Bad Guy Review

  • Jan 6, 2013 17 of 17 episodes seen 4 of 4 people found this review helpful
    • Overall  9
    • Story  8
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  10
    • Rewatch Value  7
    Let's face the fact: I've started watching "Bad Guy" solely for Kim Jae Wook. Khire, I am shameless Jae Wook Fan! And also knowing that it has a sad ending intrigued me, I am a sucker for such.

    When I first saw the male lead, Hmmm, well I never liked 'here but barely there' mustache, but he seemed to pull it of. The story, I can't say it's unique but it has enough juice to grab hold of you. I was really scared when the story moved to Japan because whenever a Kdrama is shot overseas, it's plain horrible - be it awful foreign cast, extras, never mind the accent. But the part in Japan was flawless, and I knew I wasn't watching it for KJW
    any more.

    The casting was spot on, everyone fit their role and I met my first Korean girl crush - Han Ga In! The story, ah well, I liked it, there was some plot holes here and there but I loved the way it ended.

    KJW, you are awesome! Please forgive me for chanting "Kim Nam Gil,Kim Nam Gil" at some points!
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