by Vanessa on February 12, 2017
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5 Reasons to start watching Hwarang immediately


Hwarang, also known as Flower Knights: The Beginning; The Beautiful Knights; and Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth is surely one of the most popular currently airing dramas right now. In case you're still wondering whether you should give it a try, here are my top 5 reasons to help you make up your mind. And of course, for all those who are already on it, let this be an article of appreciation for this amazing TV series.

  1. 1. The Eye Candy

One of the main reasons why somebody would absolutely love this show is, without a doubt, the eye-catching cast. The Hwarangs are indeed "flowering" and "beautiful" just like the title of the series suggests. The only thing that I still can't figure out, though, is why do the Hwarangs have to be so good-looking and what does it have to do with the protection of the kingdom, not that I'm complaining, of course. 

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Park Seo Joon casually stating the facts

  1. 2. The Love-Hate Relationships

I feel like the whole drama is based on this kind of relationship, varying from serious, even heartbreaking ones to cute and funny ones. A love-hate relationship between a kid and a parent, between a general and his comrades, between lovers, siblings or friends, you name it - they have it all and you just can't help but gush over the moments where characters work things out between each other, because it's simply adorable


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  1. 3. The Comedy

The show is pretty much a meme gold mine and there are some absolutely hilarious moments which you'll have to see for yourselves or else I'd be spoiling.

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  1. 4. The Romance

Another thing I adore about this drama is that it doesn't just focus on the relationship of the main leads but the love stories of the supporting characters are also shown, which is a huge advantage because I always get bored of the main leads' romance at some point.

tumblr_ol2g5v5T8K1w3s6ybo2_400.gif tumblr_ol2g5v5T8K1w3s6ybo1_400.gif

because there is no limit to who or what a man can fall in love with

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and of course the grab of love

  1. 5. The Bromance

Because, well, who doesn't like bromance?!? But really, casting aside the fangirl feels, the drama displays just how beautiful both friendship and brotherhood are and how much easier life can be if you choose to open up to and rely on somebody. It's really impressive how heartwarming the plot could prove to be if you give it deeper thought.

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  2. tumblr_ol7mgwn2qX1v3t8tio2_540.png tumblr_ol7mgwn2qX1v3t8tio3_1280.png

And those were only the main reasons but I can confidently assure you there's more to it! I read a lot of hate comments about this one but I honestly can't see why people dislike it. I've been enjoying it since episode 1 and I highly recommend it to you guys. Hope you enjoyed my first ever article! ^^