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Missing 9 Episode 5

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Feb 17, 2017

Well I wanted them to make it intense, so they killed quite a few characters. Wowza.

Well I wanted them to make it intense, so they killed quite a few characters. Wowza. Things took a turn thinning the herd. Though one was already confirmed dead, and the other won't be dead. Two new dead is definitely intense.

I'm so frustrated that they were so willing to feed Bong Hee to the wolves. Even though they admitted that confession truly wasn't a confession. Tae Yeong is so eager to pin the blame on someone for his loss he's willing to simple hang anyone. Just so conveniently is the girl who survived.

Really I think someone clearly needs to kill Tae Ho. I mean the guy is that scary? They're treading on pins and needles. Not to mention he was willing to rush off and leave them, then after they fish him out he's willing to still let others die. This guy is scary. Jump him as one and tie him up. (The ending is so sad. Though I it was clear it was coming.)

I'm really excited to see with the new survivor is, hopefully they get to see more than one episode. Also, I'm excited by the previews that Bong Hee got her memories back! Though there's still the question of whether she faked it or not . . . or what? I was also very surprised by Jae Kook and I'm saddened to where his fate leads. Though it felt like he should have seen that coming.

What build up! Not to mention that everything is in glaring color. The beige is gone. I'm so curious as to the meaning behind the color schemes.

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