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It basically has the same concept, but in a historical setting. Both dramas have a strong female character who is caught between the good, romantic boy with a sad romantic backstory, and the stubborn, dark bad boy. There are supporting characters very similar to the ones in this show, as well as a mean girl/rival of the main character who has eyes for the bad boy. Both main characters find themselves in a new lifestyle and find themselves being surrounded by royalty (the rich people in Boys Over Flowers, the princes in Scarlet Heart: Ryeo). While one might find the two dramas very different from a distance, they are actually quite similar when you look closer.
Recommended by hangeulbby
the story starts different then this as this story begin when the eclipse of the sun takes place, a 21st century woman, Go Ha Jin, is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea. She wakes up in the body of 16-year-old Hae Soo, a noble lady. In the beginning hea soo befriended some of the princes of the kingdom. She faces multiple hardship, and fall in love with one of the princes. However, a rivalry starts between of the princes because the fall for the same lady.
Recommended by Moka
In Goblin the flashbacks in history are in the time period of Goryeo, in which Wang Yeo (Yo) is King. Wang Yo is a character present in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I think it's very interesting to see Yo being portrayed by different people. Both drama's have very emotional plot-lines to them, definitely have tissues prepared if you watch them.
Recommended by Halsyeon
The lone wolves that cry out in silence. Both shows that being a prince has got to be the loneliest position in the world with them being back and forth stabbed. Until the female lead comes along to brighten up their days of misery.

However, rather just damsel-in-distress tales where all things seem to turn right, the characters actually have to overcome plenty of hardships and all events happen for a good reason too.
Recommended by BingerWatcher
They're quite similar. Prophecies and good looking princes, fighting for the throne, strong headed characters, annoying second lead women, misunderstood and in need of petting males, etc.

Although from my point of view Prince of Lan Ling is much better and truly awkward singing scenes either..
Recommended by claudya87
travel back in time to meet her destiny to be? yes! scarlet heart would be on rec. list because of that
Recommended by Rara
Maybe am still stuck with Moon Lovers, but you can see how both revolves around history and present with reincarnation of the main characters. If you love destined romance which repeats itself despite the passing time, then you definitely will love this.
Recommended by Eos
Very different plot but better story. Way more complicated in all kinds of ways, longer, sadder, worst?
Same actor: Lee Joon gi~ but acting all the other way different. Em, dark prince? Probably suits him more.
Recommended by Alyx
1. Lee Jun Ki is the male lead of these two dramas so if you're a fan of him, you should check this out.
2. both are historical dramas and the characters of Jun Ki both have complicated background. In Iljimae, his dad is called the traitor of the country while in moon lovers, his mom hated him a lot. And family is the main key thing to his decision. Revenge.
Recommended by CookieProductions
If you never try Japanese Drama, why not this be your first Jdorama? Japanese drama is a whole different thing from korean drama.

Same concept of time travel (time slip), history vibes but still modern, and great cast. Good cinematography. Plot is so nice, unique and based on real history. Try reading some famous Oda Nobunaga on wiki, it helps you to like this story even more.

You will cry, laugh, despair, hate, and heart-warmed all the time. This is japanese drama's pros, it's character development is so good.

This story may seems heavy, but it isn't. Trust me.

Oh, don't forget to watch the sequel.
Recommended by Nami
Can't believe none put this drama into recomendations yet! :O
It's almost same story just with different ending ;)
Recommended by Kaja B
Both has Time Travel.. On both one of the couple is from an old era, On Rooftop Prince he is from Joseon Era, On Scarlet Heart modern girl travels back to Goryeo Era. Both has got great love story
Recommended by asiandramafan
If you want to fill the void that Scarlet Heart Ryeo left, this drama is a great reliever. Like Scarlet Heart, it is a historical drama wherein several princes are fighting for the throne and surprisingly *insert the sarcasm* they are also vying for the love of the heroine. But what makes it better is that it is well - written. It has 54 episodes, which I hope you have the patience to finish, so it isn't that rush, unlike you-know-who. The heroine in the story is so much better. We’re at the point in the story where our heroine is being stomped on and typically, she’d lose heart or stay cheery and upbeat in spite of her circumstances. But not Wei Young. She’s more of the, “You might have the upper hand now but I’m still not taking your shit.” type heroine. All in all, JUST WATCH IT :)
Recommended by aquamarie
Both are based on Chinese novels
Both are painful but you cannot help yourself but be enthralled by the plot, OST, acting, cinematography and the tragic love of the main leads.
They both have supernatural elements(one less than the other but still)
The supporting characters stories are really interesting and add to the main story
Recommended by kasumii
Same plot...girl time travels to past. An amazing drama with amazing cast
Recommended by Arkansas