by kez, April 23, 2017

I don't even know where to start. I've always wanted to write an article about this drama because it's one of a kind and it's killing my head always. Each episode is very exciting and reveals new truths about the characters. At first, I thought Ms. Perfect wasn't my cup of tea, but it proved me wrong as I continue to watch the succeeding episodes. I used to skip some parts but now I'm watching it without skipping.

If you're looking for a drama to watch, I'll recommend this too and maybe you can add it up to your "Plan To Watch" list. It's nice to get out of the rom-com genre for a while. Some episodes can drive you crazy, but the journey was worth it anyway.



#1 Acting is Superb!

I don't know much about Go So Young aka Shim Jaebok because it's my first time seeing her in a drama. But others like Yoon Sang HyunCho Yeo JungSung Joon, etc., I've seen somewhere in their past dramas. All their acting amazed me and they were very true to their characters. I didn't like Cho Yeo Jung in Divorce Lawyer in Love because of some personal reasons, I don't even know why, but here, she impressed me so much. Acting is very challenging already, but to act with a twisted personality is extra challenging so I praise her. This drama would've been boring if it weren't for her.


#2 The Three Musketeers

These three ahjummas have been getting my attention and believe me, they are fun to watch. They have been best friends since high school and I love their friendship very much. They all have different personalities and yet they managed to stick together until now. If you watch this drama, you will love the friendship they have because they've always got each other's backs and that's what you call true friends.


#3 The Continuation of Cha Joong Won and Baek Ma Ri's Relationship (from Shopping King Louis)

At first, I didn't recognize them but as I went along, I started to realize these were two familiar actors. And I was right - they were both from Shopping King Louis! If you can remember, Baek Ma Ri became interested in Cha Joong Won at the end of the drama and finally gave up Louis since he doesn't love her anyway. And now I suddenly thought, "Hey, maybe this is the sequel to their love story that wasn't shown in their previous drama." I know it's a bit lame, but if you think of it, it becomes funny especially if you've watched Shopping King Louis.


#4 Hot Lawyer for Hire

Well, he's not actually for hire but I just needed something to put as a reason why you should watch out for him. As episode 14 ended, we still don't know his true feelings towards Jae Bok, and we, the viewers, are very excited for him to reveal what he truly feels. Since the beginning, he was very rude towards her and as the show progresses, his draws some affection to Jae Bok which somehow melted our hearts. Plus, Sung Joon is so handsome how can you resist??


#5 The Mystery of Each Character

Honestly, I just wanted to feature Hakyeon's forehead because if you know VIXX, he doesn't usually show his forehead. But thanks to this drama, we Starlights have been blessed. I lowkey hope the stylist gets an idea from this for their next comeback heh. Moving on, some of the characters of this drama have their own mystery (or secret) that is slowly being revealed each episode. Well, especially the characters of Cho Yeo Jung, Nam Ki Ae, and Hakyeon. I swear, once the truth and mystery slowly unfolds, you will be hooked with this drama.


#6 Lee Eun Hee vs Shim Jae Bok

Last but definitely not least is the clash between these two characters. I swear whenever they fight or argue, you can't help but see who will win. There are times where I react loudly because the savagery is real. I don't even know if that word exists but seriously, I love their scenes together. At first, you would love to see them together as friends, but as the show progresses, you would have to pick a side. Either you're Team Eun Hee or Team Jae Bok.

This is the end of the article and I wish that you will start watching this drama someday if not today. If I have missed some reasons why, please comment down below so others can be persuaded to watch this. Thanks again for reading! (◠‿◠✿)