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Dec 29, 2016


What a plan Asahina ...The minute..They accepted the project I was so happy and that same minute when they announced his resignation...I was awestruck...I felt so sad for Hyuga I wanted to punch that face of Asahina I loved this episode...Best episode with right amount of drama and shock????????
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Hwarang Episode 1
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Dec 29, 2016

"Cheesy, But That Doesn't Ruin It"

This is definitely not my favorite first episode of a drama ever, but it's not bad.

Our hero is sort of hot and cold; I can't tell if he's funny or angsty, because they tried both. I can't take him seriously as a chic action hero when I've only ever seen him do comedy (and they're still trying to do it here). I'm not buying it. I understand it's only the first read more episode, but I already like his competition, the King, much better, because at least the King has an interesting personality.

The wire acrobatics at the beginning were a bit of a turn-off. That whole intro sequence, actually, was a failed attempt at quirky humor, as was Moo Myung's introduction to Ah Ro. It was too predictable.

I think that Ban Ryu and Soo Ho's rivalry is genuinely interesting, and I'd love to learn more about them.

Maek Jong is a cool guy, and I love his story so far. It's interesting to see the struggle of a King in hiding play out, and I'm curious about how he ends up joining the Hwarang.

There are lots of things that are really attracting my attention, and that's good. At the same time though, some parts are cheesy (and not in a good way), and the failed attempts at making the audience laugh are unfortunate. I can only hope that the humor picks up in later episodes.

This was a pretty decent start, but it could have been better. Here's to a better Episode 2.
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Goblin Episode 7
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Dec 27, 2016

"My favorite episode so far"

Besides episode 1. Maybe as much as it. I had planned to drop Goblin after episode 6 but this was amazing.
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Dec 26, 2016

"Só um detalhe..."

... Ela é a protagonista mais invejada EVER! Me diga que não e sabereis que estas mentindo.
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Goblin Episode 5
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Dec 25, 2016

"Meh. What was with the scene cutting?"

The bromance, great! Visuals, still stunning. OST, blowing my mind. Yet the plot is still spinning its wheels.

Sunny and Wang Yeo may have met, but nothing is happening. It's frustrating. Not only that buy I still don't like what Kim Shin and Eun Tak relationship is. It's super immature and childish. While it's cute to some degree, I find it unrealistic. Not to mention that I could go on and one read more for plot holes.

I still feel the development of them suddenly loving each other. Face it. It's instalove, and I feel cheated.

Not to mention what is with all the cut scenes? Where it cut and repeated the scene again, but slightly different. The one at the end when he's apparently jumping into the future to "see" was okayish, but the ones before it felt off. I actually had to go back and see if it was Dramafever skipping again, but that normally either skips ahead or backwards, never repeats.

I still have faith and I can't really quit this one, but I still desperately want MORE from the writing.
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Dec 25, 2016


Por que não consigo assistir? HEEEEEEEEELP???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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Dec 25, 2016

"Real shit is burning now"

Real shit is burning now, but I have faith into the emperor that he'll hear her out and will get skeptical about the murder 6 won't just behead her carelessly. Whats really bothering me is that picture Chang Ru brought to Tuoaba Yu's mother.... I hope even if Xin Er ( Wei Young's real name) is exposed as the Northern Liang Princess, that Jun will bring the report forward and so she read more won't be seen as a traitor anymore. But there'll definitely be some real drama going on from now.
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Dec 23, 2016


That last scene is killing me!!

I really like 12th episode's last scene, that is so beautiful and mesmerizing.. Their r/s finally confirmed with bok joo's confession, that's what i said about liking a good thoughtful romance that is well written.. They are going strong despite of their problems.. That is the r/s goal, i am convinced that they really care about each other.. That ep 12 last scene is so cuteeeee read more and sweet, OMG, i was grinning unconsciously and i repeat the scene over and over again! Well done to lee sung kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk to make it so sweet and believable! I really like this kind of real romance, unlike many other k-dramas that the romance is awkward, unnecessary and cheesy, lol.
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Dec 22, 2016

"Are they kidding us?! WTF?!"

