A Million Review

  • Jan 6, 2013 1 of 1 episodes seen 4 of 4 people found this review helpful
    • Overall  8
    • Story  7
    • Acting/Cast  9
    • Music  5
    • Rewatch Value  10
    I decided watching this movie because of Lee Min Ki and Shin Min Ah...they were the only ones I knew from the cast list.I wasn't expecting much.

    The STORY isn't something new...some unbeliveble survival contest with 8 people who love money or need it desperately.I really didn't think much of it...just a movie so I an make time move faster.
    This is were The CAST enters.The acting was great in my opinion.Park Hee Soon was amazing....he made me tremble for 55 minutes.The actors did a great thing in entering their characters feelings and emotions and I was really caught in Lee Min Ki and Jung Yu Mi relethionship.It was so twisted and heartbreaking...once again you discover how important your own life is.
    The MUSIC was nothing
    special...I barely remember it...but this kind of film doesn't need movie because the scenes are strange and complicated enough.So I really didn't need any kind of music to enjoy it.
    I would totally REWATCH this movie!It was so interesting and emotional that I'm sure I won't get bored from it.

    This movie tells a story that uncoveres the fact that anyone, I mean ANYONE, can turn crazy because of things that happened in his life.
    I can't say that this is one of my favorite movies but I can assure you that is worth watching...if you want something phisological and action packed.
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