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by THATCRAZYOTAKU on August 8, 2013
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Hello and Welcome to my 1st Stalker's Guide

Since many of you were wondering who the guy in my profile picture was, I decided to make this stalker's guide to introduce this hot and sexy guy to those who don't know him yet. You guys are seriously missing out on this hottie! ^^

Without further ado, I introduce to you guys:


There are many things I like about this guy. I love his acting and he is a very versatile actor. I love the fact that he takes on roles that are small but puts his own color into them. Not only does he take on small roles, he also takes on bold and challenging roles (which makes me admire him even more). Not only is he an awesome actor, he's also a very good looking man. (That smile, those abs, that body, and that sexy mole on his neck....sigh...and I can go on and on about his good looks...but let get back to business).

Many of you may know him as J from Bloody Monday. To be honest, I had watched several movies like Azumi, Kagen no Tsuki, and Nana before I had watched Bloody Monday. Bloody Monday was what really made me notice him. I guess in Azumi I was more focused on the main leads and same for Nana too. Therefore, I had to go back and re-watch those movies to truly appreciate his roles and acting. After re-watching those movies, my stalker spree began.


I totally loved him in Bloody Monday as the villain, J. Despite him being the villian in this show, I just couldn't find it in myself to hate him. He was just amazing! In my opinion, this drama had an awesome cast: Haruma Miura,Takeru Sato, Narimiya Hiroki, and Michiko Kichise. Narimiya was pretty badass in this drama. He also rocked that white hair in season 2 which not many actors can carry on well. So sexy!!(A must watch show if you guys haven't watched it already! OST of this drama is pretty cool too!


Hiroki plays the sweet guy, Nobuo in Nana. He's plays the guitarist from Black Stones. He's very goofy yet very kind guy and a good friend to Nana. He really cares about Hachi also. I felt so sorry for him in Nana 2. He definitely plays a very cute character in this movie. The cast was amazing in both of the movies in my opinion and I really loved the music from this movie.  Nakashima Mika's voice is just amazing! 


YANKUMI! *excuse me, I have a huge girl crush on Nakama Yukie *She's amazing. This drama was awesome! I totally loved the cast!! I think this one was the best one out of the 3 season of Gokusen (some of your might have difference in opinion, but that's ok). Hiroki plays Noda and a good friend of Shin in this drama. He once again very goofy. Totally loved him along the other guys. (Must watch drama if you haven't watched it already)


Hiroki plays Shinagawa Daichi. He used to be a good student but now has become a yankee (delinquent). Very good drama, has a lot of funny moments. The cast was really nice to so was the acting. I loved the chemistry between Daichi and Ada!  Naka Riisa is hilarious! If you are looking for something light that revolves around yankees then this drama is for you! It's really enjoyable.


“Veterinary care is a business." - Tottori Kenichi a.k.a Dolittle”

Hiroki plays Hanabishi Masaru in this drama. He plays a veterinarian who has lost his self-confidence and therefore, cannot perform operations/surgeries anymore. I think Hiroki did a good job portraying the agony this character went through and also showed this character's weak side very well. (If you guys cannot stand animals getting hurt or sick...then you may not like this drama)
By the way, doesn't he look SEXY in that white lab coat!

Ugh, marry me already, Hiroki!


Where do I begin with this drama?! I guess the picture says it all, but let me clarify, this drama is about much more than just losing your virginity. If you watch the drama, you'll know what I am taking about. Hiroki plays Udayan in this drama, a guy who loves peeping under girls' skirts. He is what you will call the ultimate pervert. His character was so hilarious! I laughed so much while I was watching this drama.  So many funny moments in this drama. All the guys (Yamapi, Oguri Shun, Ninomiya Kazunari, and Hiroki) were just perfect for the roles in this drama. The friendship between these guys in the drama was just amazing! (Another must watch drama if you haven't watched it yet)


I totally loved Narimiya Hiroki's role as Takumi in this drama. It was nice to see him in a role as a father. I think this drama was really heartwarming and sweet. Though the drama was slow, but it was all worth it because the story was good. I love the little boy in this drama too!


