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May 24, 2017

"so when is this stupid arch gonna end?"

when the heck is this stupid period drama subplot gonna end? i signed up to watch a high school drama, not a period drama? I'm really annoyed. also, if this was explaining how the vampire treaty was created, maybe it would have a point, but it doesn't seem to and it was just dropped on us without explanation... I'm thinking of dropping this drama because basically, there is no plot. :/
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May 24, 2017

"Really enjoying this show!"

This episode put less emphasis on funny and more on the characters.
We got to see Ae Ra in her element, and I have to say it really fits her! I can't wait to see her chase her destiny again.
On the other hand, we got to see how out of his element Dong Man is currently and a hint of his past, though we still don't know much.
As in the read more first episode, it is their adorable relationship that really shines and they're so amazing together. Their banter combined with the way they are so protective of each other is really giving me life.
Also, I am REALLY interested in their best friends plotline, and I wish it got more than one scene and a half an episode.
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May 24, 2017

"What a great first episode!"

I think a lot of shows need to learn from this first episode because it had EVERYTHING:

1. It was super funny from the first minute, promising a hilarious show with a lot of heart.

2. Established our main characters perfectly; Dong Man as a straightforward, simple, ball of sunshine that can kick your ass, and Ae Ra as a fierce woman who can kill you with her words but also has read more a very present vulnerability to her.

3.It illustrated their MEGA STRONG CHEMISTRY and showed us what great friends they are, but also what powerful OTP they are going to be. Seriously, if you don't end up shipping them like crazy when this episode is over, something is wrong with you!

4. Showed us a promising tease of the side characters, from both of their best friends (and their relationship) and who is probably going to be the antagonists of the show.
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Signal Episode 1
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May 24, 2017

"WOW! Best first episode of any drama to date! "

This honestly felt like a final episode. I hope the future episodes can be this action packed and tense.
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Circle Episode 1
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May 23, 2017

"I'm In!"

Strangely, I don't really know what's going on yet, but I'm very excited to continue on the ride.

Part 1:
What a start. Do aliens exist and what constitutes evidence of their existence if they do?
Very intriguing story. I feel like I knew as much as Woo Jin and was trying to figure it all out along with him. I immediately felt for him and his struggles with just one look read more at his eyes. Bum Gyun was also a heartbreaker. Just because the world thinks you're crazy does't mean you can't be right once in a while.
Thus far, this show is very well produced, fast paced, well acted and has and interesting story with great direction.

Part 2:
A bit of a jolt from storyline A to B, but as it progressed, the future connection became clearer. (I didn't have any idea what the show was about before watching, so went into it blind with zero expectations.) The tone is different, which was a bold choice, but appropriately distinguishes the change in setting and time from Part 1. This story seemed to move even faster than in Part 1 and kept me engaged from start to finish. Again, great actors, settings, pacing, cinematography, direction and story. I'm not too keen on the music just yet, since it seemed somewhat out of place, but it'll probably grow on me since it's part of the wackiness of the future, I guess.

Great start. I hope the remaining episodes live up to the pilot.
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May 23, 2017


Estou amando essa séria, mas por que não tem mais episódios com legenda em português?
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Song of Phoenix Episode 22
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May 21, 2017

"ep 22 spoilers aheadd"

Spoilers Ahead!

1.The Advisor Shang suggests that all they can do is ask the king to personally grant the marriage. He will make the effort on his behalf in return for the jade pillow. Consort Zheng, meanwhile, dances for the King, and he notices she captures the attention of a certain someone (her lover? he totally knows!) Royal Uncle is caught staring and called out but he states he wouldn't dare. (the read more music is so good for this show!) A young woman sings the ode to orange song. We learn the composition of the song (melody) comes from a zither player--Bi Xia! It seems they are a perfect pair everyone keeps is so obvious, even the Queen is smiling at what they are asking for. (I love watching these dances with words. The Queen suggests the king approve this marriage and he agrees, because she requested). The Minister of War is so happy. Minister Zhao hesitates before thanking the king. ( funny)

2.Lord Zhao does not thank him, but pretends to thank him. (somehow, Bi Xia does not seem so adverse to marriage. Is she in love with him now?) She wants to tell Qu Yuan immediately (she wants to help him in love, because she is not destined for happiness, so she does not wish it on anyone).

3.Over tea, he and Bi Xia meet. She tells him that the king bestowed marriage and it will be completed in a few days. What will he do? He refuses, and she tells him she came to warn him. Chances of him revoking it are impossible since he made it in front of all the ministers. He will try, he states. She encourages him to elope. She explains that in spite of what he thinks, their families ultimately control them.

