I love it when when feelings and thoughts are put into words beautifully. So here's my collection of fav dialogues from the Kdramas I've watched till now :D

'"If a man ever tells you he fell for you at first sight, punch him. It's just another way of saying he wants to get you to bed and stop wasting time" - secret garden epi 2.

"If you have even one person you can truly trust and rely on, no matter how often you get stabbed in the back you don't get that hurt" - healer epi 9

"When you keep fighting, you eventually learn how to win" - healer epi 19

"People fall for scams not because they're stupid or naive, it's because they're desperate" - oh my Venus epi 4

"When you're a long term patient, you realize the fact that there are so many people in pain in this world. Because everyone is in pain, either a lot or a little, in their own way. So don't cry. Everyone lives on through enduring their own burdens." - oh my Venus epi 9

"When someone is doing something they really want to do, they look the most beautiful" - she was pretty e15

"Within the first minute of meeting him, you can tell him everything once you realize that's the man you can rely on. Even the things you couldn't tell your closest friends." - another oh hae young e05

"If I have to kneel, then I will. I just need to get back up. And one day, I won't have to fall again" - the heirs e14

"Because it's dark, I'll be able to see the stars well" - the heirs e15

"The moment you think you understand the person in front of you, something unexpected just hits you on the back of the head" - the world they live in e04

"People mature slowly through meeting other people. All meetings and farewells are so natural." - the world they love in e05

"Ate some air and pooped out a cloud" - pyo na ri, jealousy incarnate e01

"One cannot know what's truly right and wrong in life, unless you live twice" - age of youth e03

"People feel the loneliest when they're with tons of other people, and people feel poorest when they're around someone who's rich" age of youth e03

"Don't question your life. Only make exclamations. Mixing the two is worse. I'll make it. I'll make it. I'll make it this time!' - Hwa Shin, jealousy incarnate e14

"If you keep crying, you'll have more things to cry about. If you keep smiling, you'll have more things to smile about" - drinking solo e06

"Don't you know the fish that's already been on your cutting board has noting to be afraid of? And it's full of sharp bones hidden in the flesh. I have sharp bones too. Everyone has sharp bones. So be careful of the bones" - pasta e08

"Dealing with being compared to others, getting your pride stepped on, that is how you improve your skills. Do you know?" - pasta e13

"Jealousy is much better than discouragement" pasta e13

"A person needs to know both the bitterness and sweetness in life to grow and that's what keeps a relationship interesting too" (talking about having ugly fight families) - it's okay that's love e06

"There is something that I've learned through loving you. The fact that the sexiest kind of relationship in this world is true friendship between a man and a woman" Do Min sunbae, it's okay that's love e10

"My imagination decides the size of my fear" Mr. X, kill me heal me, e20

"No ones going to acknowledge you for your troubles" cheese in the trap e02

"Two things you need to find while you're in school. Friends you'd do anything with. Adults who will be on your side no matter what. That's how you survive school" sassy go go e05

"I'm sorry. Thank you. I love you. Even if you say just these three things to your kids, they grow up well" sassy go go e08

"My grandfather used to say when the heart is sad, you doubt everything" - love in the moonlight e11

"When you like someone/are in love, you naturally become greedy" love in the moonlight e11

"I came to realise that the opposite of loving is not hating, but leaving" moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo e20

"Nothing can bring peace to a person's heart like living things" go ho's starry night e11

"The hardest thing in the world is moving someone's heart" go ho's starry night e11 (originally in few epi b4)

"There's a native American proverb that says if you repeat a wish more than 10,000 times, it comes true" shopaholic Louis e12

"A true singer doesn't care about the size of her stage" the greatest love e04

"You should call and say 'thankyou for giving birth to me, Thankyou for raising me well' to your family on your birthday" - one percent of something e07

"I was just trying out the role of a crazy jealous girlfriend, is all. Just drive... is what you thought I was going to say, right?...I was messing with you.. I was serious.. just kidding" one percent of something e09

