by Cari, April 16, 2016

Ahh... the typical drama dilemma of a very evil person - who also just happens to be incredibly attractive. What are we supposed to do?! A true conflict of the heart... Here's my list of the most attractive bad guys in the Korean drama world!

WARNING! The article contains spoilers for:

  •                                                      HI! School - Love On
  •                                                 The Girl Who Sees Scents
  •                                                I Remember You (3 characters)
  •                                                         Oh My Ghost
  •                                                             Blood
  •                                                     Descendants of the Sun

8. Kim Youngjae from Hi! School - Love on


Kim Youngjae plays the bully Choi Jaeseok. Although he was super, super mean, I couldn't help but find him absolutely adorable. His father abuses him, which in a way explains (but does not excuse) the way he acts at school.Either way, I can't help but reach my heart out to him.

7. Nam Gungmin from The Girl Who Sees Scents

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He plays the second lead in the drama as an adorable chef who is always there for the main girl. However, (highlight for the major spoiler) he is later found to be the bar code murderer that the main couple has been chasing down!!! I felt really bad for him because he was so sweet.

6. Choi Wonyoung from I Remember You


Born as a result of rape, Lee Joon Young was often neglected as a child. His gloomy childhood thus bred murderous thoughts and, well, murderous actions. He eventually escaped from prison, and kidnapped a child. Although astonishingly brutal, he's one of my favorite villains of all.

5. Do Kyungsoo from I Remember You


Do Kyungsoo (of EXO fame) plays the younger version of Lee Joong Young in I Remember You. While watching this drama, I have never been prouder of Kyungsoo ;-;

(also as I was writing, "Tell me what is love", one of EXO's songs, came up on Spotify. Definitely fate.)

4. Im Joohwan from Oh My Ghost!


A stereotypical situation of where the nice guy close to you is actually the bad guy! Im Joohwan plays a "good cop" who is surprisingly always there to help.

3. Ji Jinhee from Blood


I love him. I love his face. I love the drama. (I guess the plot was eh but everyone was adorable hehe)

In Blood, Ji Jinhee plays the role of a surgeon who wants to use a virus that turns people into vampires. He has no qualms using innocent civilians who come to the hospital as we test subjects. 

2. Park Bogum from I Remember You


And of course, we can never forget about Park Bogum. Bogum played the role of Min. He had a close relationship with his brother, but felt neglected by him after their father was murdered. Why he was evil? Highlight for spoilers:  If you're kidnapped by a serial murderer, there's no way you can be innocent! I felt so bad for Min since he had to turn to crime to make himself feel better ;-; He was adorable though and the drama wrapped up nicely.

1. David McInnis from Descendants of the Sun


Words cannot even explain how attractive this man is. Like, every time he comes on the screen, I need to pause and fangirl first (over how hot he is as well as how he attractive he looks when holding a gun. Oh my god! 

That's all! So who do you find to be the most attractive villain? Or who is your favorite villain?