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Stalkers Guide to Ok Taecyeon

                                                                                     Born: December 27, 1988


This man slowly stole my heart, in his first drama I didn't even pay attention to him, but by my second drama with him - I started to look for more dramas with him. So far I've loved every role I've seen him play - I'm hoping he comes out with another good drama soon - I've been waiting to hear news of it... He's so handsome ^_^ He is an actor, rapper, dancer, singer, songwriter, model and entrepreneur ^^ He is the main rapper for his group 2PM



                                            Who Are You? 2013

The first drama where I had BOTH first and second lead syndrome at the same time lol - This was my second drama with Taecyeon and it remains my favorite of his (where he has a big part) to date <3 The lead female (So Yi Hyun) wakes up from coma after 6 years following her boyfriends death and is now able to see "spirits/ghosts" as she goes back to work, she partners up with Gun Woo (Taecyeon) and together they help the "spirits" seek justice. Romance blossoms between the two - but what can you do when your dead boyfriend (Kim Jae Wook) appears as a spirit and forms a love triangle between the three? Believe me - if you're like me you will be at a loss because you'll fall so hard for both guys <3 *gosh writing this is making me watch to re-watch yet another drama lol* I remember shipping both leads with her so badly - even though one was so not gonna happen - I cried for him too.



                                                       Assembly 2015

His character wasn't HUGE in this drama but he did play an underlying important part - This was a political drama and honestly it is THEE drama that made me finally interested in political dramas - I now enjoy them lol. He plays the son of a man that died protesting, he blames our lead guy for it thinking he sort of forced his dad to it because he wanted to be an assemblyman - the truth gets revealed as he starts working under him in his campaign. I adored his character - but I must say the 2 leads played by Jung Jae Young & Song Yoon Ah are what made me fall in love with this drama <3 Kim Seo Hyung also really impressed me - especially in the latter part of this drama :) Even if you aren't into politics - I'd suggest you give this one a shot - but you may need to give it a few episodes - as it took at least 2 for me to get hooked ;) I loved this main team - in this serious political based drama they gave a comedic light to it - so I laughed along with them several times, cheered them on and even applauded them a few times. Simply Brilliant. I'm glad Taecyeon decided to play in this drama because if he hadn't I might have passed up this gem.



                                                 Wonderful Days 2014

This wasn't my favorite drama as a whole - but I absolutely LOVED Taecyeon's role in it - it's what made me continue to watch week by week <3 He plays Dong Hee a character you only truly get to know the farther you get into the drama - things get revealed one by one and honestly they all broke my heart. I just wanted to take care of him ^^ poor puppy :'( He at first appears to be very hot tempered, mean and messed up with the wrong people, taking money from people and such. But he has such a warm and tender yet scarred heart. He has 2 adorable kids (that don't know he is their father - they think he's their brother) *more to this gets revealed as the story goes on* I cried so many times for him and with him :'( I loved all of his scenes - especially the ones with his kids and Kim Mari ^_^ The cute teacher who fell for him because he looked like her favorite idol group '2PM' <haha :P They just had to throw that in there lol. She was so adorable though ^^ Besides Him the only other couple I was invested in throughout this drama was his sister Dong Ok and her love interest Woo Jin ^_^ - Some may like the entire thing - I just didn't - If I could find a way to cut all of his scenes/his sisters scenes/his kids & Mari's scenes and put them together - I'd be a happy camper <3 It's worth watching if you love Taecyeon like I do ^_^ and it doesn't matter if you skip around a little like I did.



                                                       Dream High 2011

In this drama I was so undecided who I liked more Ok Taecyeon's character or Kim Soo Hyun's character - so for awhile I was rocking back and forth between the two and sometimes I felt I leaned more towards Taecyeons side lol but about half-way through I couldn't help myself anymore and I completely went to Kim Soo Hyun's side ^^ Both of them were incredible however. Taecyeon was our lead girls childhood friend, and they meet again when they attend the same arts school - a love triangle begins to form between Hye Mi (Suzy), Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) and Jin Guk (Taecyeon). I loved the music in this drama :D I still listen to "Dream High" and "Valentine" every now and then ;) and I loved our second lead couple in this drama - they were Sooooo adorable ^_^



                                            Cinderella's Sister 2010

This was the first drama I saw him in, but when I watched this I was still new into kdramas and I couldn't care less for him at the time lol ~ now however I want to go back and watch this one all over again because of him :P how crazy is that? lol - I thought this was a good drama and I enjoyed it when I watched it, I loved the main lead guy so much (I suppose that was another reason why I paid little attention to this guy - even though he was a sweetheart *from what I remember*). I felt really bad for the lead girl in this because her mother was so horrible & her "Cinderella-like" stepsister was awful. The story is kind of switched here though - as Moon Geun Young's character felt more like the "slave Cinderella" while the stepsister was like the evil princess Cinderella lol. I was so proud of our lead guy played by Chun Jung Myung though - because he never gave up on her ^_^ *adds to re-watch list*



I love how goofy he his :D hehehe


Taecyeon is also a member of 2PM ~ "While most Korean boy bands at the time adopted a "pretty boy" image, 2PM constructed a tough and macho beast-like image when they made their debut." 

                                                   A few of my favorite songs of 2PM are ~


Comeback When You Hear This Song

Go Crazy!

Go Crazy! Dance Practice

I'll Be Back


Please Call My Name



                                                                 Taecyeon Solo - 

You Don't Miss the Water (English song)

Taec singing GOD's song

Singing in the Rain

2PM with Son Ho Young 'To Mother'

My Valentine - Taec and Nichkhun

                 I Laughed So Hard when I found this picture for the first time on google XD


He's So photogenic <3


                                                              ~ Random other YT clips ~

Cinderella's Sister Parody by 2PM *man I was laughing so hard!!!!*

You're Beautiful Parody by 2PM *so embarrassing lol*

Gag Concert Clip with 2PM

Guerrilla Date with 2PM

Star Date with 2PM

Classic with JYP and Suzy


                     More info on Taecyeon here: 

This concludes my article on this growing and talented actor/singer - I hope to hear news of another drama soon ^_^


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