Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 5

Seems As If They're Friends, and Yet Not

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The criminal at large seems to be attacking only certain people. Concerned for Bong-soon's safety, Min-hyuk and Guk-doo clash over how to protect her. (Source: Netflix)
  • Aired: March 10, 2017

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Mar 13, 2017

Min Hyeok's jealousy is so cute.

Min Hyeok's jealousy is so cute. Especially when he was making fun of her when she was going into work! That said I don't like all this cut away stuff for the cliffhangers. She recognized the villain by his voice, but we pick up with her losing him in the crowd as she searches. Also, her friend becoming a victim was an obvious and boring choice. Especially since Bong Soon confronts him and doesn't make sure he's down for the count before rushing over to her friend. Just one absent minded backhand and that jerk would have been outta the picture. Is that too much to ask for? She knocked a guys teeth out accidently. I think being faced with such a villain her emotions would have overcome her and made her do more.

Even the guy on the train ended up with a broken finger!

Oh! What's with Gook Doo's girlfriend and Bong Soon's brother? They are totally both betraying Gook Doo. You could even see the moment when Bong Soon's brother was like okay, yeah she's pursuing me. At least the girlfriend should break up with Good Doo.

Oh, and yes Gook Doo's butt is amazing. Those pants are practically poured on. Even a straight man couldn't help but notice. ^_- Min Hyeok is nothing if not observant. He even picked up that Gook Doo likes Bong Soon too. So it's not so much one sided love.

The music of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is practically its own character. I truly loved it and all the sound affect noises. Sometimes that style can be super annoying. Such as a lot of K-drama comedies use a rooster noise instead of a laugh track. However, the choices have been so clever and actually enhance the wacky storytelling style of the drama.

Bong Soon's mom is so terrible but I love her! Sneaking the lacey thong and bras in. He-he. What a twist. All three main characters will be crashing at CEO's. I love it. Though to be honest Gook Doo's personality kind of makes him unlikable.

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Aug 4, 2017


I'm not sure where this show is going. At first, it's a rom-com, then Do Bong Soon's friend is violently attacked with a pipe and the attacker manages to escape, though the CEO's secretary had to be hospitalized with a tailbone injury after a chicken fight with Do Bong Soon.
I think the violence is too extreme and kind of overpowers the romance and comic effect. There's no balance. It's like trying to swat a fly with a hammer.
And what's with Bong Soon's mom trying to pimp her out?
So far I'm disappointed with this show.
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