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Fast Facts About Me

My full name is *secret*

I am: 29 years old

My ethnicity is: Asian

My Zodiac sign is: Sagittarius

I am currently working as a Data Analyst for a multinational insurance company.

What I like about my job are the the challenges it constantly gives me.

I am saving up for my Masters Degree because I want to do something that I love for the rest of my life.

My favorite activity/activities include reading books and watching Asian dramas and I love to do this because I learn new things, and I get to escape to fantasy land (lol).

My favorite colors are baby pink, yellow, and baby blue because they remind me of spring.

The best time of the day to me is early morning/dawn because I feel I can be more productive.

My greatest inspiration is Marie Francoise Therese Martin (St.Therese of Lisieux).

I would love to travel to Japan, South Korea, France, Italy and Greece.

I believe in the power of faith and love.

I am happy when I am with the people I love and whenever I discover an unexpected treasure in Asia dramaland.

I feel comfortable in pullover sweater and sweatpants.

I am at my best when I believe in myself.

I am excited by little things, especially Korean dramas that make me swoon!

My Favorite Genre: That depends on my mood actually. But one thing's for sure, I hate too heavy/tragic melodramas.

My Favorite Actors: Park Bo Gum, Jun Ji Hyun, Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, Ryu Seung Ryong, Lee Dong Wook


                                                                               Park Bo Gum <3

                                                                                       Ji Chang Wook <3

                                                                                                     Jo In Sung <3

Most Unforgettable Drama of All Time

All Time Favorite Asian Movies

All Time Favorite OTP (that even after 10 years or more, I'd still love them!)


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