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Japanese Drama - 2001

An inspiring human drama that boldly captures "what" is important for a mere individual to survive in a confusingly diversified time of age. In Japan, crime rates among seventeen years old high school students are increasing year by year, and "seventeen years old" are often referred to as the most difficult…

12 Episodes
  • 7.0
Thai Drama - 2000

Ya returns to Thailand to attend her sister Kae's wedding, only to find out that the bride was stood up on her wedding day, and the groom is nowhere to be found. This broke Kae's heart and she runs away. Ya and her younger brother desperately search for their sister. Meanwhile, Ya had a few run-ins…

10 Episodes
  • 7.0
Thai Drama - 2017

N'ek's father frames Pra'ek's father for murder and has him arrested. Years later, the Pra'ek wants revenge on the N'ek's family. He starts by seducing the N'ek's sister, then abandoning her on their wedding day, embarrassing her and the family in front of guests. So, the N'ek's sister runs away feeling…

  • --
Thai Drama - 2012

It explores the idea of a powerful ancient box that could make your deepest desires come true. Much like a genie indebted to you, this “glong raak boon”- this box of holy source- asks you to repay with three deeds, and upon successful completion, it will grant your greatest wish.

11 Episodes
  • 7.8
Thai Drama - 2014

After the mysterious death of Pisai, Jetiya begins to investigate due to pleading from Pisai. Everyone suspects Prim’s father, but there is no solid evidence. The lack of evidence allows Prim’s father to walk freely. While investigating Jetiya finds out that Prim’s father went to visit his friend…

11 Episodes
  • 7.6
Japanese Drama - 2017

This story is based on the Twitter account of a love hotel employee who goes by "Ueno" and instructs others in the ways of love. Ueno, a Gotanda Kingdom love hotel employee, appears in front of men who have trouble with love and sex and lectures them on how to lure women to the hotel.

12 Episodes
  • 7.4
Japanese Drama - 2017

Ueno works at Gotanda Kingdom, a love hotel in Gotanda, Tokyo. It is an environment where it is easy for human nature to be laid bare and he usually hides and is discrete for customers’ sake. However, Ueno objectively sees the true feelings of men and women who have difficulty understanding each other…

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Thai Drama - 2010

Mei is a good person, but does not act like a good girl. She will shake her tush or show off her cleavage to succeed in the Thai entertainment industry. Her image is of a sexy tough girl. However, she is a just a poor girl trying to make it big, so that she can take care of her mother and younger siblings.…

16 Episodes
  • 7.0
Thai Drama - 2012


30 Episodes
  • 1.0
Thai Drama - 2017

This lakorn is about the main girl and her parents who were very poor whom lived in the countryside of Thailand. They were always being threaten by debt collector gangs. One day the gang collector was beating up the father so much in the head that he eventually went blind. The mother made a decision…

21 Episodes
  • 8.0
Hong Kong Drama - 1993


40 Episodes
  • 6.8
Korean Drama - 2017

Ho Won is a young woman who struggles to find a steady job. Tired and hopeless, she attempted suicide. Hospital check-up discovers she might have terminal illness. Soon after, a furniture company accepts her as a contract worker. Faced with a possibility of dying, Ho Won decides to just let herself…

16 Episodes
  • 7.7
Japanese Special - 2013

Radio (NHK Drama Special, Winter 2013) takes place in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, one of the many coastal towns that were devastated during the 2011 Great Tohoku Disaster. "Onagawa Saigai (Disaster) FM", a provisional radio station, was set up to give valuable information and cheer to members of its…

1 Episodes
  • 7.3
Korean Special - 2004

Hyun Duk, a girl from the upper middle class, meets Gak Doo, a handsome but lowly servant. The two find themselves falling in love at first sight, but soon realizes the impossibility of their situation; they live in an era in which a gap between social positions as wide as theirs cannot be bridged.…

2 Episodes
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