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Guide to Hwang Jeong Min

Born: September 1, 1970

Hwang Jeong Min Quotes from Wikipedia ~

"The camera doesn't lie. You can never fool the viewer. You have to act with your heart, not your head."

"A movie is the art of a director but the play is the art of an actor."

"I believe it is the responsibility of actors to try their best at acting when they come across screenplays that suit them. I breathe only when I act."


An actor that is so charming you can't help but watch everything he is in! ^^


Hwang Jeong Min knows how to show you the emotions he's feeling through his eyes, whether he's got sparkles in his eyes when he's happy, or when you can see the pain in his sad eyes - he delivers the emotions very well! I love his expressions and them eyes ^^Dramas:

That Fool (2009)

Hwang Jeong Min plays a post office worker, who by chance ends up meeting the top actress in Korea and is asked to pose as her boyfriend and soon after husband in order to hide her relationship with another. He agrees and that starts the beginning of their love story ^_^ I loved this drama, it was so fun to watch - every episode had me laughing and smiling :D It was so cute to see their romance blossom ^_^ and with the help and determination of Ji Soo's younger brother *who was determined to make this "fake" marriage into a "real" marriage* it was well on it's way ;) Even more than the romance (which I loved), I LOVED the bromance between Sang Chul (Baek Sung Hyun) and Dong Baek (Hwang Jeong Min) - seriously they were so adorable together! ^_^ If you haven't watched this yet, then waste no more time and watch it! :D Preview

the Bromance ^^ MV of Baek Sung Hyun & Hwang Jeong Min ;)



Korean Peninsula (2012)

I just finished this drama today and I really enjoyed it ^^ Hwang Jeong Min plays Myung Joon a South Korean Scientist who has been in love with North Korean Scientist Jin Jae ever since they studied together in Russia 13yrs ago. They met again as a Unified South/North Korea team on the Korean Peninsula that is trying to develop an alternative energy source. Things once again happen that tear them apart, Myung Joon is determined to keep his promise and does his utmost to return to her side. While separated, Myung Joon gets an offer to run for presidency and he makes it his goal to unify the 2 Korea's so he can be with his woman. Jin Jae suffers torture in the NK prison for being an "anti-revolution"- she is determined to protect her love even through this suffering. This drama is mostly: Romance, Action, Politics and Military. I think anyone who enjoyed Assembly or enjoys North/South relations would enjoy this. The driving force of this drama was their love and struggle to be together - They were the drama for me. TRAILER




Veteran (2015)

Hwang Jeong Min plays a detective that suspects Tae Oh (Yoo Ah In) as a drug addict. His friend
ends up getting harmed by Tae Oh and this makes Do Chul more determined than ever to prove that this guy is guilty. This movie was a great mix of comedy and action! I'd laugh so much at the simplest silliest things that occurred :P Hwang Jeong Min rocked this role! as did Yoo Ah In who played a great messed up villain. I've seen this movie twice (bought it on dvd when I saw it in the store) and I wouldn't mind watching it again ;)  TRAILER



A Man Who Was Superman (2008)

Hwang Jeong Min plays a man who believes he is superman, he goes around saving and protecting citizens
as they come in harms way. Whether that requires walking them across the street, jumping in front of a bus, stopping traffic or walking into a burning building. But can he fly? As you get farther into the story you find out more about "why" he "became" superman. Jeon Ji Hyun plays a snobbish documentary producer who decides it'd be fun to document this mans crazy way of living. As she watch's his daily life she starts to get curious about him and does her research. When I finished this movie, I actually mis-thought that is was based on a true story because that is what the ending sentences lead the viewers to believe but after looking up on it, I found nothing to confirm it was. Good trickery by the directors/writers there :P



Man In Love (2014)

Hwang Jeong Min plays a good-hearted loan shark (can a loan shark really be good? - in this case, YES).
When coming to collect a debt from a sick unconscious man in a hospital bed, he meets the man's daughter and falls in love. His way of wooing her though is a bit awkward and uncomfortable, especially for her who doesn't know what he is after. He is soon hit with bad news and their relationship that was moving forward comes to a stand-still. It's a bittersweet love story. HJM was adorable as a load shark ^^ and their love story was precious and sad. TRAILER



