Falling for Innocence Review

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8 days ago
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Oh my God! It was the best what I've seen at the weekend. Bless Netflix Poland

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    Taehyun 8 days ago

    No idea why but I can't update the review, so here it is:

    Oh my God! It was the best what I've seen at the weekend. Bless Netflix Poland <3
    I've just finished the last episode and last minutes of final episode was like a torture when Soon-J was walking around the street, alone.
    I will definitely write a review on my blog, cause it was an amazing show and I'm so sad that it was only 16 episodes. If someone know another one like this, please let me know!
    Damn... I can't even think about that it's an end already...


    Okay, I'm day after watching and still am overwhelmed. In a good way. It was one of the first shows that I've seen on purpose and have knew that it actually is a typical "drama". Befero that, Ive seen couple of tv shows but they were just shows... To be honest, I liked this one that much because the story. As I said, I've seen couple of shows before but they were weird. Good on the first sight but the end was disappointing in some way. This one was good from the start to (almost) end. Of course, it isn't a masterpiece but to me it doesn't matter.

    I love the cast. On the first sight I've thought that SoYeon looked too old for... I forgot what was the name of main actor... And that the main actor doesn't fit in the role but after couple of episodes I discovered in how big mistake I was. They were perfect for each other.

    To be honest the music was nice but I didn't actually care about that part of show. The thing is that SoYeon to me looks very similar to Taeyeon and in my head when I was watching the series was the song titled "Time Lapse" from her debut full album "My Voice" (2017) and the song actually fit as hell into the storyline... Maybe that's only me, but... Jeezzzz...

    Probably someday I will watch it again and for sure I will recommend this one for my friends. Plus, I'm thinking about writing a story based on this series (not a fanfiction), so, I will definitely watch this one again :D


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