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One of the main leads in both dramas travel back in time by falling into water, but Go Princess Go puts an extra twist to the concept with it being a guy waking up in a girls body, which kinda adds another dimension to the ensuring love story. However, neither lead seems to be overly concerned to have traveled in time and neither tries to intentionally (yet) change any course of action in history (such as e.g. Faith) while being perceived as a bit weird/too freely spoken by the other characters. Moon Lovers is more visually stunning while Go Princess Go relies on some sassy comedy.

Both dramas incorporate modern elements, Moon Lovers seems to be big on modern themed music while Go Princess Go tries its hand on more visual and modernized outfits & settings.
Recommended by ayacherry
Another period drama with a strong female lead and a similar male lead. Both plots are very addictive and the cast in both dramas are well known actors or idols.
Recommended by AnjaliHaridas
The King in both dramas are fictionalized real figures. They are both regarded as ruthless kings but beyond that they've contributed a lot for the countries.
Recommended by aquamarie
This drama is a Historical drama and it's also starring Lee Joon-gi as the 4th Prince Wang So.
Recommended by Jojo
- both are historical dramas.
- they both has a current king and another potential king.
- the lead female helps the lead male in his journey.
Recommended by Moka
Similar storyline where the FL travels back in time through an accident from the modern period to the past and found herself entangled between guys who sought after her. However, in Oh! My Emperor, the FL knows the ML before this happened.

In comparison, Oh! My Emperor is lighter and has more fantasy and magical elements than Scarlet Heart Ryeo, which is heavier and a lot more serious and political.
Recommended by Angel
Both take place in Goryeo and have a love story. Hong Jong Hyun plays a main charater in both. In SHR, he plays an evil brother plotting to take the throne. TKL, he plays Crown Prince's best friend. The locations in both shows are extremely beautiful. Lee Joon Gi and Siwan's characters fall in love with the female leads who care for them. Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Yoona's characters go through many hardships.
Recommended by scarletlover1
Almost the same storyline. Time travel, princes..etc but moon lovers seems to have a open ending. This one is more happy ending comparing to moon lovers but moon lover got better ost.
Recommended by MiNa MiNa
Similar love story, deep, intense, devoted emotions, painful life stories, plots at the palace, always someone for their lives, tragic end. Moves you until you cry a river. Extraordinary performance of the actors.
Recommended by thesunsetlimited
Autumn Tale isn't a period drama, but there are similarities:

Both are beautiful, heartbreaking love stories. I cried the most watching these two love triangles (or other rectangular). Both are tragedies.

Recommended by Nagy Hanna
After an accident, the soul of a 21 century woman traveling back into another time/paralele universe into the body of a dying woman. But is the Korean version of the c-drama "Scarlet Heart". Like "Palace" (Gong) It is a melodrama.
Recommended by JaLee
There is similarity betweeen princes in ML and three friends in GF, characters was changing from harmonious friends to enemies in both shows.
Recommended by loranar
Actually it is not a historical period drama like this one yet you can watch it if you hate the end like me. Indeed, Scarlet Heart 2 is the second part of Scarlet Heart chinese version. In this version , you'll see the two main leads in the 21st century.
Recommended by MissHoly
More then anything, because of historical facts. if you got interested in historical events from Scarlet Heart, you should give it a try ( like I did). This drama takes time just after Gwangjong's reign, and starts with story of Gwangjong's son, Gyungjong. There're some more couple of characters that you will recognize from Scarlet Heart.. As well, all the tragedies start because of the battle for the throne...
Recommended by MaruChan61
Both main characters somehow transport themselves through time by an accident involving death. They don't know whether what they're experiencing is reality or not and face trouble settling into the culture.
Recommended by Matrix