-Can we take a moment to acknowledge how rare it is that the male lead isn't being fought over by two women?-

4. He explains to Mo Chou the reason for Bi XIa's visit. They discuss eloping. He is willing to give up everything for her, he explains. She tells him that she is willing. (I am surprised, to be honest). Bi Xia returns home and refuses to marry Qu Yian again. Qu Yuan prepares to run off. He meet with Shi Jia, his assistant, to have a cup of wine. We learn he does not drink. Because the ambitions of rules are so big, nobles are greedy, citizens suffer, and he needs a clear head to deal with it all. Qu Yuan states there are many people who are not drunk but their actions are a mess. He seriously discusses leaving the county to him. He tells him he doesn't know how long he will be gone. Because he must deal with personal matters.

5.Mo Chou has dinner with her little brother and father. She makes a great meal like New Year's feast. (This is good bye dinner). Her father does not eat (I think he knows her plan). (Is her father dying? He coughs up blood!).

6.Her father tells her some truths. He explains her mother was the Grand Shaman of Chu. She knew divination and prophecy, and was brought into the palace by the previous king. She managed all of the ceremonies. Her mother was plotted against, saved them, and died alone.

7.At the inn, meanwhile, Qu Yuan meets his mother where he refuses to marry Bi Xia. He is willing to give up his family for her, he tells her mother. He refuses to get up unless she agrees. His mother states he would not force him but it is a royal order. She states their family will be killed if he defies this order. Is he willing to have his lover live in fear?

8.Meanwhile, we finally learn that her mother taught her martial arts! What does her mother have to do with Qu Yuan? Is it because she is a criminal's daughter? (also, I def. think that Bi Xia is in love with him). She won't leave because she is confident he will leave.

9.I don't envy Qu Yuan. In his mind we see him sitting in a field beside a younger version of himself. He seems to be the voice of reason. While the adult him is more free and emotional, hair down. He says Mo Chou is his reality, the mountain spirit is his dream . He can't take Mo Chou away and he can't find the mountain spirit :/

10.Meanwhile, Mo Chou bows to her sleeping father and prepares to leave. Her father is crying silently. But he will let her go, if she wants to be with him...she waits for him at the dock...he doesn't go, and he returns with his mother. He isn't even going to say good bye! OMG!

I feel so bad for them. I feel so bad for her.

11.She waits all alone. And then it ends.
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Song of Phoenix Episode 21
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May 21, 2017

"episode 21 spoilers ahead"

Spoilers Ahead

1.Bi Xia seems ready to drown herself (over someone like Cang Yun, who lied, cheated, even attempted to rape her) But she really loved him and he just broke her heart. Qu Yuan saves her, and reminds her that her family will miss her. She is unconvinced that there are people who care for her meanwhile her family frantically searches for her.

2.Bi Xia returns, escorted by Qu Yan whom read more she thanks. Qu Yuan greets Lord Zhao and he implores him to remain the night but he refuses as he has work. Cai Wei explains what transpired that day and that she nearly killed herself. Lord Zhao is filled with regret for allowing such an awful man into his home. He wants revenge on Cang Yun and he wants his men to kill Cang Yun (WHOA!)

3.Bi Xia destroys all of her love notes from Cang Yun and everything he ever gave her, including his poems. (I do think Cang Yun is pitiful because he has no chance to really fight back even if he is awful). Bi Xia states the old her is dead. Wonder what that means...?

4.Lord Jing have a final drink (poison?). He again is told to take the initiative, end his life, and his name will enter the family generational book and his family will be cared for. He drinks a sip, but cannot finish it. He thanks his uncle. Crying. He cuts his own throat (we only see the sword fall) and Jing Po with tears in his eyes vows to kill Qu Yuang. Meanwhile, Lord Jing po kneels outside the kings door with spiky bars tearing into his back. He begs for punishment. Oh, twigs of the chaste tree. The High Minister is beat with a whip (I think the king is using Qu Yuan to stir up trouble that way the ministers are fighting one another and not for the throne). The king personally beats him after the servants! He brought the head of his own nephew to him (WOW). The king tells him he knew what he was doing but never expected his greed to go so far. Lord Jing begs him to spare his life, even begs the Queen, and finally his life is spared but half of his wealth must be given to the people of Quan! WOW

5.The king explains he let him live because he did not want a fued between the Qu and Jing families. The Queen explains he was let off light but he states if he does something wrong again, he can execute the entire Jing clan. Meanwhile, Tian Ji continues to send her messages to the Prime Minister and we learn from the King that Ying Ying (princess Yin) failed in her mission. The Queen states she doesn't mind if they go to war with Chu because she became Qin when she married him. He promises to not desecrate the king's body if they succeed in this war and bury him properly to save her face.

