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Thai Drama - 2016

O-negative drama is remake for O-negative movie (1998). It is the story about of five friends loved the decorative arts.

26 Episodes
  • 8.9
Japanese Drama - 2012

In the year 2141, Japan successfully builds a basic time machine that can send data to the past. However, an evil organization further develops the technology, making it possible to send objects back in time as well. The organization begins a plan to send 5 terrorists back to the year 2012 in order…

4 Episodes
  • 6.5
Korean Special - 2003

The three-episode wartime drama lays out a heart-wrenching tale of love and betrayal back-dropped by a very important period in modern Korean history, spanning from the Japanese Occupation of the 1940s to the American Occupation of postwar Korea. Song Il Guk gives a moving performance as a hot-blooded…

3 Episodes
  • 7.6
Taiwanese Drama - 2016

Three men with completely different personalities live together under one roof, enjoying their life with no true responsibilities. That is until one day a girl happens to accidentally move in with them. From then on everything changes and thus begins their days as an "oppa"...

6 Episodes
  • --
Chinese Drama - 2014


42 Episodes
  • 9.3
Korean Drama - 2010

The drama depicts the difficult decisions and moving human stories that take place daily in the OB-GYN department, focusing in particular on Seo Hye Young, a talented and determined obstetrician who has just transferred from the prestigious Seoul base to the branch hospital. Her straightforward manner…

16 Episodes
  • 7.7
Japanese Special - 1998

The series follows the early years of Japanese warlord hero Oda Nobunaga in the 16th century. As a young man Oda was not seen as the right heir to the Oda clan, but through a masterful political marriage arranged by his father, Oda Nobunaga not only gained influence, he also became the daimyo who joined…

1 Episodes
  • 7.6
Japanese Drama - 2017

Kind-hearted Oda Nobuo is a minor feudal lord and head of the fictitious Oda clan during the Sengoku Period at the time when Oda Nobunaga anticipated that he would unify the country. He lives cozily, conscious of the hero with a similar name. While Nobuo speaks of unification, it is mere lip service.…

4 Episodes
  • 8.0
Japanese Special - 2008


1 Episodes
  • --
Taiwanese Drama - 2011

Kai Ying Tai is the heir of a wealthy family. His dream is to become a famous writer, but such a career path does not correspond with his father. Ying Tai leaves home in order to pursue his dreams. Looking for inspiration for a new book, the boy meets Huai Zhen, who by mistake accuses him of murder.…

21 Episodes
  • 6.6
Chinese Drama - 2017

Shi Qing and his wife have two sons. The younger son Shi Zhong Jian was killed by a vile woman who was obsessed with Shi Qing. Because of the loss of a child, the eldest son Shi Zhong Yu was raised coddled and spoiled by his mother. Left with no choice, Shi Qing sends his son away hoping that he will…

32 Episodes
  • 8.8
Chinese Drama - 2016

Five women live on the 22 floor of the same apartment. Different in personalities they each have their own struggles in their career, family and love life. As they get to know each other and journey through the struggles of living in Shanghai, they each undergo a transformation.

42 Episodes
  • 8.4
Chinese Drama - 2017

Who will Andy end up with? Will Fang Sheng Mei finally be happy? Will Qu Xiao Xiao and Zhao Qi Ping end up together? Will Qiu Ying Ying and Yi Qing be in a relationship?

55 Episodes
  • 8.6
Chinese Drama - 2019


50 Episodes
  • --

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