He didn't even regain his old memories and now he forgot the present one too?! And here I shout this hit gave him the memories back. Nope, let us start from the beginning again? And this after he finally saw Bok Nam well and alive. Are they so determined to not let Bok Shil know about Bok Nam? gosh -_- Seems like she'll find out only at the every end.
But I read more really didn't see it coming so it was kinda a good plot twist XD
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Dec 20, 2016


OMG I LOVE THIS DRAMA. This episode is so amazing the best one yet.
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Cruel City Episode 14
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Dec 20, 2016

"Cannot rest"

This drama is really unpredictabe, doc son is a genius but pusan power is too strong, i hate that Min ajushi, he has been playing puppet show the whole time

I really cannot rest watching this drama, it's 3am in the morning now and i am watching until eps 14, i need to stop in the middle of the episode, if not the cliffhanger will make me want to keep continue watching. read more This is a k-drama that has the most suspense.. alright, i need to sleep now..
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Age of Youth Episode 8
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Dec 19, 2016

"Disappointed it doesn't pick up where the last episode leaves off."

Disappointed it doesn't pick up where the last episode leaves off. At least Kang Yi Na's story is revealed, and I'm proud of her for doing research on the creeper. Though I'm wondering if she has a death wish?

Also, very proud of Jeong Ye Eun! I like that in the end she made the right decision for herself. Hopefully this means Ye Eun and Senior Kang can finally be friends!

I read more really feel bad for Jin Myeong and hope that she can soon rely on the other girls and open up. It's not healthy keeping it all in like that.

It was both heart warming and heart breaking watching all the girls comfort Jeong Ye Eun. To know that Jin Myeong was keeping so much to herself. That while they've come closer, they're all still strangers.

Oh, and I love-love-love Eun Jae's romance! I love how patient, and when he needs to be forceful, to get the romance going. He knows when he needs to get her out of her head so that they can have a relationship in real life. Go my girls!! At least I know they can tag team any villains!
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Cruel City Episode 4
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Dec 19, 2016


Brilliant! Still watching only until 4 episodes but so much going on in first 4 episodes!!! Like i cannot rest at all watching this! Sometimes I forgot to take my breath in between the scenes. Love the main lead, Jung Kyung-Ho,I like it morecoz it does not have famous over-rated kdrama actors, still watching it but i am itching to recommend it to everyone here!
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Gu Family Book Episode 6
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Dec 19, 2016


contains spoilers so read it accordingly if you have not watched the drama..

Lord Park been killed by the same man who killed Kang Chi's father. Lord not been killed by Kang Chi as people claim and he did not run off, the monk took him with his wand, and How can they say Kang Chi killed his dad while everyone saw that the Joo Gwan minister or whatever he is his read more man killed the lord with his sword..

It was emotional when Lord's wife, son & daughter was saying their last farewells to their dad & husband.

But it was not him lingering, it was Kang Chi's dad doing it that's my guess.

I believe that document has been put there by the gangsters Kang Chi was fighting the one you can see at scene 15:29

That drawing does look like anyone but Kang Chi..

igghh that bodyguard talks so much bulls.. zip your mouth man..

My complain is too much unnecessary scenes dragging down the drama and slowing it down, I do seriously get bored of the unnecessary scenes.

You decided to marry someone else, ppl accused your dad, and been killed and now you are crying where is Kang Chi? Is he nothing than but your saviour whenever you are in trouble???

Or is he the one you love ??

Now you have a competitor and you'll soon learn that they'll fall in love...

I hope that their end won't be like Kang Chi's dad & mom.

But Yeo Wool is not like Kang Chi's mother, she won't betray Kang Chi, and when she was young he's the one who saved her from the dog..

I actually like Kang Chi he is so sweet, so cute, a little bit wild in temperamental vise.

The bracelet was on his wrist when he woke up in the cave..
After waking up he is on the area where his dad been killed. by the river and there is the monk.. he's puzzled to see the monk and holds his tummy and questioning what happened to his Lord and family.

The monk tells him there is nothing he can do even if he goes back now..

Monk asks him to stay there 10 more days quietly but Kang Chi insists on going back to the Inn as he tells to the Monk, they were the only family he knew.

Monk tells him you did not listen to me when I asked you to leave the Inn before the sunset, if you had listened to me Lord would not have died that way and tells him to stay here 10 more days and Kang Chi ofcourse does not want to.. He also adds that it was his mother's last wish and tells him that once his dad was his best friend.

By this time Kang Chi's brother has been badly beaten up.

I seriously hate Joo Gwan what did they do wrong to you to kill someone and try to take over their inn? or is it because you killed Kang Chi's father and you wonder if Kang Chi is like his father?

So you are gonna kill everyone who is opposing you? that is called dictatorship..

