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-both give off the same atmosphere
-both have an older woman/ younger man relationship
-both include romance
- same male lead actor
-same director

Recommended by misu
Both drama's focus on relationships with an older female. They deal with how society will feel about them, what their families with think. Overall though they are both light-hearted cute, and heart warming. both couples have really good chemistry and are great at pulling off the feeling of a young man trying to aspire to be more so he feels comfortable enough for the woman he loves, while the woman is trying to find herself, and figure out what she wants in life regardless of what other people think.
Recommended by Ashlynn
Both main female leads are single in their 30's
Both main male leads/ love interests are the bests friend's younger brother
Both of the younger brothers come back from a long trip and then is "somehow different" to the main female lead
Recommended by Bri
A love story between a 33-year-old woman who does not trust love and a 26-year-old man who dreams of pure love.
He returns to Korea after seventeen years living abroad, but she only remembers him as a kid... It's a similar plot.
Recommended by Lorena
Older woman-younger man dynamic with disapproving mothers. Both dramas have the "slow burn" effect, and the man is naive and trusting in love while the woman holds back, fighting expectations from her parents and society.
Recommended by pridren
Both show a relationship that blossoms from friendship and what happens to that relationship when tough times hit. The leads in both have great chemistry and you see characters in most struggle to “make it” in the workplace. The family drama in Us and Them is more poignant
Recommended by JimmyChooLove
Similarities: The main character likes a guy younger than her by about 10years.... the drama hasn't finished soo .... we have to wait....
Recommended by Chii
Both dramas focus on life beside the romance. They have similar love stories. If you like easy-going, realistic and relaxing dramas, they are both for you. And in both dramas the characters are almost in the same workplace.
Recommended by peephole
The stories are very different but the main focus of both dramas is the romance between the leads.

In both the leads knew each other for a long time and reconnect some time later. Both dramas start with them seeing each other for the first time after a long time. In both they have to secretly date because of some opposition. They are both full of cute moments between the leads and both couples can be playful with each other.

Really cute romances overall.
Recommended by Nymphadora
Similar noona and dongsaeng relationship between the two main leads and a slow burn but fast start romance. Chemistry feels natural between the leads and the male lead seems to much more mature for his age.
Recommended by snorlaxium
Younger man fells in love with an older woman. They start on bad terms, but slowly they start sharing their daily burdens and helping each other. The older woman has love issues and doesn't trust love. The younger man can pick any other girl he wants but ends up choosing the older woman. They face struggles but in the end, they manage to settle their love as a couple.
Recommended by Cecy
They both focus on the relationship of an older woman and a younger man. Their both filled with a lot of passion, chemistry and tension.
Recommended by hope
Not really similar in the plot but the cinematography, romantice vibes, warm smiles and OSTs (important factor seriously they are all GOOD!) are some of the common traits of these dramas.
Plus, their chemistry might get you screaming!!!
Also, both male leads have careers related to arts.
Recommended by mickey
I haven't completed Reply 1994 or Something in the Rain yet, but I feel like both dramas had this element of reality. They both feel so real and yet so simple. They both show us personal details of the characters lives. They just felt so beautifully realistic.
Recommended by peephole
1. Older female, younger male relationship
2.Family protest.
3.Broke up and reunion.
4. Awsome soundtracts
5. He gives her confidence
Recommended by ShiraYuuKii