by cityhunter, March 24, 2017

CityHunter’s Asian Music Playlist: 

Motivation Edition

I listen to music constantly, obsessively even. It’s one of my biggest motivators. Anytime, I need to get going whether it be cleaning the kitchen or powering through my cardio routine, I’ve got my headphones on rocking out. I pity my neighbors because I sing along and I’m tone deaf as hell.

Here are five songs by Asian artists that always have a spot on my playlist when I need to get moving.


by Miyavi

Many of you probably know Miyavi as a Visual Kei artist. He’s headed in a much different direction these days. The song 'Horizon' is just one of his many English language offerings that will have you getting stuff done and contemplating the universe at the same time. 

That’s Cheating 

by Monsta X

Monsta X always sounds a little harder to me than other acts and they do it without losing that K-pop appeal. When I’m about ready to tap out and this comes on it gives me the energy to do one more rep.

Không Phải Dạng Vừa Đâu (Not What’s Just Type) 

by Son Tung MTP

A fellow MDLer introduced me to MTP, a Vietnamese artist, just a few weeks ago and I’m hooked. With its 90’s R&B and slight reggae vibe, it’s easy to find yourself scrubbing to this beat.

Love Tonight 

by Zhou Mi

They’ve taken everything about an awesome 80’s pop tune and updated it to great success. This song is like Tequila. It makes anyone think they can dance.

Muma ~ The Nightmare

by Buck Tick

Seems a little dark for a motivation playlist but sometimes you need something to rock out to while you’re finalizing your plans for world domination. Also a big hit with toddlers. No, I'm not joking. 

Honorable mention:

My namesake’s butt kicking theme, Sad Run is a quick peppy instrumental tune from City Hunter's OST that you can count on to lend you some gravitas whether you’re dispatching bad guys or just trying to organize your closet.