by Yoon Na Rae, November 15, 2014

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Love Cells


Have you ever wanted a drama that only lasts 7 minutes per episode but carries the intensity, acting, fun, romance and depth of long dramas? Well, this web drama is what you're looking for.


Ma Dae Chung (Park Sun Ho) is a 27-year old, unemployed, hopeless guy with no friends or love life. He just lives on, waiting for the world to end. The only person he cares about is hot idol Seo Rin (4Minute's  Nam Ji Hyun).

(Wait, does Park Sun Ho look exactly like Song Jae Rim or I'm the only one who sees that??)


One day, Dae Chung hears a pink bubble talking to him. The bubble claims to be his "love cell." She gets swallowed by his cat and transforms herself into a lovely young woman; Ne Bi (Kim Yoo Jung)


Ne Bi, the love cell, informs Dae Chung that if he doesn't date within a month's time she will die and he'll end empty without love. The person responsible for killing that love and who also appears in Dae Chung's dream is…

(Well, take a breath. My feels!!)

Kim Woo Bin

(I'm willing to die by his gun I swear!)


Ne Bi starts planning and pushing Dae Chung toward Seo Rin. And the story begins...


Ah! Jang Hyuk is here. Yup, it's that Jang Hyuk you're thinking of. He acts as the neighbor. He doesn't talk and only practices martial arts, but he's so adorable!!


g.o.d's leader Joon Park also adds a sweet flavor to the drama. He's a sweetheart!!

Love Cells is a fresh, cute, and deep drama on love. Seven minutes are enough to fill you up and make you wonder afterwards if it really was only seven minutes.