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Jun 25, 2017

"Some Aspects Answered While More Appear..."

Good pacing, conversation and conflicts. Also the added benefit of closing a few mysteries.


Okay so ice man is hurt and is testing her. Zanilia is trying to put his suspicions at bay which he is not fully excepting of.

He informs her that her plan to kill psycho isn't smart enough. He starts explaining why it wouldn't work.

Now they are having a nice heart to heart talk read more about her revenge and how she knows he's training her for some reason. She is appealing to his emotions and even began crying in front of him. Just a little surprising. Is this true loyalty on her part or just an act? He wiped her tears.
This episode is truly showing his affections growing for Xing Er.

So the unraveling of the shrouded accidental killing of Ms. Song is revealed. Turns out there were other bodies but her dead body had been removed. Her sisters say it had to be Yu Wen Yue and that he likes Xing Er...
Then when she finds out it truly was ice man when she receives a box with the bracelet from that night she goes to thank him.

Ice man says right hand man was in the river all of that night. Then she says she must say
thank you to right hand man. He seems jealous. Anyways this leads to more banter.
I appreciate the banter so much.

I liked this episode quite a bit, I just felt it was a little slow in progression. Aside from that
the story and the solving of some issues was very well done.

Sara Rojas JUNE 25 2017
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Jun 25, 2017

"Unbeknownest To He -- Romance"

So many SPOILERS upcoming in this recap...

Zanilia and her sisters are going to escape that night because of the accidental killing. She said if she wasn't there on time to leave without her.

Xing Er is writing up copies of the escape note and takes Yu Wen Yue's stamp in order to validate them. Ice man and right hand man come in and he senses something is a foot. He had read more clothes made for her to join him to the festival. Maybe he senses that she is trying to leave him. He notices with keen observation what she was doing.

He makes her go change and doesn't give her time to make any new changes to the plan or to tell her sisters anything. When she came back she was so beautiful that right hand man was speechless and although ice man was stoic in facial expression I bet he was truly screaming on the inside.

Oh man its like a date. A really awkward first date. She's now smiled at him and hes just being cold.
He got jealous of someone who voiced his affections and gave her a prize. It was so childish.

She finally got away from iceman and he somehow knew she was trying to run... but still let her get away..

We find out who she is. Thanks to a mysterious princess and her aid. The aid fought her before she fought the guy who made her fall off the cliff.

Anyways those two want to confirm it by seeing the flower tattoo on her shoulder thus attacking her.
She fends them off but still shows her shoulder -- no tattoo!! Nice blue man intervenes when the aid try's to land a finishing blow.

There's quite a good interaction between Xing Er and Yan Xun this episode. At the end her two sisters are taken by some local men who think they are runaway slaves. (There's no confirmation fro the men but it is true)

Overall decent episode.

Sara Rojas JUNE 25 2017
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Jun 25, 2017

"Banter, Banter, Banter... Let's All Grow Closer..."

Can you say spoiler alert??

Basic recap with slight review.

There is quite a bit to take in this episode. The plot is moving along at a very decent pace. Not too slow but not too quick. Its also not choppy and without purpose.

Resurrected grandpa it starting to divulge knowledge of the past. He's keeping a secret from Ice man... He plans to use Zanilia.
Ice man and Xing Er seem read more to be getting closer and are playing together now.

WHOA THERE she tells ice man that she cant remember her past. That's shocking...

Anyways there's more training between our Xing Er and Yu Wen Yue. Which I find exciting because its a nice refreshing break from that which is murder/cover ups/frameups/politics.

Ah lol our happy prince is back and smelling of tulips. He and Xing Er are playing blind hide and seek. Which turns into her and him getting into a mini fight and him getting thrown into the water. She removes her blindfold to see him and doesn't recognize him. There's clever banter to which we get to see Zanilia actually smile for once.

Is he a new contender for romance? Though in some ways I'm thinking oh no another one? If anything she could do with more allies because of that psycho.