6.Meanwhile, Prime Minister reports that the three powerful families in Chu are at odds. Now will be good to attack! (thanks Qu Yuan). Tian Ji also sends letters to the Qi king....she only tells him that she seduced the king; the minister of qi is concerned by her lack of info but the Qi king is confident all is fine. It seems the Qi king wants to attack Chu but isn't because Qin is planning to rule the world and they need their allies--the six countries must unite.

7.Meanwhile, the king of Qin visits the countryside with prime minister and Bai Qi. We learn a famous general, Wu Qi, Bai Qi's namesake, who defeated Wei and help build Chu into a powerful nation, is someone to be thanked because he also defeated Qin and this woke Qin up to the fact that they need to be strong and attack first.

8.Bi Xia isolates herself and seems to lack the desire to much. We learn because of the issue with the jing family, the marriage with Qu Yuan has been pushed back. They must be careful to avoid offending the Jing family and triggering a feud.

9.Father Qu shares with with his wife what happened with Jing Po. Qu Yuan will now be a target. And he can't apologize to Jing because he is guilty. He believes they must move forward with the marriage and combine their families powers. He meets Lord Zhao with gifts to confirm the marriage. They even have days selected. But the Zhao family wants to slow it down.......they hide behind their duaghter having a cold. OMG

10.THINGs ARE DIFFERENT NOW says Lord Qu to his wife. He knows Zhao is dragging his feet. We learn they need to get the approval of Advisor Shang t cancel it. Meanwhile, Qu Yuan, who remains utterly unaware or indifferent to the hellstorm he has created, visits Mo Chou like nothing is wrong. He comes bearing gifts and to ask to marry Mo Chou. He refuses and throws the gifts on the ground. Why can't they be together. It seems he wants to protect her since his family is not supportive. He wants to know if he would give up his family and status to be with her. He says this has nothing to do with others. Her father says his family must come to greet him to see her again before locking him out.

HER FATHER WILL DISOWN HER IF SHE GOES WITH HIM. (they better not be related because there is some secret her father has been keeping from her)

11.Qu Yuan suddenly asks if her father is keeping something from her because he suspects he has reasons for all of this (they are holding one another by the pretty...). Elsewhere, Grand Adviser Shang is visited by Lord Qu with a treasure, a jade pillow gifted to him from the previous king. He has a request: he wants help with the engagement. He states the reality: Qu Yuan offended Jing. Zhao will never openly attach Jing. LOrd Qu promises to give him consideration if he agrees to help him. Poor Minister of War....
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Song of Phoenix Episode 20
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May 21, 2017

"ep 20 spoilers ahead!"

Spoilers Ahead!

In Memoriam, gone too soon: assassins, villagers, and peasants (no big name characters) (I do a recap of who has died every 10 episodes in long dramas like this)

1.You'er (Qu Yuan's elder brother) reports their parents the incident regarding Lord Jing. They discuss how bold he is to try to harm someone from the Qu family (one of the big 3 Chu noble families). However, despite being provincial bullies read more from Quan (the most corrupt district) they have some powerful backers in the royal court. He is the nephew of Jing Po, head of the Jing family. Father Qu yet again laments the family allowing Qu Yuan to do as he pleases....

2.Back in Quan, Qu Yuan returns from a walk with Mo Chou only to learn that Lord Jing has left and the magistrates office is wrecked. This INFURIATES him. He is going to see the King directly and Mo Chou goes with him. He boldly enters his home town with her on his horse and lets just say they cause quite the stir, attracting the attention of everyone (I admire his shamelessness but admit this is pretty big). She chooses to stay at an inn instead of visiting his family.

3.Qu Yuan visits the emperor and begs him to release him from his position as magistrate because he has failed? How has he failed? He states he 1)he lacks the ability to do his job well and 2)the ability to establish order. He explains why this is so: that the office of the magistrate was damaged and a man currently under investigation for attempting to murder him fled with the help of others. He gives the king the report, and he is furious. Jing Po is asked who the man is (a big deal, if the emperor wants to know your name). A stuttering Jing begs to be allowed to handle it personally and immediately leaves to do so. Father Qu is yet again shocked by his sons behavior.

4.After this scene, the king walks with Qu and explains that he gives him permission to do whatever he wants to the man who tried to kill him (this should be a red flag to Qu Yuan because he has no evidence; this would be a miscarriage of justice; however he doesn't seem to notice). Qu Yuan asks what about the men protecting him, and the emperor glazes over this, instead asking him not to do anything rash and he will 'explain it all to him later'. Mmmhmm. I am skeptical.

5.Meanwhile (this is an interesting interlude) Lord Zhao discusses with his wife the fiasco involving the Jing family. Lord Zhao again discusses how he initially wanted to use the marriage alliance to gain the position of district magistrate--something Jing also covets--but because of this incident he will have to proceed with caution. Why? that is explained in the next scene...

