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  • Rooftop Prince
    Written by JADE1300 47 minutes ago
    i heard this drama was good, but I never knew how GOOD it really was. This drama is a MUST SEE, it is that good. The "Fish Out of Water" story line is wonderful and often… read more
  • W no Higeki
    Written by vpacheco07 1 hour ago
    STORY: I love the twist ending at the end, it really ties in the theme of the show. I feel like maybe some people are missing the whole point of the drama. I thought it was great because… read more
  • Triangle
    Written by purplenette 5 hours ago
    So, this drama is pretty much a typical revenge type drama. I thought with the triangle brother twist that it would be better. The writing and character development is consistent and… read more
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Both Lakorns are about twins and the consequences that happen when a man is left by the twin he loves which leads to a case of mistaken identity when he meets the other twin.
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it's about getting revenge from your Ex, but here, it's the male lead getting back at his runaway bride
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Both dramas have main leads crazy about food and how they enjoy food !
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