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by Cheer on July 30, 2013
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gets a live action adaptation


It’s been announced that Yoshikawa Miki’s ongoing romantic comedy school manga is getting a live action adaptation by the screen writer Ogawa Makoto and the producer Yanagawa Yukiko. The manga debuted in 2012 and with seven volumes so far; it’s getting a lot of attention especially from young female readers. This is not Yoshikawa’s first manga’s live adaptation after one of her other manga:  Yankee-kun to Magane-chan got a drama adaptation back in 2012 with Narimiya Hiroki and Naka Riisa as leads.

Starring Yamamoto Yusuke (Hana Kimi, High School Host Club) and Nishiuchi Mariya (Switch Girl, GTO 2012); the upcoming fantasy drama will tell the story of Ryu Yamada; the high school’s most problematic student and Urara Shiraishi, the beautiful honor student. Accidentally, they bump into each other on the stairs and their lips touch as they fall. When they gain their consciousness, they realize that their bodies are mysteriously swapped. They found out that every time they kiss, they swap bodies. It then became clear that Urara is a witch who has special abilities and the kiss activates those abilities. After they discover that there are six other witches with special abilities; they start searching for them…

The cast:

Ono Ito                       Nagae Yuuki               Kojima Fujiko              Nishiuchi Mariya
Tokuyama Hidenori      Yamamoto Yusuke       Ide Takuya                  Mamiya Shotaro
Matsui Airi                   Miyama Karen            Reina Treindl               Kobayashi Ryoko

The drama is set to air on August the 10th on Fuji TV every Saturday with an average duration of 40 minutes each episode.

Yamada-kunto 7-Nin no Majo is in fact one of the few Mangas I am currently reading. The story is well done and interesting but I was expecting an anime not a live action adaptation. Well, I am sure Yoshikawa knows what suits her work the best, I will be looking forward to this although I have few doubts about Yamamoto Yosuke as Yamada since the latter is a very tough problematic character and I never saw Yamamoto in such a role but hopefully, this will be able to show his good acting skills in portraying it.

Matsumuto Jun to star in drama special 


It’s been revealed that Matsumoto Jun will be starring in NHK’s upcoming drama special which marks his return to NHK after 15 years (since Hitsuyo no nai Hito back in 1998). It also marks his first leading role in an NHK’s drama.
The drama special is based on the song “Furusato” (Literally “hometown”) which was sung by Arashi (The Boy band that Matsumuto Jun belongs to) and other artists in NHK’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen (music show annually shown in NHK every New Year’s Eve) for three consecutive years and touched many people’s hearts because it was about how precious the hometown is.
With Arai Shuuko as the screenwriter; the drama special will tell the story of Wataru a freelance cameraman who left his hometown to work in Tokyo. However he doesn’t do well in his work and he had to go back to his hometown to take pictures for a travel magazine by the orders of his superiors. He then reunites with his family, his friends, ex-girlfriend who works as an elementary school teacher as well as a group of elementary children who want to participate in a choir Contest. Wataru who wanted to become a teacher when he was younger, sets a journey to revive his dreams with the help of those around him.
Co-Stars include Toda Naho who plays Wataru's elder sister, Kunimura Jun who plays his father as well as Onoue Hiroyuki, Ishida Takuya and Tokunaga Eri who play Wataru's ex-classmate and Eikura Nana who plays the role of his ex-girlfriend.
Filming is in the countryside and Matsumoto is working on his piano playing since he has a few scenes where he’s playing piano.
The drama special is to air on September the 23rd on NHK.
This is the type of special that would get a lot of intention from Japanese viewers because it hits a theme related to them while the international audience won't seem to care about it and if they do then it's because of Matsumoto's presence and not because of the "hometown" theme.

Tamaki Hiroshi to star in drama special 

“Jiken Kyuumei-IMAT no Kiseki”


Tamaki Hiroshi (Love Shuffle, Nodame Cantabile, Tada Kimi Wo Aisheteru) will be the male lead of Asahi’s TV drama special Jiken Kyuumei-IMATno Kiseki which centers around the incident Medical Assistance Team (In short IMAT) which is a unit of doctors formed out of Nippon Medical School’s hospital at the request of the Metropolitan Police department to handle medical emergency cases.
This marks Tamaki’s first doctor role and thus the first medical drama as well as the first Japanese drama based on IMAT. Tamaki Stated that wearing the full set uniform and the accessories while executing the medical assistance was very hard due to the hot weather.
Other co-stars are Tanaka Kei, Takahashi Katsunori, Kanjiya Shihori and Mizuno Miki.

The filming was done on location. Therefore, the shooting was very long considering the fact that this is a drama special. The drama is set to air on September this year on Asahi TV but the exact date is yet to be announced.

Do any of these seem interesting to you?