More cute banter but this time with our resident nice blue man. He is doing grade school flirting. She smiles at him and he says she looks really pretty when she's making fun of him. The cuteness of this episode for real.

Happy prince + nice blue man + ice man all want Xing Er... The first two are asking him to give her to each of them. Man I sense possessiveness and jealousy. The only thing is the notable difference in tinges of the emotions.

High pitched princess back again meeting Xing Er again. Happy princess helps her remember. Also I feel foreshadowing of almost certain jealousy about nice blue man.

Psycho apparently likes high pitched princess... but that's probably a power play. We as viewers see them talk about getting rid of things she hates. She is very innocent he steered the conversation about her immature petty jealousy about Xing Er. It's different usually all the second females I see are bat s*** crazy... She's a bit like the princess from the royal family in the princess Weiyoung (not Weiyoung in case that is what you were thinking).

It was pretty interesting and kept me engaged.

Sara Rojas JUNE 25 2017
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Jun 25, 2017

"Scheming And Deceptions Prove Fully Effective Here..."

Getting ready for yet another information packed episode.


She appears to have had a grappling hook stop her from falling to death. (I'm not going to into detail on how she has a grappling hook not meant for this time... sigh) Anyways she lands in a cave that nice blue man uses to hide away. They have a little talk together read more and she snubs him again.

Ice man goes into a back room and TADAH! His grandfather is alive! Surprise, Surprise.

The grandfather is saying things along the lines of you're so loyal and blah blah and you should get rid of Xing Er as soon as possible in fact you have had her by your side too long. You promised to never fall for a maid. Ice man says he's only been using her.

Zanilia has been taken captive by psycho. Now using her wits she had to try and escape. She ends up framing jealous maid AGAIN skillfully. Props.

Nice blue man comes in at the almost last second and saves her from psycho's fatal sword blow. Points for him too. Psycho is asking if he's truly fallen in love with her and that fighting over a girl would get them both laughed at. Nice blue man says its not love, that's too serious. Hes just interested.

Oh the aesthetics. My heart goes ping!

Zanilia keeps rejecting his playful attempts at getting her attention. He's just so sweet about it. The smiles he's giving are almost yellow card worthy.

Right hand man and the CGI bird have a bout. That's pretty cute too.

Zanilia rescues jealous maid... It looks like she understands the wrong she committed against Zanilia's brother. Anyways she gives off a feeling of change or at least the deception of change and remorse.
It was as presumed fake remorse anyways she leaves and heads for a carriage manned by Zhu psychos confidant.. Jumps in and starts screaming her loyalty and throwing Xing Er under the bus. Then it turns out to be a cleverly woven scheme by Xing Er and presumably Yu Wen Yue.. She starts denying it and then says she be psycho's bedchamber maid tonight. He calls her to sit beside him. She does and thats when it happens. He straight up stabs her.

Now psycho calls out to Zhu his confidant saying to tell green hills that Xing Er killed jealous maid. Whoa that conniving. She finds the slave releasing sheet and picks it up. Then she runs back to her home, and settles into her bed just as Yu Wen Yue comes into the room. It seems he's trying to feel out the situation. She is also hiding under the covers so its not yet known if she is still in the black clothes she was wearing or if shes dressed in revealing or even no clothes.
He tells her to make him some tea and she says she will if he leaves for a moment. He inches closer so as to tear the blankets off.

SURPRISE shes in the revealing clothes. He and right hand man look away in shame and remorse.

More sister moments revealing jealous maid is dead and that their previous accidental killing will soon be revealed by psycho in some capacity. So they must react. Zanilia has a plan.

This was a jam packed episode. Thumbs up.

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"Trickery Vs Connivery"

Basic review + slight recap


His sacrificing is for her recovery. Ice man during his time of weakness still chooses to save Zanilia.

Zanilia saves her sister from being punished for letting loose the snakes in ice man's room. She wins against jealous conniving maid. She also takes the higher road of not beating her to death.

This doesn't stop jealous maid from scheming YET AGAIN. This time the read more Jing Sisters are a step ahead of the trickery.

