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  • Kamen Rider Wizard
    Written by platinumSKIES 3 hours ago
    When Kamen Rider Wizard was first announced, it was touted as a story filled with magic and more mature themes. With the writer behind Hibiki stepping in as show writer, it was supposed… read more
  • Shinikare
    Written by Kina Lee 21 hours ago
    it's my favorite drama!!! it so cute how the two of them love each other<33333 read more
  • Mozu Season 2 - Maboroshi no Tsubasa
    Written by Cheer 1 day ago
    After being partially disappointed with the first season, I didn’t hold much hope for the second one. I was absolutely right with my judgment, Mozu Maraboshi no Tsubasa didn’t… read more
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Both leading actors and actresses give off the same vibe. Similar timid, innocent girl and arrogant, workaholic, obsessive heir. Even the development of the story and the relationship between the main actors and actresses are very similar.
Recommended by Grayarrow
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Both are love stories about a top star and a regular girl. Also in both stories the male lead uses another girl to try to make his childhood love upset. But in Jai Rao the female lead is his childhood love.
Recommended by meganjoy12
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The road home is a better drama to me but they do have a similar feel maybe because they are family dramas lol