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  • You Who Came from the Stars
    Written by myriiz 3 hours ago
    Was planing on watching this drama after hearing so much about it and finally ended up seeing it last week! And wow I got stuck at the first episode, I saw the whole drama in 3 days… read more
  • A Good Day
    Written by Zhaoul 6 hours ago
    The cinematography is breathtaking. The scenery is lovely and it’s filmed so artfully and has such a rich a lovely feel to it. So Ji Sub’s character seems like a pretty normal… read more
  • Incomplete Life
    Written by supalove 6 hours ago
    This drama was flawless in every way possible. From the cast to the crew, every single aspect of this drama was on point. The audience found themselves supporting Jang Geu Rae throughout… read more
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Both leading actors and actresses give off the same vibe. Similar timid, innocent girl and arrogant, workaholic, obsessive heir. Even the development of the story and the relationship between the main actors and actresses are very similar.
Recommended by Grayarrow
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Both are love stories about a top star and a regular girl. Also in both stories the male lead uses another girl to try to make his childhood love upset. But in Jai Rao the female lead is his childhood love.
Recommended by meganjoy12
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The road home is a better drama to me but they do have a similar feel maybe because they are family dramas lol