by Ceki, May 27, 2017

They say that you shouldn't form an opinion about dramas (or anything) from their appearance only. But I disagree! At least in my case, it is always the cover that attracts my attention first, then the title and then everything else. If a cover is unsightly or poorly done, I might even skip the drama altogether... and perhaps miss out on all the fun!

So...  do you see how important drama covers are? In this article, I'm going to discuss this topic and present my favorite posters/covers. So stay tuned!

☆ The Flashy & Breathtaking Covers ☆

Y4BQgx63_245869_c2x.jpg  W19kxkD3_4e3741_c2x.jpg  D3mkgqD1_14538d_c2x.jpg      The Princess Wei Young           The Empress of China                       The Four      

When it comes to extremely flashy covers, Chinese historical dramas are definitely the most famous. They also tend to release a series of accompanying posters for each character and a couple of additional covers for the drama itself, as flashy as the main cover of course. This practice is rarely seen in Japan; on the other hand, Korean dramas have started this trend, but it seems like nothing can top the Chinese ones (yet). 

71NQJlk4_c1c4e5_c2x.jpg  PLplGwEL_7de4c1_c2x.jpg  PLpn79D4_ea765e_f.jpg          Meteor Garden                    Ruler:Master of the Mask            Song of Phoenix  

It is interesting to note that most of the dramas with extremely gorgeous covers tend to belong to the historical genre. This can be contributed to the fact that all Asian countries have rich and complex cultures with outstanding costumes, landscapes, architecture etc.

E1VOxowL_695db2_c2x.jpg  PLpGgn61_1950b0_c2x.jpg  D457j6BL_fad2dc_c2x.jpg  Scholar Who Walks the Night     Fighter of the Destiny             The Super Royal Highness

It is completely normal for the human eye to get drawn in by beautiful things; so when you take a look at a fabulous drama cover, you start unconsciously associating its good visuals with the good direction and production of the drama itself. Of course, it is not always like that, but you get what I'm saying - a pretty cover can do wonders and attract many viewers.

91MVkgEL_4e96ee_f.jpg  71gjZRY4_cb7b88_f.jpg  W19wB0o3_c22c71_f.jpg   Princess of Lanling King     The Glory of Tang Dynasty       The Legend of Flying Daggers

The three covers above are not the main covers, they're simply promotional ones. However, I find them more beautiful.

mLnnREOL_c16fe0_c2x.jpg  M4PJ6vNL_c31141_c2x.jpg  W47QamAL_98554e_c2x.jpg        The Endless Love                            Dear Archimedes                       Hero's Dream

They look like movie posters, right?

Y4aAgv24_aac63e_c2x.jpg  jLl9pbb3_6ffc84_c2x.jpg  Y4BEn7m3_52d615_c2x.jpg The Legends of Monkey King        Princess Agents                             A Life Time Love


☆ The Simple & Pretty Covers ☆

577508197145698052_a999db14_f.jpg  81yeNX01_ffe24e_c2x.jpg  74K76xm4_13f0ff_c2x.jpg               Cruel Romance             Love Through a Millennium                Tao Hua Yuan  

Then we have the simple-yet-very-pretty-covers category. Dramas that belong to this category are mostly the romantic ones with lots of nostalgia or melodrama. The covers are usually in soft pastels that lure you in with a promise of good romance and heart-wrenching drama.

☆ The Simple yet Meaningful Covers ☆

81yWRnz3_6844a2_c2x.jpg  M4PxNyN4_4d6796_c2x.jpg  Y4BExK03_f1e461_c2x.jpg             Doctor Romantic                               13 Terrors                              Ouroboros

The simple yet meaningful covers are usually overlooked and you get to understand their wittiness only after having completed the drama. For example:

Doctor Romantic is cute but also hints at the possible relationship between the three main characters. Have they all dreamed of being doctors and what prompted them to choose that profession?

When you take a closer look at the 13 Terrors cover, you will notice that plots and clues from each case can be found in the picture. Very smart and creepy I must say.

I have always loved the faceless woman from the Ouroboros cover. Those who watched the drama know that she is the central pillar of the whole plot.

W19we6Q3_df3c23_c2x.jpg  Y4BQXEE3_6b4fb9_f.jpg  71NkyZWL_860f79_f.jpg            Cheese in the Trap                          Star April                                   Last Friends

There's nothing special about Cheese in the Trap, but I still love the abundance of cheeses on the table :) The promotional cover is great too, hinting at the "entrapment" the main female character goes through.

The Star April cover is not very meaningful, but I've always liked to believe that she is leaving the stage as if she's had enough of her life as a celebrity.

Last Friends is pretty easy because it is explained in the drama too: the fate is represented as a red thread; our fates get intertwined with the fates of other people and our actions affect the others, both in a positive and negative way.

☆ The Boring yet Favorite Covers ☆

O3oWY9r3_e4bb8c_c2x.jpg  12038725941434980_a89f53a5_c2x.jpg  PLpnKER4_59bce2_c2x.jpg           It Started with a Kiss                    Hana Yori Dango                           Sleepeeer Hit!

And finally, these are my personal favorites. I'm not a fan of the Itazura na Kiss franchise, but the cover of this Taiwanese remake left an impression on me. I like how they are showing Xian Qin being a busybody and moving around the cardboard characters - that's exactly what she always does - pressures others and interferes. 

Hana Yori Dango is simply iconic. I love the bright colors and the manga characters behind the actors. I've always loved it.

Sleepeeer Hit! is one of my favorite Asian dramas and the cover is probably the most boring cover ever! I mean, it looks as if it took only 10 minutes for someone to finish it in Photoshop! I've always wondered in anger "couldn't they think of something else?!" And I must admit, the cover was the reason why I avoided the drama like it was the plague. Luckily, the positive reviews changed my mind.

The Conclusion

Visually beautiful covers will always attract more viewers... and the more viewers, the more popular the drama gets.

However, that does not mean that the quality of a drama should be judged by how beautiful or boring its cover is. 

My belief is, if you read positive comments or the plot intrigues you, even if the cover puts you off - give that drama a chance. You never know, perhaps you will fall in love with it just as I did with Sleepeeer Hit! :)

Which drama covers are your favorites?

Thanks for reading! xxx