Fist of Legend (2013) 

When a TV show director persuades men who were known as the school bullies to fight on TV for her show,
old high-school friends are re-united after going their separate ways. Hwang Jeong Min plays a father who works at his families restaurant who is deep in debt. He accepts this offer because his mother persuades him because they need the money. If you enjoy boxing, kickboxing, wrestling or any other type sport then you would very well enjoy this movie. I really liked how this movie went back and forth from present to past with these main guy's friendship and bond. How they became the so called "legends", and what happened to them. I really liked Hwang Jeong Min's character in this film and I'm so glad I watched it. ^^ My second favorite would have to be his friend on the right side of the picture :) (and the young version who played him was SO cute!).   TRAILER



Moby Dick (2011)

Hwang Jeong Min plays a reporter who gets information from an old hometown friend (played by Jin Goo) on a mysterious explosion of a famous bridge - that hints that the explosion was fabricated and he starts investigating into it with his help and a couple other reporters help. But there are people who want to cover their tracks and will do anything in order to do so - which makes these investigators job that much more risky. I really liked the mystery tone to this movie, it was suspenseful and filled with action. It was a great mystery solving movie ^_^ TRAILER



Dancing Queen (2012)

A feel good, romantic, dream inspired movie! Hwang Jeong Min plays a poor lawyer who starts running
for the mayoral office - not knowing that his wife (played by Uhm Jung Hwa) is trying to achieve her long-time dream of becoming a dancing singer. She was known as a dancing queen back in school. The two got married shortly after and her dream was put on halt. A story about a couple who once again find their dreams and don't give up. I really liked how their real names were used in this film ^_^ I loved the chemistry between HJM and UJH - they really seemed like a married couple ;) TRAILER



A Violent Prosecutor (2016)

Hwang Jeong Min plays a prosecutor that has a tendency for violence. One day he gets framed when a
man he was investigating is found dead. He is then thrown in jail with no soon release - after 5yrs he meets Chi Won (a con-artist/schemer) and in lieu of getting him out of jail really soon, enacts a man to reveal the false accusation. I really liked it, it was fun watching HJM and Kang Dong Won as a team, and their little bromance was cute ^^ TRAILER



Ode to My Father (2014)

Depicts the life of one man's life journey, through the war as a child, the separation of family
members, Vietnam, Germany and love. It is a journey of life through one man's eyes. For me it was heartwarming and nostalgic. It had it's moments of sadness, happiness, laughter and love. TRAILER



Private Eye (2009)

Hwang Jeong Min plays a detective back in 1910 who will investigate anything as long as it doesn't
involve danger and if hes payed for it. One day he gets approached by this intern doctor (played by Ryu Deok Hwan) who happened upon a dead body that he was using to "practice his surgical skills" on, that is until he found out this man had been murdered. Desperate to find the real killer he eventually gets the detective to help. They work together as a team to find the real killer. This movie feels like a 'Watson-Holmes' episode - so if you're a fan of them then you might enjoy this. I'm not a huge fan of that series but I did enjoy this movie for the most part. I liked the doctor/detective duo - they were fun to watch. TRAILER



                  I love how his wedding ring is displayed in several of his photos ^_^


He married musical theatre actress Kim Mi-hye on September 6, 2004 - They have a son named Hwang Sae-hyun.~ source: Wikipedia.~ The couple first met while in high school and they have since kept their relationship through several decades. ~ source:MDL~ 

I just love it, don't you? ^_^

                                       Naul - One's Way Back MV


This concludes my article on a very charming and charismatic actor Hwang Jeong Min - I look forward to watching more movies and dramas with him in the near future ^_^


          More Information on this actor here:

I've seen more movies then what I listed in this article - but these are my favorites of the one's I've seen, So I chose to list them ^_^ I am awaiting a few of his upcoming movies that come out later this year - like Asura, The Wailing, and Battleship Island ;) In case you're wondering - I avoid movies that are under "mature" - so none of my articles will have those movies in my lists lol - I hope he comes out with another great drama soon too - as I loved him in both dramas I've seen him in! <3 


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