She is granted the reward of having her sisters live with her. Anyways ice man gets mad and shows his feelings basically on his sleeve... but still way under wraps because his emotions are hidden.

It ends with Zanilia throwing the planted proof on jealous maid and falling backwards off the cliff.

Not a lot to mention this time round.

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"Recovery To Countown To Death"

Not alot to say this time around... its not one of the more exciting episodes I've seen.

Spoilers and basic review not a lot of recap this time around.

There is more political aspects in this episode.

As well as more intellectual training of Zanilia.

Near the end Zanilia somehow trusts the word of the devious jealous maid who is undercover evil for the psycho. Anyways while holding the object being used read more to basically kill her and Yu Wen Yue she is starting to regain her memories. Shocking.

Okay as we already know Zanilia is some special kind of badass she uses inner strength to push away the assassins. Pretty legit. We also know that right hand man is exceptional. He's cutting down assassins with ease.

So much is happening. End moments has our Xing Er AKA Zanilia lying in bed truly affected by the object. Ice man has her checked by the doctor. The doctor doesn't want to be insulted by being asked to treat a slave... Ice man threatens him and we're informed of her upcoming death in T-12 hours.

I do feel compelled to watch on in order to get a better episode as my stop point this evening...

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"Ordeals To Make Her Grow Even Stronger"

Welcome back again :D

I spot Spoilers.

Okay Yan Xun and Yu Wen Yue have a little bout from Yan Xun's playfulness of jumping into his bed. Cute and then we get to go back to Zanilia's training. She's such a badass AMAZING!! I'm reeling with admiration as is ice man. I'm going back and forth because so much more effort is required to write out their name names.

She is excelling read more beautifully and now ice man and his number 1 right hand thinks she may have had training when she was young. (You don't say?) They have to give her more ordeals says the right hand. He agrees and promotes her to silver bells. Basically the scheme is to get her surrounded by no help, envy, and jealousy from all sides. Clever but a bit cliche.

She just keeps progressing in her training. This is causing shock in the right hand man and in Yu Wen Yue. Nice blue man is still vying for Zanilia... But ice man is shutting him down so fast.

OH MY GOD! Ice man tests her while shes holding a flower vase and she is almost perfect but water still gets on him. He's stealing glances and does the quick look away thing. Cute.

Zanilia finds out jealous maid is the evil spy in the Yue house who made her brother the scapegoat.
Ice man and right hand man look into Zanilia's past and are trying to put two and two together.

Oh the intrigue. It keeps on growing. I wonder who the family that raised her were. Actually really curious.

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"Tinges Of Romance Come Hither "

Welcome to my continuing recaps. Hope this helps you make the decision to dive in head first, mind open.

Spoilers ahead. Warning shots!

Okay this is totally why I didn't put Zanilia's name into memory. She has 3 names happening. Confusing as I go through these episodes I'll probably stick with the one I click best with... For now Zanilia.

Lol the night has her saying it hurts once then CGI bird read more repeating it all night and then ice man says enough and the bird again repeats that. So back and forth haha so funny. We're getting slight romantic aspects popping up which is a slightly nice segue from pure murder/intrigue/politics to this.

Ice man is now at the stage of showing her martial arts. Its not exactly how I figured it would happen but I like how it is being shown. Immediately afterwards she gets a chance to put them into action. Its super classy. The action sequences are so detailed but not completely over the top. At least not yet..

Nice blue man = Yan Xun Yan Xun is now fending off even more advances from clingy high pitched voice princess. He makes an of comment about the wild kitten AKA Zanilia. So his affections seem to be growing.. Iceman = Yu Wen Yue for me right now.

Anyways Zanilia meets Yan Xun at the river while cleaning their bedding and pays him hardly any attention. Maybe its at the want what you can't have stage. He seems very forward yet really not upfront about his intention in front of others. She doesn't seem to put much weight in his words..
Oh man he says he wants her to Yu Wen Yue!!!! His eyes flicker when he hears it and says its too late.

