Star Knows My Heart (2007) is a 60-episode TV series produced by Taiwan Television, rewriting the plot of a popular 40-episode TV series from 1983. It is all about a women married to a men who had divorced with his wife. The men has 2 kids and being brought up by himself. After he met the women, she had decided to take care his kids plus her own 2 adopted kids. Overall there are 4 kids in their family. Kids that belongs to the men did not like the women at first because they did not want to take her as their second mother. As time goes by, she tried to make those kids like her. She helps them in all ways. The god present them a child. Unfortunately, after the baby born, the men died because suffer from lung cancer. As a results, the women has to take care 5 kids by her own to achieve her husband hope that is those kids will always be together. Sadly, one of the kids refused to cooperate and kept on wanted her own real mother. In this time, the women solve her problem by bringing the case to court. Source: film-seri-dvd

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Star Knows My Heart

Star Knows My Heart


  • Main Title: Star Knows My Heart
  • Native title: 新星星知我心

General Details

  • CountryTaiwan
  • Aired: November 19, 2007 to ?
  • # of Episodes 60
    Average Duration ? per episode
  • Genres: Drama, Family


  • Score: NA
  • Ranked: #NA
  • Popularity: #1664
  • Members: 3
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