6.Father Qu is irate as he confronts his son for his latest bit of foolishness, as he calls it. He explains to his son that he is creating numerous problems for their family. Since he has been discussing marriage with the Zhao family, everyone will think that they colluded to bring down the Jing family. It will gain them a powerful enemy. He believes they need to move the marriage up (before Zhao pulls out). Never being one to pick his battles, in addition to being extremely devoid of logic when it comes to reading a situation, Qu Yuan chooses to announce to his father NOW that he plans on marrying Mo Chou. Who is Mo Chou? A fisherman's daughter. His father nearly has a conniption as he tells him he is going to marry Zhao and Qu Yuan insists he would have to die first, and his father retorts even in death he would have him married to her (I think you can do this; marry a dead relative to someone in Asian culture although I don't know about China)

7.You'er is asked to convince Qu Yuan to marry Zhao, but Qu Yuan asks You'er to convince their parents. His brother reminds him that his father is especially stubborn and will never change his mind. He also tells him he understands he is in love, but he isn't accepting the reality that he has certain responsibilities (essentially).

8.While Tian Ji continues to ingratiate herself in the life of the king Jing Po visits his nephew. this isn't good. He tells his nephew that the king himself wants to know who did this. Immediately Lord Jing begs his uncle to help him and we learn that Jing Po not only raised him but that Lord Jing's criminal acts are largely the reason why their family is so wealthy. However, he cannot save him from this because the king is involved. He tells him that he will have to kill himself, for their family, and he will take care of their kids.

9.Later, when Lord Jing is visited by his friend, he is crying silently. He explains to him that he must kill Qu Yuan, because he will be the next target, and make sure he suffers so much his family is ruined. He explains he cannot do it because he doesn't have time and looks at the sword on the wall....

10.Meanwhile, Qu Yuan leaves to meet Bi Xia (his fiancee) by the river while Mother Qu visits Mo Chou. His mother is extremely shrewd. She is kind and respectful to her, even compliments her and tells her she must be special if her son picked her, but explains that because her son is passionate and loyal he will not leave her. She explains that it is his fortune to be born into a noble family and he has certain obligations, and his marriage partner is even fated by heaven because they share the same birthdays (lie--but then, this is the same woman who could ask her adopted son to die for Qu Yuan and succeeded). She implores her to break it off.

11.Meanwhile, Qu Yuan meets with Bi Xia. He has the gall, in my opinion, to ask her to break off the engagement because he has a woman he loves. (REALLY? After what he did?) She very calmly says she knows how to help him: she can die. He thinks this is a bad idea, so she says, well you can die and swings a dagger at him. Mo Chou shows up to save him again (how did she know he was there? is she a ninja?) Bi Xia essentially screams she isn't scared to die because of what he did to drive off Cang Yun, and Mo Chou tells her that they have seen Cang Yun gambling in Quan. Bi Xia is stunned and leaves.

12.Mo Chou reveals she met his mother and that she wants them to break up. She states maybe they should, since he is fated by heaven to be with Bi Xia. he tells her that the birthday think is false, that they lied about his birthday because his father thought it was an unlucky day. This seems to reassure her and they are once again confident as they make promises to be together forever.

13.Mo Chou returns home and her father guesses correctly, that his family doesn't like her although she never admits it. She is confident they will be together but her father tells her not to marry him and orders her to obey but she refuses and runs off. Again she visits Qu Yuan and talks about her father; he promises to convince her father.

14.Bi Xia sneaks out and asks to see Cang Yun. She goes to the gambling house, and this is the shocking scene she sees: 1)Cang Yun gambles with the precious jade token (the symbol of their love) and states he got it from a daughter of the Zhao family but they refuse to let him gamble because he cheated 2)a poorly dressed woman comes in and screams at him from running out to gamble when the family is starving 3)a little boy hugs him and calls him father and begs him to come back 4)this wife tries to steal the jade away

15.Bi Xia, in tears, slaps him. The poor woman spits on her and accuses her of stealing someone else's man and then Bi Xia flees while Cang Yun finally gets the jade back but it breaks....(like his romance). On the beach Bi Xia sends Cai Wei away and then breaks into tears, staring at her jade half. Cang Yun limps over and tells her that he loves her, that he lied to her because he liked her, that he beat his crazy wife and divorced her, and wants to live peacefully with her now (okay, so we know he is 1)A Liar 2)an adulturer 3)a wife beater 4)a gambler and to make it worse, he is poor (not a crime, but not a plus as it makes life hard) and he wants her back! How many girls in that position would fall for someone like him, and he has the audacity? I feel so bad for her! And to learn the truth from the same man who she hates (tQu Yuan, who made it impossible for them to be together by interfering when the king would have hired him) ouch

16.It take her wielding a rock before Cang Yun finally leaves. And she just cries...

