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  • 49 Days
    Written by KoriNeko18 15 hours ago
    First off, I can already tell a ton of people hated this drama for the ending. Even with that said, watch it. 49 Days was a drama unlike any other I've seen (but then again, maybe… read more
  • Tenchuu-Yami no Shiokinin
    Written by MysteryMel 21 hours ago
    Finally finished this series and well worth the wait. This jdrama is about a time travelled female ninja partnered with granny, teacher, thief & cross dressing bar keep to fight… read more
  • The Heirs
    Written by Paul 1 day ago
    I really enjoyed this drama and thought the acting by the three main characters was excellent. While the main plot, rejection of lower class girl by guys wealthy family, isn't unique… read more
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Both Lakorns are about twins and the consequences that happen when a man is left by the twin he loves which leads to a case of mistaken identity when he meets the other twin.
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it's about getting revenge from your Ex, but here, it's the male lead getting back at his runaway bride
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Both dramas have main leads crazy about food and how they enjoy food !
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