200 Pounds Beauty Review

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    By speaking highly of Hannah's deeds of getting plastic surgery, which is indeed courageous, this film really disgusted me. What is wrong with Hannah in the first place? Yes she is fat, excuse me for saying that. But she did sing well. all she did was getting surgery, and she earned applause by speaking up. HOWEVER, she is already pretty, which is why audiences love her in the end. I doubt would she get so many compliments if she didn't get the surgery? shooting such a film is telling you that even with talents, you will NOT be appreciated if you are ugly. You should get plastic surgery, AND THEN you would be appreciated. How sad.

    Although Koreans are very explicit on the importance of having
    good looks, which seems superficial but is actually true in our subconscious mind, this film seems to support plastic surgury and hence downgrading women's social status.

    Korean society's view on beauty is a double edged sword. On the one hand, Koreans illuminated the air headed me which used to believe in baloney such as "don't need to value appearance too much, inner beauty is important". HAHA. Bull -_- Appearance is very important.

    On the other hand, this pressure to get each part of their bodies beautiful is an obsessive compulsive disorder. Reading articles that compliment female celebrities on their skinniness which elevated their beauty to qualities that viewers should ADMIRE, forcing girls to either feel like they are an unappreciated and ugly piece of $h!t or need to get surgery right away. Korean beauty standards are set in stone: pale and clear skin, big eyes with double eyelids, high noses, square shoulders in men's case...

    To look at this positively, I'm thankful that Koreans made me understand that I should do whatever I can to be beautiful(I won't do plastic surgery though). Also, I'm glad that I am not a girl from Korea, and I won't be under so much pressure.
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