Yet another role as a delinquent. Hiroki plays Shinanogawa Hiroshi. It has both  Mizushima Hiro and Narimiya Hiroki in it, what more can you ask? Good movie, also had many funny moments. If you wanna see guys beating each other up, this movie is for you! ;)


Put HYDE, Narimiya Hiroki, and Kuriyama Chiaki in one movie and I'll just automatically watch it! One of my favorite movies. I loved the story! Loved the music! Loved everything about it basically! Hiroki plays Tomoki Anzai, the boyfriend of Mizuki in this movie. I won't reveal what the movie is about...just go watch it to find out!

Btw, I totally loved this song from the movie: 


One of the most bizarre movies I've watched thus far. (this is what happens when you go on a stalking spree and want to watch EVERYTHING your bias is in). The picture above definitely express my emotions, I wanna know what he was think we he was looking over at he script. It was so shocking to see him in this role. It was such a bold role which leads me to say that he definitely is a versatile actor who isn't afraid to take on different roles.



Awesome cast! Brilliant movie! Totally loved it!! Oh how I love this dork! Not to mention I loved his hair in this movie. Doesn’t look kinda epic? In fact, I loved everyone’s hairstyle in this movie! This movie has so many hilarious moments. I definitely recommend this movie. If that doesn’t convince you…this movie also has  Daito Shunsuke and Saito Takumi and Kiritani Mirei!


Although Hiroki doesn't have a big role in this movie, it was still worth watching his character in this one. Anna is amazing in this movie! I love the way this movie was shot. I loved the bright colors, the costumes, and even the music was fun! It has a good mixture of historical and modern type of feel. Regarding Narimiya’s character, he plays Sojiro. I found Sojiro’s character as very cowardly as how he treatedarrow-10x10.png Kiyoha. Another bold role for him. I think I’ve gotten used to seeing him in these kinda of roles after seeing Rampo Noir and Sweet Room.
Side note: Oh and Oguri Shun also has a cameo in this movie!


Watching the 15minutes of this mobile drama was just a pure pleasure (I know I sound like a perverted fangirl…but really go watch it and you’ll know what I mean) I wouldn’t mindarrow-10x10.png Hiroki taking pictures of me as long as the outcome is like what happened in this drama. *evil laugh* I was kinda jealous of the girl in this…LUCKY GIRL!

Bonus: Here's Narimiya singing Sakurazaka (the video quality isn't good but that's all I could find on youtube) there's another one where he sings I Love You

Notable roles by Narimiya Hiroki:

Honey and Clover

Orange Days

Hidamari no Ki

Hi Wa Mata Noboru

Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003

Innocent Love

Aibou: Season 11


Lala Pipo

Party is Over

Kuroyuri Complex

If anybody comes across Bakamono, Party Wa Owatta (Party is Over), Aibou Season 11 English  subbed somewhere, please please let me know! Thanks in advance! ^^ 

EDIT: I finally watched Honey and Clover, Orange Days, Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003, Innocent Love, Lala Pipo, Kuroyuri Complex, and finally found subs for Party is Over. 

Now if I can find subs for Bakamono and Aibou and Hidamari no Ki, that would be awesome!

I definitely recommend Orange Days! I totally loved that drama. Innocent Love was nice too. 

Thank you for reading my Stalker'sarrow-10x10.png Guide to Narimiya Hiroki *bows down*
Please let me know if there's something I need to improve on. ^^
Sorry that the guide was SO Long. If you read the whole thing, thank you!

If there is an actor or an actress that is worthy of a Stalker'sarrow-10x10.png Guide in your opinion, and you have watched enough dramas of his/hers to prove it, please contact Elisabetta about it.

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