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  • Queen of Mystery
    Written by All_In 6 hours ago
    Queen of Mystery (Mystery Queen) is a mixed genre Korean drama with slice of life/mystery/thriller/comedic elements that overall I found to be a satisfying though sometimes uneven… read more
  • Another Miss Oh
    Written by RandomShell 7 hours ago
    4.5/10... ...Because 18 episodes felt like 50 If you've read my reviews before then you know I'm a major binge watcher but this Kdrama was purely unbingable! When I first started this… read more
  • Make It Right 2: The Series
    Written by Sword Sword 8 hours ago
    Sorry to all, but it seems that I'm the only one who doesn't like the pairing of the two lead couple Fuse and Tee. The rest is good. It has nothing to do with the story of these two… read more
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Both leading actors and actresses give off the same vibe. Similar timid, innocent girl and arrogant, workaholic, obsessive heir. Even the development of the story and the relationship between the main actors and actresses are very similar.
Recommended by Grayarrow
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Both are love stories about a top star and a regular girl. Also in both stories the male lead uses another girl to try to make his childhood love upset. But in Jai Rao the female lead is his childhood love.
Recommended by meganjoy12
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The road home is a better drama to me but they do have a similar feel maybe because they are family dramas lol