Comments: Alright, so here are my thoughts. First of all, Cang Yun is a mega jerk. But so is Qu Yuan. He constantly makes extremely self righteous choices, without considering the reaction or welfare of those around him. I think he is just, but lacks empathy, especially when his own judgments of others are in the way. He lacks the ability to read people, and he doesn't seem to recognize that his actions will have long term consequences on the lives of others. Take Cang Yun. He and Bi Xia could have been together. They may have been happy, or not. but that's for her to decide. He took that decision away when he allowed his overly high standards on poetry to get in the way, and he was completely lacking in empathy nor did he care that he was essentially ruining Cang Yun's final chances. Or his love for Mo Chou. This is all romantic, but he doesn't care about his family. Or that this could ignite a war of the families. Nor does he seem to be question the King at all. I am looking forward to seeing him get a rude awakening.
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Song of Phoenix Episode 19
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May 21, 2017

"Episode 19 Spoilers Ahead"

Spoilers Ahead!

1. We open to Father Mao who continues to warn Chou Nu that nobles should not be trusted and that she will essentially get burned by Qu Yuan who is young. Eventually he will grow up, tire of her, and abandon her. She defends Qu Yuan but her father is relentless in his condemnation.

2.Elsewhere, King Qin continues his military preparations. He is told that they have only 5,000 men read more despite his edict. This is because many people have fled once they learned of the edict. The prime minister suggests that they kill 2 birds with 1 stone and use their men, disguised as Chu soldiers to execute these deserters. They will leave some people alive to spread the tale of the Chu attack. This will keep people at home and give them a reason to invade. This plan is carried out successfully.

3.Following this bloody scene King Qin reflects on his actions with his young queen. He knows he is cold blooded but in order to defeat Xirong (the Western states that have been warring with Qin for centuries) he must go to war and crush them. He vows he will get revenge for the Qin lives lost over the years...

4.Meanwhile, back in Chu Tian Ji demonstrates to the Queen how well she can dance. Not only does this delight the Queen (who sees her as a tool to supplant Consort Zheng) she even orders her a dance outfit and tells her she likes her. Later, Tian Ji reveals to her servant she is extremely confident that she will soon ensnare the king....

5.Back in Qin, the King and his queen and royal brother and youngest son, Ji'er (son of the Queen) tour the military training fields. They watch the eldest royal son (and probably heir) show how strong he is (I had to laugh out loud this scene is so over the top he lifts guys up with his arm and throws them across the field). While this strength earns the King's praise, Ji'er condemns his elder brother for lacking strategy/smarts. Prime minister acknowledges both are important. (these princes clearly don't get along).

6.Next, General Wei demonstrates his archery skill. Apparently he is one of the best generals they have but Prime Minister warns the king to be careful so that his skill does not, essentially, eclipse his his own image and make him look bad. Bai Qi arrives late, and shoots an arrow that can turn corners (I am not lying). Apparently he is so skilled one arrow shot can kill 3 men at once. The king is so impressed he promotes him 6 or 7 ranks and chastises General Wei who criticizes him for this. All I can say is CHU IS GOING TO NEED SOME ALLIES.

7.Back in Chu, the Dowager's birthday is under way. Consort Yin gives a gift of a red robe embroidered in gold while the Queen gives a painting of peaches. Consort Zheng performs a dance (clearly for the emperor's benefit). After this, the Queen suggests they tour the lotus's. The Dowager retires but insists they all go look without her. In the lotus garden Tian Ji performs a jaw dropping dance that makes Consort Zheng look like a joke. Even Consort Yin is visibly jealous. That night, the king takes her to bed and she further ingratiates herself to him by appearing extremely innocent and kind, defending servants who gossiped about her....she is good.

8.Back at the Ling Family Wine Shop, Lord Jing hires a professional to kill Lord Qu. He gathers some men, and they chase Qu and Chou Nu while they are spending time together in the woods (here Lord Qu proposes marriage and tells her he will speak to her father, and she shares that her father has his reservations because of their status difference but he tells her he will convince him). They fall off of a cliff and the assassin returns to Lord Jing who reports they must be dead and that he killed the men who helped him. Lord Jing thanks him by poisoning him.

--I want to know who taught Chou Nu martial arts. She saves Qu Yuan CONSTANTLY-

9.Miraculously (because this is a drama) the two managed to survive a fall from thousands of feet and are at a scenic waterfall. Qu Yuan awakens and finds Chou Nu's still body. He holds her tightly, yelling at her and cries ugly tears while ordering her to live again (this scene is so dramatic it actually touched me a bit) but then I laughed because he squeezed her so hard she coughed up water and began to breathe. She promises to never allow anything this war to separate them before passing out, and he notices the blood on her back (she was cut by a sword earlier).