Theres more to that one but moving on. Theres a straight up fight scene between the lady maids. ITS SO GOOD! I appreciated it so much.
Yu Wen Yue comes in at the moment that jealous maid starts using trick needles. He blocks them then slaps Zanilia. Says hes taking her for punishment.

The punishment is full on martial arts training with dull headed arrows being sent at her at random intervals. Testing her endurance, skill, agility, and observation skills. Its totally honing her inherent prowess.

I am more invested and am looking forward to the episodes to come.

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"The Slow Moving Rock Is Now Rolling"

Interesting slope happening... Also this cinematography and clothing and overall esthetics are so good. I love it so far. It's getting to my beauty sensors (Princess Weiyoung is also very beautiful to watch and wonderfully executed as I hope The Princess Agents will become as well)

Spoilers and slight recap to come :D

Very entertaining the bad man is coming, then in walks nice blue man (foreshadowing perhaps??)
There is some hinting read more that his grandpa isn't actually dead but that means...he killed Zanilia's brother for no f' reason. Except to make the ruse appear real... but this is speculation.

The item that her sister gave to another sister to give to Zanilia is now being said to point at Zanilia's true lineage.. Maybe she's a really well known hidden princess.. (so much speculation...)

The iceman is treating his some uncle aka psycho grandpa with "respect" but is actually derailing his crazy plans to get rid of him. Props for his political savvy. This refers to the search of his bedchamber maid... yup.

Zanilia wants to partake to protect her sisters,herself, and also to avenge her now dead brother and sister. Ice man thinks shes overconfident and doesn't know her standing. Then he sees her efforts and then confronts her. Calling her on her reasoning, explaining that she would have to sleep with her master. Could she sleep with her brothers killer. She straight up said yes because as we all know she's a badass. She can one probably kick his ass or deal major damage and two she wants vengeance.
Perseverance won!! She is part of the contest!!

Oh man the CGI bird strikes again as Zanilia enters the contest waiting area it says the idiot is coming repeatedly. Lol cute bird. She sets free the bird and all the other girls thinks she's crazy.

The tests happen she lost the first one and won the last two. She showed her intelligence by winning the last two through pure attention to detail. She became the bedchamber maid and ice man said he will free her sisters if she passes all tests.
She was told to shave his beard.. (Is this first test to actually shave his beard or to see if she will kill him at the first opportunity that she has....)

That was a really good episode. It was just a slow starting run. Now we're rolling.

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"Adding Some Flavour To The Plot"

Spoilers Ahead. Warnings Dealt.

Thoughts hmm... It wasn't up to par with episode 1 but way better then 2. We get to see a good dose of action which is what I really appreciate in this show.

He stopped her from getting infected by whatever poison got his grandfather... then in a non obvious way slashed her to kill the spider that carried the poison and all she sees is red. Red read more rage...

By the heavens what was he? That crazy grandpa... was he straight up killing them or raping them... Playing with the maids as if they were prey? It was a really disturbing scene in which I thought she would escape or be chosen somehow because poor Zanilia has already lost so much.

With each person she loves death. Each of their sacrifices be it by choice or by the hand of her enemies.. each one makes her stronger.

We get a little more knowledge on why psycho is the psycho that he is... and he gets banned from entering ice mans courtyard. Point 1 iceman.

Slightly shocking there's an unplanned group accidental death on a bridge. They think no one saw and then we as viewers magically get to see that someone did witness.

This is a slight overview but for the most part not a lot happened and I didn't want to spoil who died or did the killings in this one. It didn't leave as big of a mark on me as the first one did.
All in all the show is following a decent unfolding of story and I am still in the compelled to watch stage.

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"One Could Say Anticlimactic"

Directly following the amazing that was the first episode... it feels a slight bit lacking.

I don't think I can do a lot of recap on this because it wouldn't be as exciting as when I like the episode. I'll talk about key moments that made it okay for me.
Still slight SPOILERS.