"Being yourself is a powerful thing" shopping kind Louis e16

"naman mid-eo la." Shopping king Louis. Fav dialogue e16

"The one who loves more is the weak one. But in love, the weak one is happier, don't you think?" Emergency couple e12

"What's this lighting on a clear sky?" Omoni emergency couple e13 lol

"Life is long when you live it" emergency couple e16

"Well everybody has their own situation. Because the the world has no right answer. Marrying someone knowing whether you'll be happy or not, that's something nobody would know beforehand." Emergency couple e17

"The world has no answer. Don't look for the answer. With every decision, the right and the wrong answer coexists. Wise people make a decision and work towards making it the right choice. Foolish people make a decision and regret, making it a wrong choice. The world has no right answer. But, there is a process to making a decision the right answer" emergency couple e17 (the book Jin Hee borrows from chief)

To a singer patient who lost his voice - " you can do anything. (How?) You'll probably get to see a lot more things than you've been able to. You'll take interest in things that you haven't thought about. (How is that possible?) Because you've gone through this process...and experienced it. By the time the wound heals, you'll probably become that easy." Chief emergency couple e20

"Do you know what emotion wastes the most energy? First, a crush. Second, jealousy. So if you have a crush on someone, keep it a crush. If you add jealousy to a crush,you'll go crazy." Sweet stranger and me, e06

"A crush and jealousy may recharge you if done properly. The true waste of energy is hating others." Sweet stranger and me, e06

"Trust is real when you trust something that you can't see." Weightlifting fairy, Kim bok Joo e07

"It's good to love someone, but you need to be loved to boost your self esteem" weighlifting fairy Kim bok joo e 10

"I prefer a cornered stone..than a round one. If you're a cornered stone, it means you have your own style.. and your own thoughts. I like to see a cornered some being faced with the mason's chisel. I don't like anything roundish and lukewarm. Rubbing the corners off me, I'd like to make myself better with my philosophy and belief." Master Kim, romantic doctor, teacher Kim e15

"The strongest resistance in the world is pushing on undaunted to finish your job, no matter what rude circumstances are." Master Kim, romantic doctor, teacher Kim e18

"Do not give up asking the questions about why we live and what we live for. The moment you give up on that, the romance in life ends" Kim sabu e20

"Because happy memories don't disappear. Happy memories are the best gifts you can receive while you live" one sunny day e08

"Do you need it?" "Can I borrow it?" (A shoulder) such a beautiful scene. Romantic Doctor, Master Kim e21

"Rain falls down when clouds become too heavy with it and can't hold back. Maybe that's why when I see rain on the days I feel like crying,  I feel like its crying instead of me. It's okay if you cry, it's okay if you don't cry" bubblegum e01

"Love is the only acceptable mental illness in the medical world" bubblegum e05

"As members of Silla's Hwarang, be like that Sun. Be renewed each day, and be passionate each day. Burn away any prejudice or arrogance. You must be reborn" Hwarang e07

"Now I understand why you're into Pierrot. Because it let's you see the most innocent side of people? It makes me feel like I'm becoming innocent too" falling for Do Jeon e05

"I don't understand why people have high and low ranks among us.  Everyone receives the same moonlight under the same sky." Arang and the magistrate e18

"Sometimes you just have those days you know? Being alive is really good. I'm grateful that I was born in this world" Ugly alert e19

"I don't want to be reborn again. I want to enjoy to my heart's content, love and do everything I want in this lifetime and just ride up to the sky, become a star and then disappear." Ugly alert e63

"I really don't know if I should cry or smile.  I'd we must choose one, we will first smile" ugly alert e78

"in this world, the most difficult thing is for a child to competent understand their parent's heart" - ugly alert e95

"Doing some hard work while you're young never harmed anyone. Torment itself is a type of wealth." Ugly alert e120

"no matter how exhausted I was, I became okay. Whatever I was going through, I could go on thanks to you" the universe's star e06

"when you're exhausted, it's okay to stop shining for a while, my baby" the universe's star e06

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