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Korean Drama - 2016

Lee Yeong Oh, who is a genius neurosurgeon, is the best at what he does but because of an accident in his frontal lobe, he lacks sympathy for his patients and has erratic personalities. When a series of bizarre patient deaths occur at the hospital, police investigators converge around Yeong Oh. Rookie…

14 Episodes
  • 8.5
Chinese Drama - 2012

Set in 1930s Shanghai, this legendary tale depicts how Zhang Lian Xin, born as a lowly maid, breaks through the chains of destiny in the midst of China's war with Japan. While pursuing freedom and love, Lian Xin becomes a pawn in Zhang Wen Jin's plans to overthrow his father, and along with Chong Yang,…

44 Episodes
  • 7.4
Chinese Drama - 2015


38 Episodes
  • --
Korean Drama - 2015

A 10 billion won insurance murder case causes Oh Ha Naui to lose everything. She sets out to take revenge upon Chun Mi Ja who caused her misfortune.

100 Episodes
  • 7.2
Korean Drama - 1997

The story of the people who know how to embrace each other and live life, set in a night club.

64 Episodes
  • 8.0
Hong Kong Drama - 2009

Foolhardy Tiger Wong is annoyed with his mother Lau Bing Tai for consistently pressuring him to get married. He therefore snatches Chow Man Bun who is in female disguise to be his bride and arranges for Bun to stay at his younger sister Wong Sau Ying's chamber for the night. After this, Tiger has no…

21 Episodes
  • 6.3
Hong Kong Drama - 2007

Yip Yeung (Benny Chan) is interested in knowing the future with the use of diagrams,"tui bei tu", passed on from the past. These diagrams have the ability to predict future events so that readers can find luck or escape tragedy. Yuen Hei (Steven Ma) tricks Yip Yeung into buying fake diagrams he had…

20 Episodes
  • 6.6
Hong Kong Drama - 2013

The ruthless Fong Chi Lik suffers from congestive heart failure, and was fortunate to have good-hearted Yiu Yat San donate his heart to him. After the change of heart surgery, this evil man's personality changed drastically. When he recovered, he suddenly turned into a nice man. When Lik discovered…

30 Episodes
  • 7.3
Thai Drama - 2017


31 Episodes
  • --
Taiwanese Drama - 2002

The empire of Tang has enjoyed a hundred years of prosperity since its founding. However, calamities and dangers nearly always lurk within affluent times. Famous Taoist sect, Xuan Xin Zhen Zong's forefather once discovered a huge stone cave in the deep mountain range, in the cave was a stone tablet…

40 Episodes
  • 7.5
Chinese Drama - 2017


40 Episodes
  • --
Hong Kong Drama - 2009

Chor Chi (Ron Ng) and his father, Chor Fan (Sunny Chan), depend on each other for a living. After graduating from university, Chi becomes a public relations officer at a tobacco company. He completes his tasks well and gets promoted rapidly, becoming part of the young professionals group. Chi depends…

21 Episodes
  • 7.0
Chinese Drama - 2013

The daughter of a real estate mogul Xia Wan Qing, has seemingly no way of retreating after a friend's betrayal and her boyfriend backing out of their wedding. Fortunately, she's saved by business genius Qiao Jin Fan. Jin Fan is a "playboy" and the future successor for Qiao corporation. He extends an…

46 Episodes
  • 7.6
Taiwanese Special - 2013

A man returned home from years on the run to find his wife had died of cancer and his son gotten a divorce after his grandson's birth. The once mighty gangster ended up living in a nursing home in his old age. In the nursing home he found warmth and love of a younger woman. As he tried to break the…

1 Episodes
  • --

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