10.Meanwhile, the magistrates office is in chaos. They send people to search for them. Her father searches.

11.Using his robe, she stands behind it and we see some naked shoulder. He is so respectful of her modesty they he applies a salve to her back, without facing her (this is a little too much for me, but I am trying to respect the fact that she likes him BECAUSE he is so respectful). They spend the night in each others arms and he sort of imagines a scene of simple married life....

12.Meanwhile, Tian Ji prepares a secret message. I think her servant sees her writing something secret but she is dismissed. She then sends it by carrier pigeon and it seems there is an elaborate chain set up, of spies in Chu and Qi....

13.Meanwhile, the king of Qin addresses his advisers. There are not enough rations. He will cut his meals in half and basically tells them they are unpatriotic if they do not donate rations to help the soldiers (one guy warns him that this could be a warning sign but the king counters that Qin always plays risky and wins). The nobles agree to donate rations. Qin is in to win! (elsewhere, the king of chu is...frolicking with his new love)

14.Following this scene, the Queen prepares to donate her dowry to help the King. Her son is kind of spoiled and states that the soldiers should eat dirt if they don't have food. She orders him to donate his jade and tells him he can do whatever he wants when he is king but until then he has to suck it up. They present this to the king, who is so touched he admits he is shamed to take their things but will pay them ten fold.

15.Elsewhere, people continue to look for Qu and Chou Nu. The Qu family is finally notified and You'er goes out to immediately assist with Qu soldiers. In a cutscene, his fiancee admits that she hopes he is found alive because she wants revenge for Cang Yun.....Meanwhile, You'er arrives and immediately Qing'er points the finger at Liu Zui, who wanted to marry her sister and basically says he must want revenge. Liu and the other guy (not Jing) are arrested and essentially tortured for info in front of the town. They light a fire under them (literally) and they still don't confess!

16.Meanwhile, Qu and Chou Nu discover they can escape their area by following the fish. After being treated to an extremely funny scene of Ma Ke almost drowning, they escape, and return just before Liu is burned alive. At the same time, an assassin is recovered who may know who ordered the attack. They go to visit Jing....

17.Lord Jing is not only arrested but beaten in front of Qu. They only have circumstantial evidence, nothing really to arrest him. They want him to admit. Lord Jing tries to pull status but Qu tells him he could care less. Qu states he won't even spare nobles from justice.

All I can say is that Qu Yuan is making a TON OF ENEMIES>
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May 21, 2017

"Cant say anything"

This is only the second drama I've watched as it airs. I'm so glad I did, yet regret it so much!!! I want to be able to binge watch on this. I love the chemistry between Chang Wook and Ji-Hyun. Also, I think (so far) this is my favorite character for Chang Wook. (I REAAALLY liked Ji-Hyun in Angel Eyes). Can't wait to see more! :)
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May 21, 2017

"Love this drama!"

I absolutely love the pairing in this drama. Ji Chang Wook is an amazing actor and absolutely gorgeous and Nam Ji Hyun is adorable. They play off of each other so well with the perfect amount of cute and charm. I am such a sucker for cute romantic comedies with a twist and this delivers. Two episodes in and I'm hooked. ??????????
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May 21, 2017

"Good chemistry"

I think nam ji Hyun has managed to make a good chemistry with ji Chang Wook. First, good job for this couple l!
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May 19, 2017

"episode 7 spoilers ahead"

Spoilers Ahead!

1.Everyone at the church is panicking--except for Yoo Na. She is extremely calm (guess who did it?). The mother faints and is taken to the hospital. We learn that...Yeong Sa (I think?) has returned and is using the lumber area for his 'studio' and that is why it is now locked.

2.Ji Yook reveals she is pregnant (I wonder if Hyo Jin is her daughter) she continues to hear things read more like 'mommy, why did you kill me?' and accuses Yoo Na of saying these things. She warns her to stop making things hard for her.

3.So Yoon investigates and connects with a major news network to confirm if the nurse they used during the special with the ghost mother is her sister. They meet with her because 1)the woman was killed and 2)it is in the same area as the serial killings. They confirm, through footage, that the woman was in fact Hyo Jin and that she had been deeply interested in finding her own mother. She returns, contacts officer Park, and they go to speak to Hyo Jin's 'mother' for answers, but she's left to kill herself.

4. The mother tries to drown herself but Song rescues her, gives her CPR. It seems she had planned this as she had sold her business before coming. She shares that Hyo Jin was in fact her daughter. She adopted a young runaway, but later died by drowning and her body was never recovered. The girl she adopted, it seems, was her sister. (It might explain why she took the name Hyo Jin).

