by Combo, September 24, 2014

Top 5 Best Web Dramas

There are periods of the year where it is hard to do drama marathons: when you're forced to prepare for an exam, or you're working too much, or you're on vacation and the good weather is seducing you. And yet you can't give up on dramas either... What do you do? The solution I found is in web dramas aka mobile dramas. Web dramas are usually at most around 15 minutes per episode, and is perfect for watching during a brief pause or while you're putting on your shoes before you go out.

Like normal dramas, there are all types. Here are my five favorite web dramas:

5) Le Jun Kai aka Unconditional Love


Genre: Tragedy

A story full of tension. This is intense and poetic. In Le Jun Kai, there is no room for idols. This is perfect if you want something dark, filled with tragedy. The only drawback to this drama is the dubbing.

4) Another Parting


Genre: Drama

In this drama,  Seo In Guk plays the role of an alien who came to earth to find out the reason why humans cry. Weird... but in a good way!

3) Please Remember Princess


Genre: Rom/Com

Sometimes over the top characters and cheesy scenes bore me, especially if they drag on for too long. However, with this drama, there's no risk. Each episode is so brief that it's just the right amount. 

2) Aftermath


Genre: Action, Supernatural

Divided into two seasons, this is an action drama in which the protagonist gains the ability to foresee when people are going to die, or kill in the near future. What will he does with his ability? 

1) After School Bokbulbok


Genre: Comedy

My first thought was “I'm watching a Japanese drama dubbed into Korean”. Humor, supernatural events, and the general feeling are really similar to high school jdramas. But with the addition of flower boys, I was reminded that this drama is made in Korea. Absolutely hilarious.

What are your favorite web dramas? Plan on watching any of these shows? Let us know in the comments below.