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  • Soredemo, Ikite Yuku
    Written by DragonAlien 4 hours ago
    If there is a score 100 for acting, I would definitely give it here. To Eita, Hikari and Kazama. They were OH MY GOD. I see this kind of acting very rarely or should I say almost never.… read more
  • One Fine Day
    Written by WonByungHoon 9 hours ago
    I only seriously watched this coz of gong yoo only. i love this guy ever since cofee prince. The story is great but the acting was lacking a bit. I could swear haneul is related to… read more
  • Odd Perfect Match
    Written by Draagon 13 hours ago
    This drama was personally painful to get through for more reasons than one. I decided to watch it because its plot reminded me of In Between, another drama about a novelist whose writing… read more
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it's about getting revenge from your Ex, but here, it's the male lead getting back at his runaway bride
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