5.Elsewhere, a 7th serial killer victim is found at a construction site.

6.The officers interview a cow farm owner. It seems he is the former driver. he had a history of debt, and they pressure him, suggesting he was fired for being unreliable--but then how did he get so much money? He insists it was form an inheritance. They accuse him of taking money from the assemblyman as payment for killing Hyo Jin. He shares that just before the girl died, he was asked to drive along a remote road where the assemblyman met with Hyo Jin. He did this twice. He was not in the car when they spoke. Then he frantically makes a phone call and states that he is being set up for murder--the person on the other end? The assemblyman's FATHER.

7.Meanwhile, the Captain removes the officers from the case in spite of all of the evidence they have collected and scoffs at their belief that the Gwon family is related to the girls death. He tells them that there is no reason Gwon would kill a girl when the position he wanted was so minor, and he ignores the officers when they say that maybe he had another reason. They are very angry. He also tells them to ignore the fact that their daughter painted on the church, (Oh by the way, they found out she was the one)

8.Meanwhile, Hyun confronts the math teacher. He tells her what he knows: that all the places they sent information for regarding the position of English teacher were cancelled immediately after sending the information. They only posted the position at So Yoon's school, and rejected all three equally qualified candidates before selecting So Yoon. He tells her that this is clearly part of a plan, but she refuses to speak. He tells her that she must have received a lot of money if she doesn't fear being fired. She also doesn't seem to fear being arrested and walks out.

9.Ba Woo's dad shows up drunk at the pharmacy and accuses the pharmacist of giving his son weird meds (Yoo Na told him) she denies it and tells him to check with the doctor. He accuses her of trying to hurt his son because 1)he saw her with Hyo Jin just before she died and 2)she threatened to have him fired from the factory if he spoke about it and now 3)she is giving him meds to keep him quiet. She asks him what he wants...

10.Park is able to 100% confirm Hyo Jin and Jung are the same and also learns that it seems So Yoon was also investigating and learned it first...she knows what that means. She confronts Hyun who basically says he was doing it to avoid an uncomfortable situation and to protect her. She tells him that she learned her sister had found her biological sister in the town and she is going to investigate who this person is and why she didn't speak up--startling Hyun--but it is more than clear she doesn't trust him. Hyun also warns her that her sister was treated with contempt after the town learned of the affair and that So Yoon should be wary of the fake sympathy from the town and that she may be a target of hate because her relationship as Hyo Jin's sister is now public..

11.The new occupant at the lumberyard received a note 'I know you are back. Meet with me'

7.Ga yeong continues to stalk Nam, and is even seen at the funeral by the pharmacist, although he ignores her. Later, she smashes his car with a rock and then walks off, bumping into Song before running away.

8.Working with the news, So Yoon broadcasts the following slide across the country: looking for information on the illegal adoption in Achiara! The restaurant owner runs to the pharmacist and tells her about the add and the fact that someone is looking for Bengmama. (How much you want to bet that is the fortune teller?)

9.At the end of the episode, Yoo Na visits So Yoon. She tells her that she began to see ghosts after she saw the dead baby in her mother's stomach. She believes her mother hates her for this, partly. She tells her that the teacher told her to write that on the wall. She also tells her that the painting of the woman holding the child was not one of love (she does this after So Yoon tries to tell her that her mother loves her) and that Hyo Jin believed her when she told her that her mother hated her. She tells her that the woman in the painting is getting ready to kill her child, and that her mother is getting rid of her (i.e. maybe sending her away) because she no longer needs her since she is going to have another child. Sure enough, the woman in the painting is holding a knife....
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May 19, 2017

"episode 6 spoilers ahead"

Spoilers Ahead!

1.In this episode Yoo Na's mother directly accuses her of not being on her side. In a flashback, we learn that Yoo Na asked her 'why did you kill my sibling?' and this is because she was able to sense the dead baby in her mother's womb (it is likely it was a miscarriage). Meanwhile, her mother confirms that her primary reason for having a child, specifically a son, read more is to protect her status but I am certain it is deeper than that (she uses her children?). She essentially blackmails her husband, who is resistant to in vitro because of his age and the fact that he has two children, but his wife tells him that Hye Jin's death could ruin his campaign but she will support him if he helps her.

2.Meanwhile, Hyo Jin's mother placed flyers all over the town inviting everyone to her daughter's funeral. As this happens, the officers continue their interviews of the townspeople. They interview Ji Sook who shares that during the time Hyo Jin was killed, she was with her mother in law visiting temples. She also shares that she did not notify them that Hyo Jin helped her mother in law as a home care giver because she did not like her. In addition to this, she states that the fight was started by Hyo Jin (we, the viewers, know otherwise). Her hands, however, are shaking during this interview and Officer Park's senior partner notices this. (Officer Park is extremely sympathetic to the wife during this interview it's almost annoying).

