Hello there! Welcome to my personal profile. About my name, it's because of mornings...


I watch dramas to laugh and to be inspired. I love happy endings (sad endings with a PURPOSE that make you reflect about life are an exception). It's a great way to escape the stress and problems in real life. So yes, I hate tragedies and stories that constantly highlight all the negative aspects of humanity to the point where redemption becomes impossible for the poor characters. What else? Oh. How did I get started on Korean dramas?

Well, first of all, Korean dramas never really interested me until I saw this beautiful tearjerker:


This drama wasn't perfect but it hit me so hard. I never got over the ending and ever since, I've been constantly on the lookout for other gems in Asian dramaland. Despite having seen parcels of Korean dramas prior to it (you know, the ones that launched the so-called Hallyu Wave like Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, Stairway to Heaven, Full House, among others), I give 49 Days the honor of officially putting me on-board Asian drama marathon.

The LEGENDARY ONE TRUE PAIRING that I got obsessed with for many years was the classic Domyouji-Makino romance of the famous Hana Yori Dango. Matsujun and Inoue Mao were hilarious, bittersweet, charming and downright amazing. The Japanese version will always have a very special place in my heart.


Thereafter, I watched a lot more, ranging from Korean and Japanese to Chinese/Taiwanese and Thai. I actually prefer Asian dramas over Western ones. I like that they are still conservative without sacrificing the quality.

The list of Current's below is subject to changes without warning:

Favorite Actor #1: SONG JOONG KI


Man, this guy can really act. He's a pretty boy, sure, but I'm amazed at his acting skills. Whether he portrays a non-human entity (A Werewolf Boy), a wise, young king (Deep-Rooted Tree), or a soldier with swag (Descendants of the Sun), he never fails to deliver a solid performance. 

Favorite Actor #2: PARK BO GUM


This guy just oozes with appeal and charisma. I'm grateful for Love in the Moonlight for this awesome discovery that is Park Bo Gum. Regal and clever yet with a hint of mischief, he played Crown Prince Lee Yeong flawlessly. This is the new Korean bias I'm watching out for. I plan to see his past and future works to see how far he will be able to stretch his acting abilities. 

And did I forget to tell you? He makes me swoooonnnn. Look at these cuties :)


Favorite Actor #3: GONG YOO


Versatile, versatile, versatile. Need I say more? Oh, and he's adorable as Goblin too.

Favorite Actress #1: HA JI WON


I came across Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden, 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant and Daddy Long-Legs. But she never made an impression on me until I watched the historical drama Empress Ki. I admit, I never liked that sageuk due to its tragic nature and vicious cycle of treachery, betrayal and manipulation. However, she was incredible as the cunning, fierce and strong Seung Nyang. It's currently my most memorable performance of a female actress ever.

Favorite Actress #2: JUN JI HYUN


I really like Jun Ji Hyun because she's not afraid to make a fool of herself in front of the camera. She's a natural at playing silly, eccentric characters while still capable of making her crying scenes truly convincing. That makes her awesome.

Favorite OST: Always (Descendants of the Sun)

The original Korean version.

...And this is the English version

Ugh, I never tire of listening to this song over and over. :')

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