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by Cheer on July 2, 2013
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Update: July 14th, 2013: On DramaCrazy's Facebook page they have laid to rest rumors that they have come back:

"Just another message to clarify to our loyal users that DramaCrazy has NOT come back online, and that any other site(s) claiming to be DramaCrazy is a cheap imitation attempting to mislead our users. Like mentioned before, they are not us and are virus/malware infected. Avoid them at all costs.

Please Share/Tweet/ spread the (bad) news. Thanks."

Tuesday - July 2nd, 2013 is a sad day for drama addicts: DramaCrazy (and its sister site AnimeCrazy) have shut down.

To Our Loyal Fans: After a great run, we have decided to shut down DramaCrazy and move on. The drama streaming landscape is ever so changing and it was a fun ride while it lasted. Rather than just shut down without a note, we'll leave the site up for a few hours while we allow you guys to gather what you need. Much Love, -The Staff.

Interested in seeing what happens from here, or just to show support like us below::
That’s the message you get when you visit DramaCrazy.

Fans of DramaCrazy are scratching their heads and wondering what happened? Why did they suddenly shut down out of the blue. What was the reason a lot of us are mourning tonight, in our own ways (some of us very publicly on the MDL forums, the DC facebook page, and twitter.)

Possible reasons:
1) It’s just a joke! They’re doing this to test our reactions and loyalty to their sites. Tomorrow or in few days, we will wake up to find the site back up and we will be laughing at this.

Proof to support this theory: There was no previous notice and DC kept uploading dramas until the last minute.

2) Copyright problems: Copyright laws have become much more stringent lately, with several other drama sites including MySoju, KimchiDrama, and some others being shut down in the past year. DramaCrazy probably did not have the licenses to do so and with the rise of Hulu, DramaFever, and Viki their demise might have been inevitable.

Proof to support this theory:
Korean broadcasting companies has been shutting down unauthorized streaming sites and DramaCrazy received numerous complaints over the past few years for copyright infringement.

3) Loss of interest? DC admin and staff might have lost interest in running those two sites so they decided to end it here (I seriously doubt that this is the reason).

Proof to support this theory: 
  Simply their sudden message declaring how they have quit. They had previously mentioned no problems, and suddenly they shut down the site.

4) Financial Problems: It's possible, but unlikely. In the forums they mentioned that it had nothing to do with insufficient funding. Considering how many fans they had, and how many people were willing to donate to make sure they continued on this is highly unlikely.

Here are some  MDLers opinions on the matter:

The question is: If DramaCrazy has truly shut down, how will this affect our drama addiction?

To read more opinions visit the thread that contains several discussions and thoughts about the topic.

Special thanks to the MDLers who provided their thoughts about the issue.