by Yume, April 17, 2016

Hey~ I'm Yume and I will present to you a topic you might have thought about once or twice during your drama-life. Basically, it’s nothing other than asian actors and actresses that look like two peas in a pod! In other words, asian actors Look alike. I bet you’ve had these thoughts like: “Oh she looks exactly like that actress from that drama!”. Well, in this article I will show you seven actors and actresses that, in my opinion, are look-alike. Keep in mind thoughtthat they don’t look completely the same, just that they simply resemble each other in some ways. 

Scroll down to see the first Lookalike couple!

1. Lee Hyun Woo and Park Bo Gumpark-bo-gum-lee-hyun-woo-800x450.jpg

Park Bo Gum om the left, Lee Hyun Woo on the right (picture below is vice versa)


Two eye candies, both born on 1993. I saw somewhere that someone pointed out that Lee Hyun Woo and Park Bo Gum look alike. To be honest, at first I thought no way they resemble each other at all! But after seeing a few pictures, I realized they actually do look similar. Park Bo Gum’s eyes are just a little smaller than lee Hyun Woo’s.

2. Han Seung Yeon and Uee

han-seung-yeon-2-800x450.png^Han Seung Yeon46136020.jpg^Uee

Han Seung Yeon from KARA and Uee from After School O.M.G. The resemblance is real! Their eyebrows, eyes, hair, basically everything! So similar it’s getting scary…

3. Kimura Takuya and Won Bin


Kimura Takuya on the left, Won Bin on the right


Here’s an unusual Lookalike, Takuya Kimura is from Japan while Won Bin is from South Korea. Two legendary actors. Okay let’s admit it, they have some resemblance right? It lies somewhere around the eyes, the eyebrows…

4. Kim Hyun Joong and Yamashita Tomohisa

4982300295_a78e8a0c39_b.jpgKim Hyun Joong on the left, Yamashita Tomohisa on the right



Two awesome actors. Another Japanese/Korean resemblance! I hope I’m not the only one who thinks they look alike. The first thing they have in common must be their hair. Even their nose and gaze looks alike.

5. Shinohara Ryoko and Yamada Yu

2491228450_b5f9c2cb16.jpgc393a77370b6a0_full.jpgShinohara Ryoko on the left, Yamada Yu on the right

They are two lovely actresses. I don’t think anyone thought about how these two resemble each other. At first glance you might not the resemblance, but after seeing more of both of them, you can see the similarities around the eyes, even their cheeks.

6. Lee Min Jung and Hirose Suzu

Lee-Min-Jung-800x450.jpg^Lee Min JungSuzu-Hirose-Reveals-Her-Karaoke-Picks-Du^Hirose Suzu

Another Japanese/Korean couple resemblance, female edition! Don’t tell me these beauties don’t resemble each other. They do! Look at the eyes, it’s so fascinating. They look even more alike with make-up on their eyelashes.

7. ~BONUS~ Han Ga In and Kim Dong Jun

a9f2716262e073fed232995f63684133.jpgtumblr_nz4p227DrW1uic1bmo1_1280.jpgHan Ga In on the left, Kim Dong Jun on the right

A special bonus! Male and female that look alike: the actress Han Ga In and Kim Dong Jun from Z:EA. They look so similar, basically everything, from eyes, to eye bags, eyebrows, and cheekbones.

That's it for now. I hope you liked my first article! Which couple resembled each other the most? Do you think I was accurate? Do you have other actors and actresses in your mind that you think look alike? Comment and share your thoughts! Have a nice day~ 


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