by ketibachan, December 12, 2014

 Here I am again with my picks of the weekend, for the whole week or for when you can't find something quickly.

So add these to your "Plan to watch" list and have some good snacks around you.


Surely Someday


Country: Japan     Year: 2010     Genre: Comedy, drama, friendship

Four high school friends set up a bomb at the end of their school year and that makes a turning point of the rest of their lives. Several years later they meet again and try to pursue their hopes and dreams again.

Why should you watch this? Not only because Oguri Shun directed this movie, but it's an adventurous movie with so much action, music and comedic interactions between the characters. The scenes are set back and forth when the characters were in high school and then to the present. And how the scenes are put one after another is ingenious. You just can't get bored any minute.

Kage Dorobou no Method (a.k.a. Key of Life)


Country: Japan     Year: 2012     Genre: Thriller, Comedy

What would you do if you feel your life isn't fulfilled? If you feel like you haven't accomplished anything and you get the chance to live somebody else's 'rich' life? Well, Sakurai knows what he will choose and lives that 'rich' life he thought that other guy lives. But the truth behind the other life is something he has never expected.

Also, that other guy starts to live Sakurai's life by accident, but sadly with amnesia until he wakes up from it one day...

Why you should watch it: It's a thrilling exciting story for sure! And don't forget the funny parts in it. The scenes of the hitman guy made me laugh every time he popped on the screen. The hitman tried so hard being an actor and living a safe life, while that woman kept bugging him - haha.

Good Friends (a.k.a. Confession)


Country: South Korea     Year: 2014     Genre: Thriller, Friendship, Detective

These friends have been friends since they were in middle school. The movie is set in their adult days, but what happened in their youth does have an impact on their friendship and on what happens in the story that ruins their friendship. Decisions and loyalty make another turning point in all three of their lives.

Why you should watch it: I saw it a few days ago, so I HAD to put it in this article. This story is also exciting and thrilling, but dark and keeps you thinking and chasing after the characters. Only 1 hour 54 minutes long, but the grasp on you will last until the very last second.