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Korean Drama - 2014

SOS Please Help Me is a Korean rendition of the popular 2001 Japanese TV drama Strawberry on the Shortcake.

12 Episodes
  • 9.8
Japanese Drama - 2014

The NPS (National Police Safetyrescue) was formed to combat extreme crimes like terrorism, which is beyond the scope of the ordinary police force. Their purpose is to catch criminals alive. The elite members in the police organization formed NPS to strengthen the authority of SAT (Special Assault Team).…

10 Episodes
  • 7.7
Korean Drama - 2007

The drama is based on the historical background of King Sejo (1455-68) and the six loyal subjects, known as “sayuksin.” The story tells the tale of six royal officals of the court who try to help restore Danjong of Joseon to power and fight against the coup led by Sejo of Joseon. It is a story of…

24 Episodes
  • --
Japanese Drama - 2012

The story revolves around the 38-year-old Usa Shijimi (Watanabe), who is a high school classical literature teacher. Her students are mean to her, but they don’t realize that she has another identity. Outside school, she lies about her age to be active as the super popular 17-year-old idol Watanabe…

12 Episodes
  • 7.0
Japanese Drama - 2017

Ametani Kantarou is a handsome, bespectacled bachelor who works at a publishing company. His colleagues perceive him as a quick and efficient worker that everyone can trust, but in reality he always plays hooky and goes to eat sweets. ~~Based on the manga "Saboriman Ametani Kantarou" by Tensei Hagiwara…

  • --
Japanese Special - 2015

Nakayama Sachi was abandoned by her mother Yumi when she was 5 years old and grew up at an orphanage. Now that she has turned 20, she works a part-time job late night at a supermarket which opens 24 hours. Besides that, drawing pictures is her only emotional refuge. One day, Sachi is accosted by one…

1 Episodes
  • --
Chinese Drama - 2016


35 Episodes
  • 7.0
Korean Drama - 2005

This is a story about the unconditional and all-forgiving love of four brothers who after years of fighting and hatred pull together and reconcile to revive their father's business. The four brothers, each representing different generations, symbolize ordinary people living in today's world: Han Sung-jae,…

50 Episodes
  • 7.0
Korean Drama - 2005

Sad Sonata is a love story about two men and one woman. The young Joon-young, who was raised by his mother who sold liquor to American soldiers, met the blind Hae-in and they became childhood sweethearts. Then, Hae-in immigrated to the U.S. following her aunt and her uncle[American soldier that married…

20 Episodes
  • 7.9
Korean Special - 1999


1 Episodes
  • 7.8
Thai Drama - 2006

This drama is the story about Pimjun and Krit, mother and son, who lived their lives as con artist. They had cheated many greedy and wealthy people for many years. But the police couldn't have arrested them. All the time, Krit wanted to get out of this way of life but Pimjun did not. One day, both he…

12 Episodes
  • 7.8
Hong Kong Drama - 2006

The story revolves around the Wui Yau Safeguard Agency, which is the most prominent safeguard and escort agency in Hangzhou. However, the agency was discovered to be close to bankruptcy, due to financial mismanagement. Together with his four sons, the patriarch of the family, Sheung Ching-Tong (Samuel…

25 Episodes
  • 7.0
Chinese Drama - 2017

This drama depicts the life of the famous Calligrapher, Wang Xi Zhi.

40 Episodes
  • --
Thai Drama - 2012

Somwang witnesses the murder of a rich lady, and the murderer tries to silence her. Luckily, she escapes the hit-man. For protection, the police officials send her to the countryside to go into hiding. They enlist officer Kularb as her bodyguard. In the countryside, she works for the pra'ek's, Saifah,…

27 Episodes
  • --

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