3.Seo Chang Gwon, the assemblyman, is interviewed next. (Moments before he is interviewed, he is meeting with our favorite pharmacist, and it seems she has certain items of interest from the time capsule and is using it to pressure him to keep his son 'away from the front lines'. She is seen leaving his office by the officers). Chang Gwon reports that he had the affair, that she threatened to blackmail him if he did not give her 30,000 dollars. Fearing for his image and campaign, he ended it and that was his last contact with her. He confirms this by showing that during the time she was killed (a 2 week window) he was heavily involved in his campaign and could not possibly see her. The officers tell him that there is no signs of Hyo Jin having ever received any money from him. Also, why should he be bothered by a woman when the position he was campaigning for was not so important? The congressman is evasive and asks the men to confirm his schedule with his secretary.

4.Following these interviews, Officer Park's senior points out how weird it is that the two people who had the strongest connection to the case have such well thought out and planned alibis. To prove this, he points out how rare it is for people to know EXACTLY what they did two years ago and yet these two people had an answer for everything. Also, Hyo Jin was one of many women the assembly man was with. Why should he care about one more?

5.Meanwhile, Chang Gwon meets with his son and explains to him that his step mother wants another child. He essentially tells him that she has always wanted to be the chairman of the schools because she never finished school (I wonder why?) and tells his son to not shake the boat, to focus on the company he will inherit, and reminds him that blood is thicker than water. His son straight up asks him if he killed Hyo Jin and he tells him that he would never make his son the son of a murderer.

6.Meanwhile, we learn that So Yoon's sister may have been illegal adopted. This is learned while she is following some leads and meets the 'ghost mom'--a woman whose baby died at birth but she can't accept it so she visits the hospitals and orphanages looking for her baby. She is quite famous. The woman reveals in the elevator that she knew her sister and that they were on t.v. together....she also shares that 'not all mothers like their children'

7.The grandmother is interviewed, and she is very tightlipped regarding her relationship with Hyo Jin. She essentially states that she never noticed the help, but lets slip that no one worked as well as her (which is why she fires people often). When the officers ask her how she could not notice when someone she liked so much went missing, she again insists it was no big deal.

8.At the diner, the two officers discuss the case, and they begin to focus on Hyo Jin. Why did she even come to this town when she was pretty, had no connections, and clearly could have gone anywhere. did she really just come here to be a con artist? She specifically chose the wealthy family to volunteer for, in order to seduce the father. Perhaps she had a grudge? This causes the shop owner to drop her food, and she so clearly knows something but won't tell...

9.While searching online, Officer Park learns that a woman posted about 'looking for adoptive parents in Achiara' her name is Jung--the sister So Yoon is looking for--but the last four digits of her cell are the same as Hyo Jin's....

10.The pharmacist is questioned. She denies noticing Hyo Jin disappeared and dismisses the time spent playing tennis as casual as running into someone at the gym. She claims not knowing her very well at all. Her answers are logical, the officer points out. So Yoon is sitting nearby, and I think because of this, she reveals that Hyo Jin shared she was looking for a sibling and that is all she knew about her reasons for coming to the town. (I find this female lead annoying lead. she seems to trust everyone even though a lot of weird stuff has being happening.)

11.Officer Park shares the info he found about her sister and Hyo Jin. Now Hyo Jin is finally beginning to suspect that she may be her sister. Meanwhile, Gi Hyun interviews an old classmate of Jung (the sister) who reveals she saw a woman walking down the street a couple years back and instantly recognized her. She stopped when called her name, but insisted she was Hyo Jin. She believes it was Jung because 1)she stopped and 2)she was so pretty and unforgettable it had to b her. She confirms the picture of Hyo Jin as Jun, and Gi Hyun does not share this information with So Yoon....(we also learn during his meeting with So Yoon that he wanted to be an architect and his family is overwhelming him)

12.The officers learn that the assemblyman's driver changed during the two weeks leading up to Hyo Jin's death. This is a pretty big deal because those final weeks were especially busy AND you don't just fire your driver.

13.At the funeral, many towns people arrive. Yoo Na goes, but her brother and parents don't (I wonder why). Song isn't there, although he is wearing black, because he has been tracing his footage of Hyo Jin and it leads him to Dae Kwang Mokje (the lumberyard?) which is locked. He leaves a note there...

14.A thunderstorm rolls in and the message 'Save me mom' and 'mom save me' appears in blood red paint behind a tapestry that falls during the funeral...shocking everyone...
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