Queen In Hyun's Man Review

  • Jan 5, 2013 16 of 16 episodes seen 3 of 4 people found this review helpful
    • Overall  10
    • Story  10
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  10
    • Rewatch Value  10
    When I finished this show, I was desperate. « Here it comes... Drama slumps... » How could anything be better than Queen In Hyun's Man ? Of course, I'm probably exaggerating, but still... This drama has this little thing. You know ? This little thing, this magical thing that changes everything.

    Firstly, the story line. Now, after rewatching it, I can say, there are a few flaws. But I really enjoyed the way they used time-travel. The idea of the talisman was pretty much original and, surprinsgly, quite believable. I also liked the fact that the past could influence the future. Twists were enjoyable, unexpected, and made me tremble.

    But honestly, the key point of this drama is definitely the romance. Waaw... AWESOME. Such a chemistry,
    my little heart couldn't handle it. I fell for it. Completely. From the beginning to the end. It made me cry, smile from ear to ear. Oh yeah, I smiled so much. You see, for once in awhile, everything is simple. That was sooo great ! She loves him. He loves her. No exasperating dilemmas, nor endless tears. Surely, I love Korean Dramas, but I get sick sometimes of all the... well, all the drama. Queen In Hyun's Man... The romance is just adorable. And the kisses, oh my queen, best kisses ever. Believe me, you'll fall completely for the story of this two beautiful souls that not even the gap of time could separate.

    And did you know ? The actors are actually dating in real life. I usually really hate all the gossip around a drama, but here, it just made me melt.

    The actors, then. I have a crush on Yoo In Na. For the first time, I prefer the girl. She's amazingly beautiful, and makes her character extremely lovable. But I also loved Ji Hyun Woo as Kim Boong Do. The perfect man. Totally. Handsome, smart, funny in his own way, everything, everything is perfect about him. They are great actors, I truly think they are. And keep an eye on Yoo In Na.

    The others characters, even so I didn't talk much about them, are also very good. I especially liked the "rival", Kim Jin woo as Hang Dong Min. He was funny, and he managed the feat to never be really annoying. I give him a total ten. The manager was a great character as well. Funny, caring and straightforward.

    I still have a lot to say but I'll end up here this long review. Queen In Hyun's Man is a must-watch. I was reluctant at first, and found myself totally grasped at the end of the first episode. Me, who never, absolutely never rewatch a drama, I already watched this one twice.

    You like romance ? You like to smile and you're sick of complicated relationships ? You should watch this. This beautiful ovni.
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