While all those things are going or Joo Gwan is still searching for Kang Chi, and he finds the way Kang Chi looks at him very unsettling and asking for the reason to his man, and his man guess that it must be related to his bracelet, he adds that whenever he gets like that his bracelet glows, they think he is getting aid from the bracelet. (shhh you think so , wait and see what's gonna happen to you)

Joo Gwan is wondering about his identity and asks them bring him alive not to kill him. He is also accusing that it was Kang Chi who killed his Lord, ofcourse he is a powerful man and even the police chief can not say no it was not him.

He wants to sell the ppl who works in the inn as a slave, and buy the inn. He'll promote the police chief as a magistrate. It shows us even those times the politics, and government officials were corrupt. ( not a surprise yeah ) simply lickers existed on that era (even though this is fictional)

Everybody blames Kang Chi, his bro asks what happened to him, people say he run off and ignored us..

How do you know??

The gangsters are looking for Kang Chi to get 200 coins

Yeo Wool already guessing the route Kang Chi might have taken

Gangsters were hiding behind a rock and listening Yeo Woo and her bodyguard, now they are gonna follow those two

While they followed Yeo W and her body guard to the forest, and they have been spotted by the body guard.

And the bodyguard rippes of the Kang Chi wanted poster, while he is doing that we saw Kang Chi running like a wind behind

They offer the bodyguard to share the coins %50 %50 lol without knowing who he is.

The bodyguard asked them to leave but they are still offering him sharing this time it's %60 %40, he'll get %60 they'll get %40 and they are insisting it is a better offer than sharing it in equally between 4 ppl

Finally he shows them his sword lol and they agree to go but hiding behind the bushes, and when the bodyguard turns his back, he could not see Yeo Woo, we also notice that the gangster were not the only ones in the woods looking for Kang Chi

Gwan-woong men were so close to find Kang Chi ( I still do not know how Kang Chi thinks that Yeo Woo is a boy even after close skinship ) now he says if he did not know that he is a boy he would think that he's a girl as he looks pretty in close hahah the ship is sailing

Yeo Woo tells KC that villager men are looking for him to capture, with all her excitement she tells him that there were posters all around the village of him, and also they are rewarding money to the person who finds him. So he adds you were so busy of learning martial arts but yet you did not learn any martial arts.. oh Kang Chi, you seriously deserved a slap

With all his cheekiness he tells her that he keeps saving her from danger but she never thanks him, I wonder who is saving who :D they are perfect match for each other, one saves the other the one continuously, it's either Kang Chi or Yeo Woo..

Yes Kang Chi you are right it's becoming a habit, hahaha yes both of you made saving the other a habit, your ship already sailed you two just need to notice this.

While they were talking Kang Chi is still on top of Yeo Woo, and when the bodyguard comes he receives a blow :D yeah you gotta be careful with your position where you are standing my boy

I wonder what's gonna happen when KC finally realizes that YW is a girl and when he finally understands that he is in love with her, they are already not getting on well with the bodyguard and we know the bodyguard have special feelings for YW, that time they will be even more rivalvars

They are ready to fight and poor YW asking why do they always ready to fight, it is called being rivals 2 male lions won't stay in the same cage with a lioness.. One of the other starts the fight to capture the heart of the lioness

He was being stubborn and want to go back to inn but YW reminded him that everybody is looking for him, he says I want to kill someone either today or tomorrow that does not matter, but he also remembers what monk have told him, that if he stays quietly here for 10 more days, he will tell everything to him about his roots, why he was left to the river etc etc.

KC is telling the bodyguard that he is on his lucky day that he needs to be on his way.. umm really KC?

but we also see that he tells the monk that he is not interested on his family who abandoned him 20 years ago ( flashback)

The monk tells him even if your fate depends on this do you still do not want to know?

He tells the monk that he is just an abandoned child he never cared about this roots

YW shouts behind KC to stop him but the bodyguard says stop, you have done your best.

He tells the monk that he is just an abandoned child he never cared about this roots

He adds that he has a family to protect.

We returned to present and KC tells YW that he wanted to thank to her before he leaves.

YW shouts behind KC to stop him but the bodyguard says stop, you have done your best.

We see that KC is already in the inn, and remembering all the good days he had with his Lord and all the people

He starts crying when he sees the state of the inn now.

