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Japanese Special - 2017

It has been two years since Sagenya Machi and Yashiro Hajime left Teiko Real Estate’s Shinjuku office. Sales at the office, which is now led by Fuse Makoto, have been sluggish because of the rise of a rival and the office is on the verge of closing down. Niwano Seiji visits Machi who has become the…

1 Episodes
  • 8.6
Thai Drama - 2017

Gun's fiancee dies in an accident right before their wedding leaving a message in which she blames Khun Kawin for her death. Pim is a famous star and Kawin's fiancee. Gun plans to revenge while presuming the identity of Pim's bodyguard but he slowly finds himself falling for Pim.

17 Episodes
  • 7.7
Chinese Drama - 2017

It didn’t quite go as he had hoped. A Zhai is a typical otaku who is obsessively in love with the most beautiful girl in school, Penny, but he lacks the courage and social skills to do anything about it. When he discovers a technology that brings him a robot companion from the future, he accidentally…

16 Episodes
  • 7.5
Taiwanese Drama - 2017


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Korean Drama - 2017

Story about a group of people who get together to overcome their pain of having lost their loved ones to crime.

32 Episodes
  • 8.5
Korean Drama - 2017

Ko Dong Man used to practice taekwondo back in the school days and now he makes a living as a contract employee, while going after the UFC title. On the other hand, Choi Ae Ra gave up her dream of becoming an announcer and she works at the information desk of a department store. This is the love story…

16 Episodes
  • 8.7
Korean Drama - 2017

Taking place in both the present year 2017 and in the year 2037, when people believe that their future depends on humans controlling and regulating their emotions, this drama is a sci-fi mystery. When alien visitors arrive on Earth, humans learn new skills from them and take advantage of them; what…

12 Episodes
  • 8.6
Chinese Drama - 2017

This is the story of a single mom, her HIV-positive daughter and a doctor that walks into their lives. Li Xiao Han is the comely single mom whose angelic little girl unknowingly contracts HIV. An Jie Luo is an accomplished doctor who loses his girlfriend to a terminal illness and then goes looking for…

30 Episodes
  • 8.3
Thai Drama - 2017

Theppanya High School has an underdog volleyball team that reached the final round of Thailand's biggest competition last year, but eventually lost to old champion St. Sebastian High. From the disappointment, the team makes a promise to return and win this year. However, Singha, the ace of the team,…

8 Episodes
  • 9.3
Thai Drama - 2017

Nantisa knows as a runner and thinker which is the cause of her misunderstanding towards p'ek, because every time she saw p'ek with n'rai, his gay friend or others gays, she would think that he is with them and would like to run the problem and think by herself this and that rather than go talk to him.…

7 Episodes
  • 8.4
Japanese Drama - 2017

Set in the near future, a high school gives priority to privacy protection. The names of teachers and students are not revealed. 21 female high school students are locked in a classroom and their vision is shown all over the world in real time. The only way to escape is to receive many "good" marks…

10 Episodes
  • 6.7
Korean Drama - 2017

Poor but proud Bok Dan Ji meets Han Jung Wook, a prince who has hit the ground and realizes the true meaning of love and family.

120 Episodes
  • 9.0
Korean Drama - 2017

In the world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, ordinary citizens are losing their rights to pursue happiness. Against those who abuses their power and manipulate the system, righteous thieves have come to fight. Viewers will feel catharsis as they watch the thieves dismantle the corrupt…

50 Episodes
  • 7.8
Japanese Drama - 2017

In 1802, 8-year-old Mio lost her parents in a river flood in Osaka and feels all alone after she is also separated from her childhood friend Noe. She is saved by Yoshi, the proprietress of ‘Tenman Icchoan’, one of Osaka’s famous restaurants, whom she happened to meet. Mio begins training as a…

  • 8.8

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