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  • I Hear Your Voice
    Written by Bluelily 5 hours ago
    Oh wow, it's not easy finding the right words to describe my feelings during this drama - it was like an emotional chaos from beginning to end, switching back and forth between breathless… read more
  • You're All Surrounded
    Written by hakuna_matata 8 hours ago
    I was so excited when I watched the trailer of this show, and the first 12 episodes were really up to my expectations. The producer started off this drama well, with many areas explained… read more
  • Protect the Boss
    Written by cowgirl35 10 hours ago
    I loved the first six episodes, the characters had charm and each was unique, the chemistry between the leads was strong and it had all the potential of becoming a great romantic comedy.… read more
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Both Lakorns are about twins and the consequences that happen when a man is left by the twin he loves which leads to a case of mistaken identity when he meets the other twin.
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it's about getting revenge from your Ex, but here, it's the male lead getting back at his runaway bride
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Both dramas have main leads crazy about food and how they enjoy food !
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