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  • Saka no Ue no Kumo
    Written by mysecretsoul 55 minutes ago
    “A very small country is about to become a civilized nation.” Each episode of Saka no Ue no Kumo (“Clouds Above the Slope”) opens with these optimistic words. An NHK special,… read more
  • Lost Days
    Written by Lor 4 hours ago
    This drama started off with a lot of potential! It was a bit cliche in terms of plot at the start but not in an unenjoyable way. The cast is very very good and the music is by far… read more
  • High School - Love On
    Written by StrawberrySugar 6 hours ago
    I will definitely not be changing my mind about this rating! Even tho this drama hasn't finished yet. It is truly a brilliant work or art! It's funny, sweet and can have you sitting… read more
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Both leading actors and actresses give off the same vibe. Similar timid, innocent girl and arrogant, workaholic, obsessive heir. Even the development of the story and the relationship between the main actors and actresses are very similar.
Recommended by Grayarrow
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Both are love stories about a top star and a regular girl. Also in both stories the male lead uses another girl to try to make his childhood love upset. But in Jai Rao the female lead is his childhood love.
Recommended by meganjoy12
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The road home is a better drama to me but they do have a similar feel maybe because they are family dramas lol