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Japanese Drama - 2012

The drama separately follows the love lives of two very different women, both played by Sawajiri. “L” is a cool working woman who shies away from love, while “M” is pure and cute but can be a little devilish when it comes to men.

12 Episodes
  • 6.5
Hong Kong Drama - 2012

Big brother KWAN KA ON (Michael Miu) is an interior designer and his wife SZE LONG KIU (Sonija Kwok) is a modern housewife. The couple had always only hoped for a peaceful family, but because ON had to rescue second brother KWAN KA HONG (Oscar Leung) and help him get through the troubles of his failed…

30 Episodes
  • 6.7
Korean Special - 2015

A man and a woman from two different worlds discover they can share their hearts in Korea! Ai Ling and Min Guk have very different views of Korea. Although they see the same places and the same events, they each paint a totally different picture.

3 Episodes
  • 6.4
Korean Drama - 1995

This sitcom deals with the joys and sorrows in the lives of Korean-Americans living in Los Angeles, America.

265 Episodes
  • --
Korean Drama - 2008

The drama about a man who commits suicide. A detective tries to solve the case and figure what really happened. The drama goes back in time to six months before the man, Lee Joon Soo, committed suicide. Yoon Hye Jin and Ha Dong Won's marriage is on the rocks. Though they have two daughters together,…

24 Episodes
  • 7.3
Hong Kong Drama - 2006

There are three pairs of couples and their roles highlight the roles of women in modern society: Chai Foon (Raymond Lam) and Ko Chi-Ling (Melissa Ng) - Chai Foon has been in love with his tutor, Ling, since he was 11 and she was 18. They depict the problems of overcoming a seven year age gap in traditional…

22 Episodes
  • 6.7
Taiwanese Drama - 2016

San Francisco, 1980. As 72-year-old Guo Xue Hu reminisces about her hometown, Dadaocheng, a young man walks towards her from afar. It is Xin Xong, Yi An's son. He has brought a letter from Yi An, a letter addressed to her. She learns that Yi An had already passed away last year. Xue Hu tells Xin Xong…

22 Episodes
  • --
Thai Drama - 2007

Korakot Benjarong came back from the USA immediately after hearing about the death of Dr. Krai Benjarong, his father. On the first day he arrived Thailand, Lord Autthawatee, the family’s lawyer, informed him about the will that his father had prepared. The condition in the will stated that he would…

  • 9.0
Thai Drama - 2017


  • --
Taiwanese Drama - 2004

It was with much difficulty that Ai Qing was able to save enough money and arrive in her dream place, Paris. As a result, she was extremely happy about this. At the same time, Zi Hao is also in Paris receiving an international fashion award, the grand prize. They both got into a big argument at a small…

19 Episodes
  • 6.8
Thai Drama - 2013

Synopsis needed.

27 Episodes
  • --
Chinese Drama - 2015

The play tells the story of a group of "little people" in the realization of "big dream" in the process of both absurd and bizarre comedy story.

35 Episodes
  • --
Korean Drama - 2014

Jung Im lives an ordinary life as a wife and mother. Her ordinary life comes to a halt when her friend has an affair with her husband and she loses her daughter So Yoon.

140 Episodes
  • 6.8
Korean Drama - 2001

This drama depicts the in-fighting between women in the palace from the reign of Jungjong to Injong, particularly the power struggle featuring Queen Mun Jung and Jung Nan Jung, her sister-in-law, and the way they pulled the strings behind the scenes.

151 Episodes
  • 9.0

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