Gwan-woong's men came to took Chung-jo and her mother to sell her as a gisaeng and they are going to kill Tae So, they will send the rest of the residents as slaves to governmental officials

While CJ & TS says they won't accept this and they want to go for a trial, GW's men says you still do not understand the laws are under control who is in power.. (is not it the same today, the one who has got power can also control the law on whatever side they want )

And again the one who finds him is nobody but Yeo Wool herself or is it rather Kang Chi finds her while she is looking for Kang CHi

That bracelet was keeping him turning into Gumiho for 20 years.. The Monk was gonna tell him about his roots when he gets into his 20 that's my best guest.

I believe Tae Soe passed away in prison meanwhile we see GW talking to that police chief, telling him that KC will come here tonight, while I was wondering how does he know about it, I saw the gangster in his room

KC came to save CJ but she asks him to save TS first

KC tells her to wait for him, finally we hear Thank You from CJ...

I believe if KC was with CJ instead of YW, she would have report KC to officials like his mother did to his father...

SO it's a good thing that he is not going to be with her in the future. but we still do not know what sort of future waiting KC & YW, are they gonna have an happy ending or the same fate of his parents waiting for them? ( I have not read any reviews and recaps and not gonna spoil this one and ruin my excitement but I know ppl are still asking for S2 so I believe same sort of fate is awaiting them if fans are asking for S2 it means they did not have a happy ending or the ending is just not clear )

Kang C came to rescue his family and the residents of the inn,

KC tells his mother I came to save you please step on my back I will take you but that evil woman refuses. She tells him she better lives as a slave, prisoner, other than living hidden with this health.. ( stupid, brainless, mean

She tells KC to live and prove his father's innocence, that is why he came to rescue all of you.. also she adds please let your dad's soul rest in peace..

She finally asks him to protect his siblings, before those events when he gave his promise, you were telling him how could you believe someone's promise who may not be a human, what had changed now?

While KC is helping others to escape, they came face to face with the Joo Gwan's soldiers

He starts to fight with them with one of the Inn residents, but the asks KC to take TS and go.. He has personal matters to do with them and tells him take a good care of TS, that's the only way to honor Lord Park.

While all those things are happening KC is still caged in the horse carriage.

while they were hiding KC, TS, and one of the resident, a man approaches and asks if they need a hiding place, KC remains his silence but with a flashback we saw that he is one of the guys Lord Park helped moneywise, just that moment while someone was about to attack our YW helps KC with her arrows, and shots the man.

Oh KC still calls her as SIR, grrr I am growling here, R u that much dumb?

YW asks the old man to keep an to young master a couple of days and tells to KC that they need to distract the others
I do not think he knows the meaning of DAM hahaah

He holds YW arms and calls her hey DAM, erm Sir DAM, and she adds that he does not need to thank her :)))

Now he is facing few of Gwang's men, oh yes I can feel that moment is very close, the transformation..

One of the other men of Gwang's told the others to be able attack KC they need to get rid of the bracelet, as they believe he gets his strength from the bracelet, ( good good you continue thinking like that, you do not know that you are putting your hands into a bee's nest) So now they cut the bracelet.

Oh yes transformation is starting.

And Oh the yes same blue lights..

He finally transformed into a Gumiho and YW witnessed it..

That bracelet was keeping him turning into Gumiho for 20 years.. The Monk was gonna tell him about his roots when he gets into his 20 that's my best guest.

Just to correct one mistake Yeo W and her bodyguard not been sent to protect Kang Chi. they have been send to investigate the murders by Yi Sun-shin.
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W Episode 16
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Dec 19, 2016

"Unfulfilling Ending"

I did enjoy the lead actors. They did what best they could do with a horribly troubling script/plot.

Query me this: How can her father not exist simply because he is no longer required in the webtoon but Kang Chul can exist now outside of it even though he's just a cartoon character? Why does her father have to not exist in the real world? If he doesn't exist in the real read more world than she cannot exist either. He has to exist in one of the two places for any of this to be plausible... far worse than that is the idea that her father was somehow sacrificing himself. NO, he wasn't. He was just doing what he has done the entire drama, be a self-loathing, pathetic, weak human being who loves to wallow in his on depression of uselessness. He just finally gets the courage to do what he has wanted to do from the beginning: kill himself.

Although our main couple end up together, he was perfectly unsatisfying, because, to be honest, there was really no other plausible direction for the writer to take. No one would have been okay with a weak father like her's survive while Kang Chul ends. They storm MBC and burn down the building. ...I just think there was a solution just as legitimate that would have let everyone survive... but for some reason this writer enjoys the dreariness of melo.... It's really too bad, because this could have been so much more than this flat, uninspiring troupe that was laid out before us.
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