A few more characters have been introduced in semi okay formats? Then written out pretty quick...

There was a read more successful assassination and if one is counting seriously around 4 attempts and another successful dealing of avenging (One was a scapegoat that got killed by our silent ice man. Ice man is Zanilia's initial from the wolf/maid hunt of the first episode...

As I'm writing this I'm listening to the OP to feel okay about this episode.

She's still badass and uses her skills a few times this episode but in a much smaller capacity. Iceman saves her from her punishment for her second bout of awesome. Also the nice blue man who has stated in the first episode that he wanted this maid helped her use skills to avoid getting killed as punishment. It was a unique game where she had to use her abilities in order to survive using the 5 second clue she gave her. (In a not obvious way so that everyone else didn't know he helped her)

There isn't any romantic aspects for our main people yet except for obvious attention from a fluttery high pitched princess aiming for the nice blue man.
I hate having to write out their names at this point. I haven't seen enough to log in each of their names.
I'm taking this episode as pure plot movement... Like one needs this in order to get why Zanilia does not fully like ice man at the beginning or why she starts to feel kinship with nice blue man. (note from what I've read in summary nice blue man doesn't stay that way.... but I'M STILL THINKING INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN JERK)
Onto the next episode :D I've got higher hopes episode 3.

Sara Rojas JUNE 24 2017
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Jun 24, 2017

"Well that was satisfying..."

Okay first off.. amazing. Saying it loudly and very proud. Now I've seen Zanilia in a few dramas now and my favorite to date is Boss & Me. This will probably be my favourite with her being a basic bad ass.

Spoilers because I tend to recap awesome lol.

Now the music is awesome! Perfectly suitable and with so much life and energy.

Actors so far I'm a bit on the fence read more aside from Zanilia and her friend who died near the end of the episode.

Anyways we open with her basically informing the viewers by telling herself that she has no recollection of who she is. We are shown flashbacks but no idea quite yet. I mean as a viewer I can make inferences.
So we then see the group of men of the show that have been presented going to go and find the winner of their bet.

Their bet consists of hunting wolves and maids. Each maid has an initial of one of the men. Whichever of them has the most maids remaining is the winner.

I love how they paced the first episode. We even get to see Zanilia go badass and start killing the wolves and dodging a few arrows. I like it so much that I'm contemplating just straight diving in even though I know it's not done airing nor not completely subbed. (Note: I don't like doing that, especially with C-dramas. It's basic hell for the kind of viewer I am)

Anyways it ended on a little bit of a strange note... but with that note I am fully invested to keep going. Overall I really enjoyed the episode and if I like the first episode at this level and I've seen the opening song over 25 times before I even started the drama... I'd say it's safe to say I'm going to be on a really fun ride. Full of intrigue, politics, martial arts, revenge, assassination (attempts and successes), war, misunderstandings, and love.

Sara Rojas JUNE 23 2017
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Inborn Pair Episode 83
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Jun 23, 2017

"Finally, I'm convinced"

Wei-xiang comes back from their honeymoon retching, which is truly symbolic of their relationship. I was totally convinced with his performance in that scene.
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Inborn Pair Episode 70
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Jun 22, 2017

"The most cringe-worthy episode so far"

I told myself that I would watch all 84 episodes to give this show a proper review and I will. But I've had enough of Wei-xiang for one day! He's kryptonite, buzzkill bar none! WTF! He's so clingy and insecure. I don't see how Yi-jie finds that appealing or how any woman would for that matter. At this point in the series, I'm not sure if dude is mentally stable. And really read more the writers didn't give his dumbass a good enough reason NOT to be with Yun Luo or Luo Yun or whatever. Why she wants to be with him so badly is also baffling.
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Inborn Pair Episode 68
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Jun 22, 2017

"The retch-fest continues"

Yuck! I was hoping Wei-xiang would get hit by a bus filled with acting coaches. Oh, the irony! Stalking your love interest is not charming or romantic but annoying and having Annie Chen's character allow him to do it is unrealistic.
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