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by AnanyaS on March 19, 2017
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Mothers (or just parents and family in general) play an important role in almost every Kdrama. The minute we hear the words 'Kdrama Mom', the image that flashes into our mind is that of our typical evil drama mom. But isn't that just ignorance on our part? Sure, these type of moms might be more common, but they're not the only ones to grace our screens. So here are five types of Kdrama mom that we generally see:

#The Villainous Mom

Who isn't aware of the existence of this type of mothers in dramaland? We have all seen them and hated them. The entire purpose of their existence is to threaten the female lead with the power of their money and to separate the main couple at any cost. They'll use any means necessary to destroy their son's (generally) love life. 'Crazy' doesn't even begin to cover them!

     Boys Over Flowers                                                        Secret Garden

#The Scheming Mom

Now this type of moms, as apparent from the name, are quite the schemers. Most of the time, they are looking for a rich chaebol who they can set their daughter up with. The only objective of these moms is to marry off their daughters into a wealthy household, through any means (though rarely harmful). This can create quite a few hilarious situations the drama.


     Boys Over Flowers                                             Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

#The Intrusive Mom

These moms have practically no boundaries. They are always barging into their children's lives, usually without their children's permission, intending to help them. These moms are pretty harmless most of the time. They can be somewhat mischievous at times, and we just love to see that!


                                Playful Kiss                                                               Tomorrow With You

#The Badass Mom

These moms take their motherly duties very seriously. May it be enrolling in a school to fight bullies, or putting their lives on the line for their children, these moms never let anything stop them. Definitely the coolest moms in dramaland!


                                 Angry Mom                                                                The Bridal Mask

#The Supportive Mom

These moms love their children unconditionally. They always support their decisions, no matter what the circumstances. They are always helpful and the kind of mom their children can rely on, even in the toughest situations.


             Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo                                                       Sassy Go Go

Which kind of mom do you love to see most?