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by SayItAintSoJoe on November 23, 2012
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Don't know what to watch this weekend? Give these incredible movies a chance:

Taiwanese Movie - Secret


Description: The story was about high school student Ye, who studied in the school his father taught. Ye's piano skill was above others.On the first day of school, while walking around the piano rooms, he heard an unknown and beautiful melody, played by Lu. From then on, the two were always together.However, Lu seemed mysterious and when Ye tried to get to know her more, she always brushed off his questions by saying that it was a secret.There was a misunderstanding between the two of them, and subsequently Lu never came to school anymore. Ye was heartbroken.But the more he tried to find out, he realized that things were not as they seemed.

Genre: Music, Romance, School, Supernatural                                                                               Year: 2007

Why should you watch this? 
Secret starts out as a subtle and sweet romance and ends up being a piece of cinematic genius! The chemistry between the two leads is uncanny, and the secret, which shall not be spoken, adds an element that enhances the whole story.

Japanese Movie - Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit 


Description: A place, somewhere, that bears a strong resemblance in history and environment to Japan. Its return to prosperity after defeat in war is due to a certain law, a pillar of the state. This is the Special Law for the Maintenance of National Prosperity. 24 hours before this capsule is to bring about death, an official of the Ministry of Health and Welfare brings a letter announcing impending death, an ikigami. Those who receive this ikigami letter have 24 hours of absolute freedom to do anything and everything they want. Kengo Fujimoto has made his way through university and taken a job with the Ministry. His work now is delivering these ikigami letters. Dear Citizen: Thank you for your loyalty. You've no doubt noticed that the world is a troubled place. People are apathetic, lazy, unmotivated. You've probably asked yourself WHY ISN'T ANYTHING BEING DONE TO STOP THIS SYSTEMATIC DECLINE? Rest assured that measures are being taken. Beginning immediately, we will randomly select a different citizen each who will be killed within 24 hours of notification. We believe this will help remind all people how precious life is and how important it is to be a productive, active member of society. Thank you for your continued attention and your cooperation and participation.

Genre: Drama                                                                                                                                   Year: 2008

Why you should watch this...
Ikigami is a beautiful tragedy. It's the best sad movie that I have ever seen. It had me both smiling and nearly crying at the same time. It's suspenseful and touching. It will anger you, inspire you, grip you, make you think, and leave you enjoying the best heartbreak you'll ever have.

Japanese Movie - Cyborg She 


Description: One day, a beautiful cyborg girl appears in front of a dull university student. Even though the cyborg starts to like him, she can't truly feel emotions, so the boy has no choice but to say goodbye. Missing her, he continues his lonely existence. But a disastrous earthquake will change his life once again!

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi                                                                                                     Year: 2008

Why you should watch this...
Cyborg She is a movie that has it all, comedy, romance, sci-fi, action, suspense, and although it may appear to be a silly movie, it has a very beautiful and moving story. It's a definite thrill ride from beginning to end, and it's a movie that anyone could enjoy.

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