by HappySqueak, December 31, 2016

Well here we go, another year of drama watching! Now we're wrapping things up and
prepping for the new year and for new shows to air!

What were your favourite dramas this year? And what are you looking forward to in 2017?

Do you have any drama resolutions? Like "I won’t watch Love Triangles for 3 months", or "No more amnesia or medical dramas on my PTW List"? Hehe!

Personally, I am looking forward to more gender benders and hope there will at least be a couple in 2017. I'm also interested for the upcoming arranged marriage drama: Mermaid’s Prince based on the webcomic Cat and Dog.

I hope your drama watching of 2016 was one of enjoyment, filled with surprising, heart-warming and new stories of various genres.

If you’re like me and you'll have multiple windows going for following; sites, dramas, and forums (and in my case ‘forum creeping’).  Wishing you kindest regards for 2017.

Alright! Let’s get this party started: Here is a YouTube selection, of some fabulous tracks from some of 2016 stand out Dramas to countdown your last hour to 2017 if you’re here spending New Year’s with us on MDL! 1 hour’s worth or just a smidge over to ring in the New Year!

*YouTube videos featured are from some official channels as well as fan channels. Songs are not ranked in any particular order, enjoy!

Song #15

Drama: Madame Antoine


Song: Swing Magic

Artist: Roo

Song: #14

Drama: Please Come back, Mister

Song: Feel Alive

Artist: ToppDogg

Song: #13

Drama: Cinderella and Four Knights


Song: For You

Artist: BTOB

Song: #12

Drama: Goblin


Song: Stay With Me

Artist: Chanyeol & PUNCH

Song: #11

Drama: Scarlet Heart Ryeo


Song: Say Yes

Artist: Loco, Punch

Song: #10

Drama: Legend of Blue Sea


Song: Lean On You

Artist: Jung Yup

Song: #09

Drama: High-End Crush


Song: Catch Me

Artist: Se Hoon, Yi Ryung

Song: #08

Drama: Signal


Song: I Will Forget You

Artist: Cha Sik Jung

Song #07

Drama: Sweet Stranger and Me


Song: I Want You

Artist: ZoPD, JeA

Song #06

Drama: Descendants of the Sun


Song: You Are My Everything

Artist: Gummy

Song #05

Drama: Go Ho’s Starry Night


Song: Star Candy

Artist: Various with Kim Young Kwan

Song #04

Drama: Cheese in the Trap


Song: I am Love

Artist: Tearliner

Song #03

Drama: Doctor Crush


Song: It’s Love

Artist: Jung Yup

Song #02

Drama: Jealousy Incarnate


Song: Did you come in a UFO?

Artist: Heize x Ko Young Bae

Song #01

Drama: Love in the Moonlight


Song: Melting

Artist: K.Will