Can We Get Married? Review

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    Right.. So this is my first review here. And I haven't written any reviews on anything in years (9-10 years), I use to be really good at it but now I'm probably below decent. I'm mainly writing it cause I was bored and I just finished this show.

    I started watching this show because I was running out of shows to pass time with. It's a good show, and from my experience pretty realistic. (By experience I don't technically mean myself. But more from watching and talking with other people and such.)

    The show goes on in a way that doesn't leave any "Oooh I wonder what'll happen now." or "Why did that happen?" kinda moments. You know more or less whats going to happen all
    the time because the story goes slowly and tells you whats going on with most of them at all times.

    The 3 oldest Hye Yoons mother and Jung Hoons mother were both really unreasonable. Although Hye Yoons mother wasn't so much in the last few episodes. Jung Hoons mother on the other hand was so bad in the last few episodes that I would have felt bad for her husband if I was capable of feeling bad for anyone that is. How she meant he had to either take her side or stay out of it like he wasn't entitled to his own opinion and how she treated Hye Yoons mom made her the most dislike-able character to me.

    The main couple were really cool at the start (couple cool, not cool cool not sure if you know what I mean...) but as the show went on I completely lost interest in them.

    I liked Dong Bis character a lot. I wouldn't watch the whole show again but all the parts with her I probably will. Her father was.. Lets just say if his wife didn't/doesn't cheat on him it's a miracle (unless shes dead.. Or left him. I don't remember if they even mentioned anything about her mother).

    At the start I though Ki Joon was a complete jerk. Although in the last episode the scene outside his restaurant, I pretty much fell in love with him.

    I didn't like the ending. At all. Too much missing between the last 2 scenes. And I don't see how it's Deul Jas' responsibility to take raise/take care of the child.

    Oh. And Sang Jin (lawyer and Hye Yoons ex) was hilarious.
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