Koizora: The Movie Review

  • Jan 4, 2013 1 of 1 episodes seen 5 of 9 people found this review helpful
    • Overall  10
    • Story  10
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  10
    • Rewatch Value  10
    This is very sad so before you watch it make sure you have a box of tissues or a bucket for your tears!

    "Why am i putting myself through the pain of watching this?" you might ask yourself while you watch it through your tears, yet you carry on!

    Its a film about the fragility of life and the innocence of love.

    The acting is great, I can't fault it at all. Miura Haruma really stole the show for me (and not just because you can't stop looking at his BLEACH BLONDE hair)
    The music fits perfectly with each scene unlike some over J-films I have watched. Its very beautifully filmed and written (even though sometimes it can be so cheesy I visibly cringe).

    I would
    definatley recommend this film to anyone who enjoys romance movies.
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