The King of Dramas Review

  • Jan 7, 2013 18 of 18 episodes seen 32 of 34 people found this review helpful
    • Overall  10
    • Story  10
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  10
    • Rewatch Value  10
    Want to discover the world all MDLers are connected with? Watch King of Dramas—The Ultimate Drama-within-a-Drama for us drama-addicts. Indeed, it was an extreme remark, but what can I do? I love this drama to pieces.

    Story: Basically, the plot will give you a parody about behind-the-scenes of drama-making and a man who will conquer everything for the sake of his ambition. The story isn’t really life-changing but it is certainly highly influential and enlightening in my case--at least on how drama production works. Yes , it’s supposed to be fiction but watching this one and at same time hearing news about real life drama made me wonder if in reality what was happening here is based on real life-drama filming experience.

    I love the writing—
    Simple yet has a refreshingly engrossing storytelling and it managed to combine right amount of angst, romance, huge dose of comedy while handling issues about ratings, writer and director difficulties, financial problems, sponsorships, actor- behaviors and even extras. Of course, KoD is still a drama, there is a main story going on and I can guarantee that this one gives no dull moments. Intense and fast-paced, you’ll realize what I’m talking about if you try now and watch the first episode. Since KoD satirizes drama-making, it’s only natural for it to be funny, and if I may add, it is enjoyably hilarious in almost every episode. Comedy-wise, it’s a genuine masterpiece for me. Romance is subtle yet touching at first and tends to develop later which makes it more believable and truly romantic—not the usual wrist grabbing can determine the person you love. Did I mention a lot of anti-cliches here? Well, It has. And I love every bit of it! The ending was lovely and very satisfying for my taste.

    Cast/Acting: Another thing to love about this drama was the evident character development on the main casts. In the end I have no choice but to love all of them. When I first watched this, I had known little of the casts and it was a great surprise watching all of them. Kim Myung Min also played stellar performance, the character change is very convincing on his part. He is amazing that he can take full control of his facial muscles while conveying the right expressions on his role. I love the strict, straightforward Representative with a sexy voice. Yes, I have to add that, lol. Jung Ryeo Won’s character is loveable-simple yet strong and determined. Her expressions are adorable. Their chemistry was noticeable just with their eyes and gestures, oh well, it comes with the leads personality, that’s why it’s like that—at first. The chemistry was wonderful, with just their gazes alone, I’m melting; Anthony Kim-Lee Go Eun has just become one of my top OTP’s this year. The biggest revelation, I credit it to Si Won—He is simply a truly great actor here. At first it was all funny just because it innates from his personality and self-love, then his expressions, his eyes, and then it comes a time that just his presence evokes hilarity. That’s how funny he is. Min Ah’s character is annoying at first but becomes likeable later on. World’s boys, who wouldn’t love them? Let me join your group! Tehe-

    Music: Blind for Love, Keep In Your Heart and Tuesday Song are memorable OST’s for me, now another fave added. Even the instrumentals were catchy.

    Rewatch Value: 10 because I rewatched some episodes already while waiting for the new one.

    Overall: If a true drama lover runs in your veins, I believe you should watch this!—err, scratch that, I mean you would appreciate, relate and enjoy this refreshing, funny, one-of-a-kind drama as much as I did. :P
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